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Birmingham Airport Car Parks: Tips for Finding Car Parks Near You Also known as car lots, Birmingham airport car parks are incredibly helpful for drivers. Whether you are planning to carpool with some friends to work, or are heading out on a hike with the family, leaving or coming from a flight, the car parks are the perfect solution in most cases. With car parks, you have a public space where you can keep your vehicle while you are gone. In most cases, the airport car parks are free of charge or have parking meters you need to keep time in over the course of the time your vehicle is there. Either way, you need to be able to find car parks in your local area, to be aware of where the nearest one is to you. Fortunately there are car parks located all over the place, from the United States to Birmingham. One of the best ways to find out about car parks in your area is to ask around. Talk to your friends and relatives to find out more. See what they have to say about the car lots in your area and whether they offer free parking or charge per the hour. It is always good to be aware of all your options. There are airport car parks all over, and as long as you are aware of where they are, you can put them to good use. Especially if you are a frequent flyer, traveling on a regular basis, you are more than likely to need a car park at some point in time. At least you are aware that you have these options available to you and can make use of them if necessary. These tips are extremely helpful to keep in mind if you want to find a car park near you and make the most of it.