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We all have fond memories of Lego. It's something that all of us grew up with, and that for many of us was responsible for our learning better spatial awareness and creativity. For some it might even have sparked an interest in engineering, architecture or design. It is a great way to play then and also a great way to learn. As such, many parents looking to provide their children with something fun to play with that will also teach them some valuable lessons and help develop their motor skills etc would do well to choose Lego. Lego City Online provides a host of different Lego sets and blocks, and this then means that you can easily find something that you children will like and benefit from. In case you weren't convinced though, or maybe never played with Lego as a child (surely a deprived childhood) we will look at the benefits of Lego here. First of all as we've mentioned Lego is a great learning tool. It teaches basic spatial awareness in fitting the blocks together which is a skill that anyone can benefit from in any walk of life (and that causes the other areas of the brain to grow more too). At the same time it helps children to learn about physics - this happens when a child builds a construction that is unfortunately badly balanced and so won't stand up, or when they find that they could have built a bridge in a more efficient way to bear more weight. At the same time it also teaches children to use their imagination and this is what is truly great about Lego. With Lego your children are given some basic tools but are then left to their own devices to create whatever they want. Imagination is something that is sorely undervalued in the modern world, but it is what's responsible for all great literature, all great art, the breakthroughs that have shaped technology and science and the businesses that have made millions - that spark of inspiration comes from the ability to think of a concept and manipulate it the mind's eye. With Lego you can do this - and are encouraged to this - and can then see that Lego become real. As well as being a great learning tool though it is also just fun. If you look at the way children play with Lego this is very apparent, but they will love building cars and cities, and if they're boys they'll also love knocking them down - it can be played with alone or with friends and there is really no limit to what you can do with it. In fact parents who feel that they are missing out on the action will also be able to easily join in thereby making it a very interactive and sociable game too. If it's not enough that you have those options to hold your attention, then you can also buy themed Lego so that your children can make their favourite characters like Optimus Prime or Iron Man, or so that they can make classic cars. So if you want to know what to get your children next Christmas? Head over to Lego City Online right now!

Lego is not only a fun activity for children, but also a very important learning tool. Shop for Lego at Lego City Online.

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