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Fast and Effective Control Tips for Ants Ants are very tiny creatures with big ideas. They can move from matching in your backyard all the way to invading your indoor space. If you are unlucky, some will even sting you. These tiny but very busy creatures can cause various harms to properties like infesting and contaminating foodstuffs, which you will eventually have to throw away, infest your home and give you a bad reputation especially when they are present in a business establishment. Luckily, there are effective ways for you to get rid of them. First, you will need to determine if and where they exist. Some signs you can use to determine their presence include the following: ● ● ●

Live insects Tiny ant pathways coming in and out of your premises Smalls heaps of dirt or earth which indicate a possible ant nest

The following pointers will help to prevent these pests from making a home out of your house or business premise. ●

If you spot a line of ants trying to make their way into your house, follow the line to find out where they are coming from. Usually, their body size allows them to enter through a window, crack or moulding crevice. ● Use boric acid to create a barrier in such areas. You may also use laundry detergent, petroleum jelly or cover the holes with duct tape. ● If food is their number one attraction, look for any food particles on your floor or kitchen surface and get rid of all the foods. If they have found a way into stored foods, ensure you store the foods in the right containers (tightly sealed) or even in the fridge. ● If these pests love your garbage can, do not leave it inside your house. It is also important to wash the can thoroughly to make sure all ants have been removed especially when thinking of having the can inside your house. ● These pests can easily find their way into sealed glass jars; you may cover these jars in zipper lock plastic bags to properly seal them off. Alternatively, you may purchase glass jars that have rubber gaskets. ● You can get rid of ants on your carpet or other part of your home by using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will suck them up where they will eventually suffocate in the vacuum bag. You may also wash the bag with soap and water so that they do not break free. Always call a professional in case the ant problem gets out of hand.