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Different Types of Oxford Shirts Oxford shirts became a stable back in the early 1900s. They are available for children, men and women in different styles. The shirts can also be worn with casual and formal attire. They are considered preppy or a conservative way of dressing. The style became popular with Americans during the 20th century and a staple for most wardrobes. The cloth was given its name because of Oxford University in England. English polo players enjoy wearing the shirts during matches because they were durable and lightweight. The collar design prevents movement around the neck during games, which is the reason why they are still worn by many players. However, they are worn more for a fashion statement than for practical reasons. Women and men can wear the shirts to work. The classic style looks great with khaki pants, full suits or a casual skirt. Men's shirts come in a standard style, such as cuffs, collared and button fronts. On the other hand, they are available in different designs because of being easy to customize. The tops are available in different colors as well. Examples of classic colors are blue stripes, white or blue. The women tops are available in the same button down styles with collars. Some tops are tailored to fit closer to the female body. The shirt dress style is also a popular choice. It can be paired with a blazer and heels. Long or short sleeves are available for men, but women have to choose from long-sleeved or three quarter sleeves. This shirt style works great for children. They can be worn with school uniforms and a durable choice. The styles for children are similar to adults, which consist of being collared and button-front. The tops are affordable for parents and available at different stores. Oxford shirts can be worn at most events and complements most wardrobes.


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