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M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T Fire and S ecurity Engineering aims at constantly upgrading its standards, to provide a complete fire prevention and security package to its clients and the expansion of its services to the Fire a n d S e c u r i t y i n d u s t r y. P r o d u c t q u a l i t y, r e l i a b i l i t y a n d c o m p l e t e c u s t o m e r s e r v i c e a r e t h e standards that Fire and Security Engineering has set as its minimum requirements to project its business into the international marketplace. Fire and Security Engineering designs, installs, supplies and services, a full range of commercial and residential products from leading fire and security manufacturers. These include mechanical and electronic integrated systems for f i re a n d l i fe s a fe t y, i n t r u s i o n d e t e c t i o n , a cce s s co n t ro l, c a m e ra s u r v e i l l a n c e a n d E LV c a b l i n g , p l u s h o m e a u t o m a t i o n , h a l l p o r t e r s , b a s i c C C T V, s t r u c t u r e d w i r i n g , a n d c o n s u l t a n c y & d e s i g n s o l u t i o n s . To c o m p l i m e n t t h e a b o v e s e r v i c e s , t h e c o m p a n y h a s a l s o a t r a i n i n g department which is able to offer various courses in fire, rescue and basic life support. The fire protection and medical services department within the company offers its services to mostly all prestigious events held in Malta, being, from concerts, conferences and sports events. Por tfolio of awarded jobs, include fire cover and medical services to the world’s famous films being shot in Malta.

C O M PA N Y D E TA I L S Fire & Security Engineering started its operation in August 1997, and throughout its years of operation, has grown from a small fire and burglar alarm installer, to one of the main local Fire and Security companies in Malta. Today FSE is in a position to design, install and maintain any type of Fire/Security system, as can proudly be confirmed by the list of projects successfully carried out by the company throughout the years. Our commitment can be confirmed by our satisfied clients who have used our services from day one of our operations.

Our Objective is to offer a truly professional service as to fire and security related products and services. Our team forms part of professional people with substantial experience in the fire and security industry. The company specializes in the design of any type of Fire Systems, both mechanical and low voltage. It is one of the first in Malta to carry out passive fire protection works and to supply materials to the construction industry.

All the above, is reflected by excellent after sales, offered by the company to all it’s clients, ranging from a large project to a small domestic burglar alarm. Having committed itself to work with some of the world’s market leading suppliers, Fire & Security Engineering holds extensive stock of equipment and spares of all imported equipment as recommended by the manufacturers themselves.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES We are pleased to list, hereunder, the products and services we are able to offer.

FIRE RELATED PRODUCTS: Supply of Fire Extinguishers & Fire Hose Reels. Design and Assembly of Fire Hydrant Systems. Sprinkler Systems Equipment. Importation and also manufacturing of Fire Doors. Passive Fire Protection Systems Materials and Services. Emergency Lighting. Conventional / Addressable Fire Alarm Systems. Automatic Extinguishing Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. Fire cables. SECURITY RELATED PRODUCTS: Burglar (security) Alarms for domestic and commercial premises. Digital and Analogue Closed Circuit TV systems. Remote networking of CCTV, Security and access control systems. Assembly of Computer dedicated for CCTV recording systems. Access Control - Perimeter Security for Industrial use. Security cables and CCTV cables. SERVICES: Installation of all the above mentioned products. Servicing of fire extinguishers. Servicing of fixed industrial extinguishing and hydrant systems. Servicing and repairs on all existing Fire Alarm Systems (any brand). Burglar alarms and CCTV repairs and servicing. Consultancy including Fire Safety Audits. Upgrading of Fire Doors . Medical and Ambulance Service during events. Fire Protection Services during Events. TRAINING: Fire Safety Training Courses from basic, up to advanced industrial fire fighting. Evacuation Drills - First Aid Courses. Working at heights training Courses - Rope Access Training and Certification. High Angle Rescue Training - Casualty transportation and handling.

