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Marion Verner – Kind and Benevolent Pediatric Cardiologist

Marion Verner is a Board Certified Pediatric Cardiologist. 

He is a graduate of the prestigious University of South Carolina’s College of Medicine. 

He is a kind, caring, and generous individual who has built a strong reputation amongst the pediatric cardiology patient community. 

He was born in South Carolina, and attended a private Christian school all throughout elementary, junior high, and high school. 

After high school, he moved to attend college at the University of South Carolina. 

While there, he studied molecular genetics and was a pre-med major. 

Here, he also started volunteering at a hospital for children with congenital defects. 

Working with these children ignited Marion with a spark to do something for them. Most often they were children who had inherited or genetic heart conditions. ď Ź

They required constant care and special attention to either better the quality of life or prevent from dying. ď Ź

Being at such close quarters with these children, Marion Verner realized that this is what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. ď Ź

After graduation, he applied to medical school and began working towards an M.D. In medical school, he met his wife Gina. 

She shared his love and affection for the not so fortunate children, and in her he found a partner for life. 

Not only did she understand him well, she also joined in on the causes that he most believed. 

Marion has two children, both of whom are in high school. 

He is a loving and devoted father and is always supportive of his children. 

He makes it a point to take his family on vacation at least once a year. 

He is also a strong believer of spending all vacations together. 

He likes to host Thanksgiving at his house. During Christmas, he enjoys going with his family to volunteer at a homeless shelter to serve and feed the less unfortunate. 

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Marion Verner – Kind and Benevolent Pediatric Cardiologist