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NO Â EXCUSES This publication is intended as a weapon available to any reader who, using their common sense, want to exercise their right to judge public, respected and admired characters, that like us make mistakes and say shit even if they are not aware. In that consciousness lies this publication; but we do not care if they are aware or not of the relevance of their words, but who listen their words are aware of knowing how to interpret them, read between the lines and know to be critical with the opinion leaders of our time. Leaders that a large part of the population has entrusted a blind faith, perhaps based on the importance that the media has given them, which is a wrong, offensive and retrograde approach that nullifies the critical capacity of us as individuals, turning them into a great mass that swallows without chewing and does not digest the information that is provided. To prevent this social constipation, we suggest this alternative that acts as a blowoff valve, giving vent to free opinion, interpretation and expression. A return to adolescence in its most critical and nonconformist way. The teen-age that rebelled against their father's idols and idolized their own in the same way that they are subjected to cruel judgment in a coarse and a free way without a consistent arguments. As true assholes, as we all are at different points in our lives, and as we love to remind to each other, because it 's okay to scoff about it, learn and laugh from our mistakes. So, if we all are in the same game, let's down to earth these demigods. We debunk these people showing you the other side that completes all its truth. Authors of quotes and facts not so well known, that will blow your imagination and allow you to judge them like any asshole deserves, like you and me. How to play? 1. Contemplate the portrait. 2. Turn the page. 3. Judge them yourself as you see fit, with the stickers and marker. 4. KILL YOUR IDOLS !

“War is sometimes


to obtain peace ”

Barack Obama in  2009,  Novel  Peace  Prize


is more memory than anyone will ever need on a computer

Bill Gates

in 1980,  Co-­founder  of  Microsoft

“ I think I understand the man.

He’s not what you would call ‘a good guy’, but I understand much about him and I sympathise with him a little

Lars Von  Trier Film  Director, Talking  about  Hitler

“ Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich

Donald Trump

American business  magnate, investor,television  personality  and  author

“Youth must refrain from

ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates. Instead, they have to devote to study, work and military service

Ernesto “Che”  Guevara

Argentine Marxist  revolutionary,  and  guerrilla  leader.


Follow the  numbers


“God is a specific person,

not a vague God, a God spray, which is a bit everywhere, but do not know what is

” Pope Francis

Current Pope  of the  Catholic  Church

Merkel located Berlin in Russia on a blank map

Angela Merkel

Chancellor  of  Germany

since 2005

“Who the hell

wants to hear actors talk ”

H.M. Warner

American  studio  executive,

one of  the  founders  of  Warner  Bros.

“Trees cause more

pollution than automobiles do ”

Ronald Reagan

40th President  of  the  United  States (1981–1989)

“I wouldn't run for

president. I wouldn't want to move to a smaller house ”


singer-­songwriter, musician, advocate  for  social  causes.

Who are the assholes? Yes, we all are assholes The biggest around, But you need to look out for some to be found. We are here all around you We are near and we are far, But which ones are assholes? Well, we all are!




10 assholes*  

life is too short to spend it with assholes