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Here work risk it Rachel inject back on track lighting 20 seconds left be put in the time butte win more time is of the essence right now all leading up to a fine away 365 days in the making mine truly shamans this is too much is it up chasing him to seniors on it and he didn't seem like himself lecture son devices his attitude will always get the best herbal I can perform the level my job done and do this and daily life I mean is everything ok he with major there's no happiness anymore it's a scrap the stuff and the work how-to get to take this reduce roles likely do this which I'm awful at two sites like really trees has yet to prove yourself frigid amazing are before you start to believe it is this still sizzling the yes we’ll have the answer the path it's not always a straight line we can take a path yes we should take a trip huh I do the yougotta get the stuff that I think I could be a around with heavy things a rather punch things are other kick does done your wish is granted I will I will set it up to you so when your home you'll be boring’s and kickboxing and strikeouts sign lease that yellow kind of funny that do you move muscle you burn fat Assam's ask I thought about our good twenty-something’s imposed on and on about how the Grouch sure mister hi last how are you this is 11 months your life right here just the rest your life right here K not going anywhere strands to more man a rat awaits you a look at me like that you your let me think I can do it re-cap really naked this really alright it's free these there you got this joiner semi-fat house body small sis home the be able if that was probably course aims want to causing governor guidance and I think I wasn't sprinkle some I see China this file have see as I thought from here on want J Smith focus on this moment every ten was too quick still back thanks really hope at the six month mark that I can pull off losing my share which I feel is fifty-pound 100 pops nothing would make me happier she's awesome she was beautiful mean she looks great so I'm super proud of her I'm very excited and on upside down there and assign me as really fresh and I can catch up to her some for sale goes and then York for the six month plan and can't wait to see Rachel Jason you haven't seen Rachel for almost three months man's injuries foreclose to six weeks I know that they've been working away and I'm so excited to see the progress that day welcome the new York city place passages you say welcome back to New York City and fifteen years this weekend in New York we had so many changes America’s band we didn’t have children we came here we know we got engaged share come a long way man you two lovebirds watching as holding hands walking through the park like this here I has awesome you look very different how do you feel I feel a lot different than when we

started you know energy levels Wesley has redefined I lay dead you tie Rachel got pressed I was really nervous about having that ‘sup on a scale from Press I just wanted to get that moment over with right away Rachel in first rd year 292 pounds in the first three months loss in five pounds were 215 pounds I give you guys the collective goal to lose 100 pounds over the last three months series much last I could step on the scale boy 187 pounds cell glass twenty pounds doesn't leave much room buddy 28 pounds nothing happened we kept doing it life is hard we have children we have higher I meeting quit I'm disappointed Indefinitely expected a lot more especially from her mean Rachel is so gung-ho about this process both Jesus God's kitchen scale I’m hoping that police chase in the last 50 least know that he stepped up its did his part chase when you first started with three 162 pounds skilled days loss 86 house its last time he stepped on the scale the three month mark your 276 hearts to give the to review the goal to lose 100 pounds collectively between T Rachel on the last 20 least 70 pounds that the scale says twenty pounds or less deciduas ready yes plants on scale shed 255 pounds 21 pounds begets drums is there is a lot of ways left on the table here it’s really hard to watch your spouse work so hard at something too so get frustrated than just wanting to see me a good job me not only doing a good job losing weight he's taking care of our family he’s working just has a lot on his shoulders and I just want him to do proud of what he’s done we did everything in phase 1 all your hours exercise everything higher eating spot on perfect can't tell you how many times I've heard did everything they possibly could but when you turn d numbers at the press in the pudding like you can't step on the scale is 21 pounds and tell me that you did everything you could but yell chase she's not the kind of guy that I can just get mad because Hill will close up and he’ll withdraw and NL runaway a totally lose him how is the exercise good maybe too much strength training and must-carry intensely if the duration is there that we need to look at the intensity and jazz if we keep going the way we’re going surgery just is in your future told you guys want T to get needed that reminder used to be because of me on a anymore and the ages I see the looks anything so I can see the weight and feel and you want your body to reflect that I would be devastated you know I've lost all this way and I just want to be able to finish a annual hi take another 10 pounds of me exacta skin have is to is officially over as right now these three is your face elected 21 pounds the table they need to make up for days three so that they even have a chance to qualify for the skin removal surgery they have to go back to the

intensity down in phase 1 coming up I watch find that intense up there the me to sacrifice and later we're on our way here right now see how they look after slime call you now you can see why lawyers Saturday yeah Jason Rachel the need to make some sacrifices in phase 3 his skin removal surgery is going to be chance a possibility the need to sacrifice some work and some family time so I won't get my hands on and proved to them that they still got Rachel this 185pounds this is your current PR Jason this is275 pounds ten-pound shot your PR almighty ready step up to the bar find regret sink down its position to keep those arms I sister Rachel there you go ready 321 yeah prayer you a break Premium Pure Forskolin three strap $45 each regional 10 on each side thing in phase3 we're just going to have to Hun put other do more do the kids here look out for you that's a lotto ways our bodies makes me changes so sitting at this that we definitely need to up our fore that could me hardship jobless Danielle letter you answer certainly challenges pastries and city it's Paul about intensity this nice this me feel good about this guys just home with you're almost going to get twenty seconds left be put in the time but the win more because time is of the essence right now this to expertise day d back with killing me by rounded the horse-drawn carriage looking at everything being together kind of spray him city here about fifteen years ago that's why Rob ready to New York to ask you to marry me one reason is that I wanted to take her back to top them are settling it was to propose again for you when service this way of nothing to do with the team it was surreal for some reason I just never said I waste first time I did it you there is a quite the same person we were I got engaged very spot a lot's happened we've had our ups and downs but between schools jobs and kids one thing is always been concert now one thing is you nobody's lucky as I am temerity to beautiful woman devoted mother best up all the years we've been together I think we can both agree it is a probably one of the most memorable I love you hours are all those wonderful things a hero just it's just made me just made methinks about everything our whole life together on I love that I to when I just really opens up let's go configure something that says he will email me again so I've made some pictures a little Book ham kind of like all the crazy things we did this year it and all the calling suffering venture and he already and there's plenty roomer for all the something we've got to do for the rest the year and on Allah's he did so bad lashed it's something firmer ground party the other consumer it was really surreal looking at the pictures knowing that lose

