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One of the most important life skills for children is problem solving. That is, the process of identifying the problem, finding a solution, and then carrying out the solution in order to reach the desired result. It is a skill that we all use as part of our daily lives, yet one that children struggle with on a daily basis. Helping them learn this important skill is as easy as the toy they reach for when they want to play. Riddles, puzzles, brain teasers, optical illusions, lateral thinking puzzles, 3D maze games, mind benders, math puzzles, strategy puzzles and IQ tests and are all great games to challenge the young Einstein's thinking and start developing their mind. Scientists get to solve puzzles every day. Your little scientist can start heading towards his science degree right now with the toys that you choose for him. Science involves finding solutions with the information that we are given. Puzzles, mazes and riddles, challenge us to find the answers to science mysteries, which are not always easy to see at first. With patience and skills that develop over time, they eventually become clear. Encouraging the use of creative activities and games that challenge a child's problem-solving skills while they are young will help encourage them to become independent thinkers and good problem solvers when they are older. For children 4-12 months, simple games like building blocks that require them to identify various shapes is an excellent way to start to develop this important skill. As children grow up, more challenging games can help build their problem solving skills as well as build their confidence in taking on even bigger challenges. One new game that is great at building these skills is the new Perplexus Maze Game. Perplexus is a 3D maze game where you try to manoeuvre the marble around the track through challenging barriers inside a clear plastic sphere. There are numerous paths to choose from and hundreds of barriers to overcome. Players can race against each other or try to beat the clock. There are several different versions of the game, starting with Perplexus Rookie for the younger child and Perplexus Epic for those with great problem solving skills ready for more of a challenge. In addition to being an entertaining game, Perplexus is a great tool for cognitive development, helping kids to use problem-solving, motor and dexterity skills, not to mention greatly improving their hand-eye coordination. Educational toys that encourage healthy cognitive and physical development as well as keep children entertained are the best choices. This award-winning toy is sure to meet those needs.

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Develop Problem Solving Skills Using Toys  

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