L I B YA D I V I S I O N FSE Libya is the latest addition to our successful venture into the international market. FSE has been present in Libya on a temporary basis for more than 5 years. At that time we had supplied the new Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel with all the fire alarm equipment including other equipment. For the last 5 years, we have supplied the hotel with our continued servicing of all its fire equipment . Now we have taken Libya seriously and the company decided to be permanently based there with our Tripoli office. We also allocated permanent staff to allow us to service our Libyan clients better by offering a 24/7 technical support on site. Our relations with Libya starts from Malta itself, having worked and supplied fire and security equipment and services to all Libyan Embassy and Libyan government properties in Malta for a long number of years. Some of these include the Libyan ambassadors residence and also the Libyan school in Malta.

Another prestigious project for us in Libya is the Tajura Renewable Energy & Water, Desalination Centre in Tripoli, where we have installed a state of the art fire alarm system with also an air sampling system in the nuclear reactor itself. We are presently doing some work as well to LIDCO, which is the Libyan Investments Development Corporation taking care of most of all governmental projects in the Jamahirija.

TRAINING BASIC FIRE AWARENESS COURSES - ADVANCED FIRE FIGHTING COURSES Basic Fire Awareness Courses can be carried out both at the client’s premises or at our training grounds both in Malta and also in Libya. Most popular is the full day basic fire awareness course which consists of a half day theory and a half day practical session. Different types of fire fighting courses are available and they can be tailor made according to the clients needs. Some examples are the three or five day course covering most topics such as hose running, breathing apparatus wearer and live fossil fuel or LPG fires. ROPE ACCESS Rope access is the solution to gain access to clean, repair, renovate or make safe a particularly challenging position at great heights. Rope access gets you to places no other form of access can and may often be the only solution. Rope access does not require unsightly or expensive ladders or scaffolding that can disrupt not only external traffic, but the staff working inside a building. No need of scissor lifts or mechanical hoists that first have to gain access themselves before the work can start, and above all, no hiring of expensive lifting equipment. Using rope technicians and their rope access kit, requires minimal set-up time, and quick removal of all their equipment at the end of the working day, thus provides a cost efficient solution to a simple job made complex just because of its location. Our rope access courses and working at heights courses, can be the solution to achieving cost effective work at high levels. FIRST AID COURSES First Aid courses are carried out both in house at the clients premises, or also at our training facilities. Most popular are the basic first aid course and also the first aid at work course. However other levels of courses are available involving higher level rescue techniques and first response emergency trauma care.

FIRE PROTEC TION Simply Red Concert

Film Set ‘Agora’

Our fire protection division, is equipped with a fully equipped fire engine, and also a 4 x 4 vehicle which is equipped with a foam system and portable extinguishers. These vehicles are all manned by our full time trained and certified fire fighters. To compliment this service we also lease out for special events all types of fire equipment required for the event, such as fire extinguishers. A free consultancy service is also available for our clients, as to fire safety during these events. P1 Offshore Powerboat Racing

Classic Grand Prix De Malte

‘Eichmann’ Film Set

FSE’s fire engine is a Volvo FL6 truck, coach built to the highest fire fighting standards by Saxon and fully equipped with brand new equipment imported by the company. The truck has on board a Godiva pump delivering an output of 3600 Litres per minute. It has a water capacity of 1450 ltrs. A foam system is also fitted on board plus a portable foam induction system. All the crew have breathing apparatus sets on the truck plus spare cylinders as well. A portable pump is also available on the truck increasing the possibility to tackle fires from a different location and supply water continuously from a remote reservoir.

MEDICAL SERVICES The medical services division, provides medical cover during any type of private event and also occasionally assists the local public health sector with its medical services. We have been providing fire and medical services for most of the prestigious events held over these last 2 years, as can be confirmed by the attached portfolio list.

Our newly formed medical division is equipped with 2 fully equipped ambulances, which can also be used as emergency ambulances. They are both each equipped with 1 defibrillator, 1 spinal board, 1 dismountable spinal board, 1 suction pump, 1 portable O2 cylinder, 1 on board O2 system with 2 fixed O2 cylinders, 1 KED, 1 full set of splints, 1 x Full Trauma Kit Bag and any required medical equipment and materials to assist in various emergencies. They both have an air suspension system which lowers the vehicle to facilitate the access of the stretcher. A winch is also fitted for heavy patient uplift on the stretcher into the ambulance. To compliment the ambulance service we are able to offer fully trained and experienced first aiders. Our first aiders are all in house and have a vast experience for such events. All our medical staff have undertaken advanced training both in house and also with internationally recognized bodies. Two of our first aiders are also certified first aid instructors. Having our own first aiders is an advantage as availability for any event, can always be guaranteed, even at short notice. Emergency doctors and emergency nurses also form part of our team. They are specialized professionals, having extensive years of experience in trauma, accident and emergency care.

