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Anglian Water Helping local wetlands flourish

Chris Gerrard, Natural Catchment and Biodiversity Manager at Anglian Water, explains why the water company established a small grant scheme to help wetland wildlife ANGLIAN WATER PROVIDES water and used-water services to six million people across the east of England and Hartlepool. We take water from the environment and treat it before supplying it to customers, and then we collect their used water and treat it before returning it to the environment. We recognise the important role we have to play in protecting the environment, not just for its own sake but also because it is the foundation of a sustainable economy. We know our customers value the environment, too, and they want us to play our part in protecting it. One of the ways we did this in 2016 was through our Flourishing Environment Fund (FEF). Across the region in the communities we serve there are thousands of volunteers and many charities working to protect local environments. We work in partnership with a lot of these groups, including Wildlife Trusts and Rivers Trusts, to deliver our legal obligations and commitments to customers. This year we invited these groups to apply for small grants through the Flourishing Environment Fund so we could support our communities and help protect wetland wildlife. We picked wetland wildlife because that is what our stakeholders said we should focus on when we consulted them on our new biodiversity strategy in 2015. Recognising that

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we are a water business, environmental charities such as the Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, and environmental regulators like the Environment Agency, told us our aim should be to protect and enhance wetland habitats such as rivers, ponds, reed beds and wet woodland. We invited groups to apply for grant funding from the FEF if their project was designed to protect or enhance specific wetland habitats or wetland species, which we have a legal requirement to consider in the course of our duties. In this way, we made sure the grant was aligned with our customers’ and stakeholders’ views and our own legal obligations. Working with Cambridgeshire Community Foundation (CCF) made administering the grant so easy. As well as doing the heavy lifting in terms of the application and fund-management processes, CCF brought its considerable experience in grant assessment to assist the judging panel, which was made up of

Working with CCF made administering the grant so easy

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THE FORUM Apr-Jun 2017  

The magazine of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

THE FORUM Apr-Jun 2017  

The magazine of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.