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ANAFORICOS: 1. Peter sold his car, he wants a new one.

2. My friends will come out for a walk, they want to celebrate.

3. My mom has some cake, we should go with her. 4. The teacher will not go tomorrow, we should bring a soccer ball. 5. The kid through his ball on the road, he has to be carefull. Peter___he My friends_____they My friends______we My friends______we

The kid_____he

CATAFORICOS 1. Those shoes are mine. 2. These videogames are so great. 3. This smartphone was so amazing. 4. Those guitars are stolen. 5. These pencils don´t have rubber.

ELIPSIS 1. My mother and I ate pizza yesterday.

2. Please, carry those books to this table. 3. My book is green. 4. I have some math homework for tomorrow. 5. Tomorrow we´ll go to the gotcha to have some fun.

Anaforicos y Cataforicos  

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