PORTFOLIO OF PAST EVENTS Concerts Roger Waters Concert in Malta 2006 - Fire Protection Andrea Bocelli Concert in Malta 2006 - Fire Protection and First Aid Jose Carrera Concert in Malta 2007 - Fire Protection Bryan Adams Concert in Malta 2007 - Fire Protection Renzo Arbore Concert in Malta 2007 - Fire Protection and First Aid Simply Red Concert in Malta 2007 - Fire Protection Gigi D Alessio concert in Malta 2007 - Fire Protection Isle of MTV Malta First Aid and Ambulance cover with local Government Health department Winter Moods Concert summer 2008 - Ambulance and First Aid Summer Bash 2008 Monsters of Rock Concert Ambulance and First Aid Summer Bash 2008 60s Specials Concert - Ambulance and First Aid Saun Paul Concert at MFCC - Ambulance and Medical Cover Summer Bash 2008 Ciao Italia Concert - Ambulance and First Aid Underground Live in Concert at the MFCC - Fire and Medical cover Conferences Thomas Cook Worldwide Conferences in Malta 2006 - Fire Protection and First Aid Parties New Years Eve 2007 Ice Arena - Medical Cover Faithless Party at MFCC - Ambulance and Medical Cover Numero Uno summer closing Party - Medical, First Aid and Ambulance Christmas Eve 2009 Monte Kristo Estates - Ambulance and Medical Cover New Years Eve Party MFCC 2009 - Ambulance and Medical Cover Underworld Live In Concert - Fire Protection and Medical Cover Other Events New Archbishop Event January 2007 - Fire Protection and First Aid Wasteserv Thermal Plant Opening - Fire Protection and First Aid Enemalta at Gas Plant - Leasing of Fire Engine Smart City Official opening 2008 - Ambulance Service European Parliament Elections 2009 - 247 Ambulance Service


Sports Events P1 Powerboat World Championship in Malta 2007- Fire Protection Grand Prix De Malte - Fire Protection with CPD Malta Olympic Committee sports events - Ambulance and First Aid P1 Powerboat World Championship in Malta 2008 - Fire Protection and Ambulance Malta Skateboarding Sports Events - Ambulance and First Aid Boxing Events Ta Qali Sports Complex - Ambulance Service P1 Powerboat World Championship in Malta 2009 - Medical Cover Masters of Dirt 2009 - Fire and Medical Cover Fairs International Fair of Malta 2006 - Fire Protection International Fair of Malta 2008 at MFCC - Fire Protection, Ambulance and First Aid Valletta Boat Show - First Aid, Ambulance and fire protection Monte Kristo Estates Xmas Fayre - Ambulance and First Aid Film Industry Filming of film Eichmann - Fire Protection Filming local soap opera Santa Monika - Fire Protection Filming of film Largo Winch - Fire Protection Filming of film Agora - 24/7 Fire Protection and Ambulance service Filming of film Clouds above the Slope - Fire Protection and Ambulance service Long term leasing of Ambulance with Mater Dei Hospital for Emergency Service

