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The crib bedding you use in your baby's nursery is something important to choose wisely. This is because the bedding should be used with the comfort of the baby in mind. You may also consider some decorative items to make the nursery bed unique. Here are some things to look for in baby bedding sets. The bedding sheets are very important. In additional to a standard sheet a fitted sheet will be needed along the mattress. Cotton is generally the best material to use for this part of the set. This is from how cotton is a comfortable material that can keep a baby warm. It will also be able to absorb moisture. A quilt can also be part of a typical bedding set. Some quilts are made of cotton only. A mix of polyester and cotton is generally recommended for this part, though. This is because polyester is light in weight and will not put too much pressure on the baby. This can allow for the baby to be able to sleep comfortably. Another part that might be included in the set is a crib skirt or dust ruffle. This is a good part of a set in that it can add to the appearance of the crib. It will also be able to cover any storage areas underneath the crib. Being able to keep the baby protected in the crib is always important. The use of crib bumpers is something to watch for in bedding sets. Many sets will include these bumpers that will be placed around the bars of the bed. This is so that a good cushion can be placed around the walls of the bed. The baby will not be harmed in the event that the baby rolls into the bed walls. You might also find a decorative pillow in various bedding sets. Thick materials will need to be used for one of these pillows, though. This is so that the baby will not be able to lift the pillow and be pinned under it. Many sets can come with their own diaper stackers. This is a material that works as a storage device for diapers, baby care products and toys. This part of the set can be designed with a pattern that matches the other items in the set. The last thing you will have to decide on is the pattern or design of the set. A variety of different types of colors and themes are available for all parts of baby bedding sets. These include ones that feature different colors including blue, pink and white. There are many themes that work for boys or girls too. An animal or sports theme can work for boys while a castle or flower theme can work for girls. These are all the parts of baby bedding sets to check out. These parts include materials for the

baby's comfort like sheets and a quilt. Items for safety and storage like bumpers and a diaper stacker can be used too. They can work with different themes that are consistent around the set too.

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Baby Bedding Sets - What to Look For  

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