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Marion Barnes Doctor of Physical Therapy

Marion Barnes is a physical therapist working in her own private clinic in New Mexico. 

Born and raised in the great state of Texas, she also attended University there. 

She received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. 

After graduation, she got a job at a local physical therapy office as an aide. 

Working there for a year, she realized that she wanted to learn about it and help people out. 

She received her DPT ( Doctor of Physical Therapy) and began practicing at the very same clinic where she continued to work part time. 

During her degree, she met her husband Joshua. They met in their second year, and began dating soon afterwards. 

Joshua is also a DPT, and he works in partnership with certain clinics. 

They are both very studious, and as a result share many similar interests. 

Both Marion and her husband are involved in separate research projects being conducted at the University of New Mexico. 

In her free time, Marion Barnes enjoys outdoor activities like mountain biking, camping, hiking, and kayaking. 

She enjoys getting together with groups from their local church and arranging day and overnight trips. 

She has also purchased some land where she plans to build herself a cottage. 

She enjoys going to the movies and spending time with her husband and friends. 

Marion is a well travelled person, and enjoys visiting different countries to learn about new cultures. 

On her last trip, she visited Zambia with her husband. Currently, she is planning a group vacation with some friends to Thailand. 

Marion hopes that she will be able to visit many more countries in the next coming years. 

Marion is also a constant contributor for a health column in their church newspaper. ď Ź

She enjoys writing, and more importantly she enjoys doing the research. ď Ź

Marion is a vegetarian, and is part of many activist organizations that lead the cause against cruelty towards animals. ď Ź

Marion Barnes – Doctor of Physical Therapy