F S E - 11 3

F S E - 11 4

F S E - 11 2

CLIENTS PORTFOLIO Tajura Renewable Energy & Water, Desalination Centre Libya – Fire Alarm and Fire Training Corinthia Bab Africa – Libya Certification and maintenance of fire detection System, Gas Detection System and fire equipment LIDCO new office block at Abumuxmexa – Supply and install of Fire Detection System Libyan Embassy Malta - CCTV System Libyan Ambassador Residence - CCTV System Libyan School Malta - CCTV System New Hilton Project - 60 minute Fire Doors + Passive Fire Protection and Servicing Lufthansa Technik - Fire Detection System Malta International Airport - FM200 suppression system Betfair - FM200 suppression system CC Bill - FM200 suppression system Dragonara Casino Control Room - FM200 suppression system Maltacom - FM200 suppression system Datastream - FM200 suppression system Inhovate - FM200 suppression system Alert Comunications - FM200 suppression system GO group of companies Installation of Fire Detection Systems and Access Control Waste Oils Fire Detection System - Intruder Alarm System Polyfoam Factory Sprinkler System - Fire Detection System - Intruder Alarm System Alexandra Palace Hotel Extension Fire Alarm System - Emergency Lighting System Fire Doors - Passive Fire Protection Euroclub Hotel - Fire Alarm System - Emergency Lighting System - Fire Doors - Passive Fire Protection Hyperion Hotel - Fire Doors – Passive Fire Protection – Consultancy 115 The Strand Hotel - CCTV System Galaxy Hotel Fire Doors – Passive Fire Protection - Fire Detection System Ascot Hotel Fire Doors – Passive Fire Protection Tigne Shopping Centre - Fire Detection System - CCTV System Ministry of Tourism - Addressable Fire Detection System Micallef Insurance - Fire Detection System - Security System Cosmopolitan - Hotel Fire Doors Melita Cable Television - Fire Detection, Burglar Alarm System and Extinguishing System Littles Supermarket - CCTV System - Telephone System Bank of Valletta - Fire Doors Luna Aparthotel - Fire Doors Astra Hotel - Fire Alarm System Burmarrad Commercials - CCTV System - Telephone system Gala Centre - Installation of burglar alarm systems at their branches Gov. Notary’s Office Addressable Fire Detection System and CCTV system Delimara Power Station - Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection

CLIENTS PORTFOLIO Maltacom plc - Various Fire, Burglar, CCTV equipment and Access Control Water Front Hotel - Supply of Mechanical Fire Fighting System + Servicing of Fire Extinguishers Solid Gold Jewellers - Burglar Alarm System and CCTV systems Costa San Antonio Hotel - Fire Doors – Upgrading pf shaft doors Corinthia Bab Africa - Libya Supply of Fire Detection Equipment Whitehall Mansions - Burglar Alarm System, Supply of sprinkler system equipment Gasan Buildings, Mriehel - Supply of all mechanical fire fighting equipment Milner Place - Gasan Fire Doors New Playmobil Factory - Supply of Fire Detection Equipment Intercontinental Hotel - Supply of Passive Fire Protection materials and cables Govt. Veterinary Lab. - Fire Doors and Fire Detection System St Lukes Hospital - CCTV Systems Malta Stock Exchange - Passive Fire Protection Enemalta Corporation - Supply of fire extinguishers and various fire equipment. Portomaso Car Park - Passive Fire Protection Ex British High Commission - Fire Doors Enemalta Corporation - Installation of security locks to all sub stations Enemalta Corporation - Installation of fire alarm systems in various locations St. Michaels Valletta - Installation of Fire Doors European Centre Computer room - Extinguishing system, Access Control System Central Cigarettes - Fire Equipment and Fire Doors Carlo Gavazzi - Fire Doors Seabank Hotel - Fire Doors Dragonara Casino - FM 200 System in control room Mellieha Holiday Centre - Supply of fire fighting equipment Medavia - Fire Doors Miracles Night Club - CCTV System and Burglar Alarm V F Group - Digital CCTV Systems in all outlets Federated Mills - Fire Doors Farsons - Extinguisher servicing + burglar alarms in various branches Pieta Local Council - Remote CCTV System Malta International Airport - FM200 System Airmalta - CCTV installations in 17 remote sites Casino Di Venezia - Digital CCTV Maltacom - CCTV installations and Access control in remote sites Go Mobile - Fire Doors and various other fire products and services V.G.T. - Fire and Security Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and FM200 Bettson - Fire and Security Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and FM200 We supply also with all the mechanical fire equipment required for most of the local projects carried out by the large contractors.

S1 Marina Milling Complex Marsa Industrial Estate, Marsa, Malta MRS 3000 Telephone: (+356) 2122 5956, (+356) 2122 7746 Fax: (+356) 2122 6182 Skype Id: stevefse

CONTACTS Administration & Purchasing: Accounts: Sales: Technical Suppor t: Works Manager: Managing Director: Training/Fire Protection: Medical Services

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