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Setting up a fund, our processes simplified:


Contact CCF if you want to explore how CCF might be able to help with your charitable giving. As you will discover, there are various options – including setting up a charitable fund

Complete a simple charitable fund agreement if that is the option that best fits your needs. You choose the fund’s name, and agree the issues you want to support and the geographical area you want to benefit


Consider the option of investing some of the fund money for the long term, so that the fund itself becomes a legacy and a sustainable source of support to local good causes into the future

Choose how involved you want to be in selecting groups to support. Do you want to meet and discuss applications put forward by CCF, or take a more hands-off approach, allowing CCF to select projects that are the best fit for your fund criteria?


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Make your donation(s) in to the fund and get involved in the grant-making from the fund as your time and interests allow. You can also meet with other CCF donors to share experiences and hear about the wider work of CCF

You’ll receive regular feedback on the impact of the grants made from your fund, and can decide whether you want to add further donations to the fund, or to vary the focus and purpose of the fund in any way


How to SET UP A fund CCF can help with your charitable giving. Contact the CCF office to discuss the various options and find out which best fit your needs.

HOW TO APPLY FOR FUNDING Local community organisations and charities should visit the CCF website at for information on the application process and upcoming deadlines.

HOW TO volunteer A Student volunteer from Cambridge Student Community Action helping children with activities at Bounce, a Saturday club for local children in the North of Cambridge

Get in touch

01223 410535

Volunteers are very important to CCF, supporting the team in the office, visiting funded projects on CCF’s behalf, helping to strengthen links within the community, and serving on panels or committees. Contact the CCF office for more information on volunteering opportunities.

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Profile for Marion Carey

THE FORUM Apr-Jun 2017  

The magazine of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

THE FORUM Apr-Jun 2017  

The magazine of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.