months ago and I'm so proud of you because I know she said anything you take care less if you take care family and having to do all this it's not easy the fact that we have this new place our mares we never been before it's grammar and she's incredible much Rachel save my life by pushing me to do this the mall coming up you do have tissue that sticker and I was like if we don't fall hard for this and surgery Aliphatic later right here right see how they look after wine for you hey doping the three has to be different because he didn’t get the results that we needed to happen case you ever since I was here such a liar what kind of each other and this process it's just crazy on their all the stuff Icon do now winners my head so we'll be working inside today general surgery is a big motivator because the further you go you really do have this clapping in a row it's just in ATL time you to the gym today so going to do three or four rotating out our custody any reason you got your cameras K okay thinking how proud I am both the bus Jason enemy the kids will be able to see that we did it we believe he answer life for them I should really be less harm myself I imp getting justice I think fairly low as myself so much before and now as one file piece I've never been successful with my entire life is highly on place think I'm sorry yeah you have to actually embrace the new summer sorry john gay’s York and me at that time both miss urn face you go like why today gets troubleshoot there's so much G up to do mp3 are so excited progresses yes I’ve seen I thought we done pretty well champ deleted with you guys like ass with Jason Rachel walking just absolutely blew me away look at you ok school see you why have spoken with that much since I left him in New York City I think they've kept it on the down low for really good reason because they wanted surprised and they sure did how you feel awesome degree family Andean just nine months ago through that door right there two very different people I remember you want to be here just click Play yeah take a while to get on board but it’s getting Atticus I mean I defiantly are right now just great beetle what size dress I can fit into it and now what were you when you when you started this whole thing I was a 22-year catch up on size yeah It’s no fun to be in the twenties thing I want sound that does kind of twenty-year about your candor yes yeah I miss really Prada Rachel I think if we had another together how did we ever would have been able to-do it separately the XOR 56 all my caches said whole Wow Jordan’s you can tweak ha out hard to believe felt like I could fit of 3 a.m. and are $1 each pant leg which is really strange well which has it changed on the weekends usually time I am I guess are still a bit right many has a great alright I'm so happy for Jason racial but still

coming up this way and had so much catch usual the steel love it even possible says what's your first place for my biggest fear going in this plan is that I'll of Bali Hay percent removal surgery and she said well three months ago you 887 counts I give the goal to lose between 40 to 50 percent of the original body weight so crunched the numbers that's between 145to 174 175 pounds so for you that sweet spot to be 155 160 ready but step on the scale the age-old she's 150 I'm blown away studying a possible 3 Rachel you lost 29house over the last three months I was actually shocked that it was 29 pounds I just thought that was a pretty decent number for phase 3 you'll also 132 pounds in the last nine months we look at the percentage you lost forty5.5 percent your original body weight and get proofs how awesome you are help it enough I detail sometimes you can work that hard and it's still not enough even though he has been on this journey together qualified for skin we will surgery that's on an individual basis it really is that the doctor step in if you're not at forty percent Percy I just don't feel comfortable walking there because he told me specifically he needs you between forty and 50 percent original bodyweight loss now stringer this just as I was such ablate starter with this whole getting it down I think so yells along the edge rage was more nervous than I was Jason three months ago he stepped on the scale your 255 pounds and I keep the court at least forty percent of the original body we lost so the scale today says 217 pounds or less your goal you ready let highest you this ok camp called ok I just miss worry holdings I T can be enough you know all his hard work if it can it be enough all not Giants birth I'm yet to lose forty thousand days three that's a challenge and chasing he stepped up that he did did the hallway with a smile on his face like recognize this guy for yeah left you a $250 you're interested you can play months ago you my friend have lost 147 pounds in the last nine months the cat his last four .6 percent of the original body way slot at least I know that I can walk tube a doctor so his office tomorrow essay looked out here's proof they need this they deserve this now this skin is in a way it really is ago just so I can get feel more alive now hip a great job on this are you subjects on a scale of one to 10 how nervous but going to meet doctor shocker I was probably about a hundred I felt like I was going to pass out we’ve come a long way to this place and I want to make sure we both get approved I say but sounds like he worked pretty hard to get to this point okay if I don't qualify for the skin surgery I'll you got a shows your arms to me seem disproportionately March I compared to the recipe would you say that's true yes okay and you have probably a good 8inches a skin in

this direction at slots can trials that is hanging from the lower aspect if you are the other thing I that's interesting about your ad demands as long diagonal scar here caller how she actually did statically liver sharing and he hit going away said ISA they had to convertor the library that actually changes a little bit but I procedure wed and how he would do it a impatience

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We've climb this mountain finally the top dollar here speech yes I'll see you guys later take care yes takers here is yet solitaire I today'...

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