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The Success Story of Chaz Dean Chaz Dean is the owner of a popular hair salon in Los Angeles, California and is well known for the Wen hair care line that he has developed. His salon is often filled with celebrity clientele that appreciate his humble nature and the tranquil atmosphere that his salon space promotes. Above all, Chaz's clientele keep coming to his salon for the excellent service and superior products they receive there. Chaz began his career as a photographer in the Los Angeles area and quickly went to cosmetology school to become more versatile in the photography industry. While in school he developed a love of working with hair and color. He enjoyed the creativity and being able to see the total picture. Soon he was managing an upscale salon in the Bel Air area and was able to purchase the business when it went up for sale. Celebrity clientele loved his work but was often hounded by photographers at the salon's very visible location. Chaz decided to move his salon to a more private setting to provide his clients with relaxing environment more removed from the public eye. During his time running a successful salon, Chaz began formulating his own brand of hair care products. Wen is his unique five in one hair care system that is free from harmful and harsh ingredients found in regular shampoos and conditioners. This product does not lather up like regular shampoo but rather works with your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. After using Wen, Chaz's clients report that their hair is sleek, moisturized, and more manageable and has better color retention. Chaz's hair care line has several products that improve the quality and look of his client's hair and has become a staple in his business practice. When Chaz is not busy at his salon, he can often be found hiking with his dogs, practicing yoga and Pilates and cooking at his home. He is also dedicated to spiritual mediation. Chaz feels quite lucky to have found his path in the hair care industry and to have enjoyed such success. It is in this industry that he feels he can truly be himself.