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the Journey to Royal Enfield brand guide

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Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

North by Northeast



Brand Overview

In this section of the guide we travel into the very brand. We explain the reasons for our quest. Take a look at the past and future of our house and plan our route with charts, maps and diagrams.


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w


Royal Decree brand overview

Royal Enfield is a luxury adventuring

When considering the core of the Royal

gear company, that markets: motorcy-

Enfield brand, the go-to concept when

cles, motorcycle accessories, camping

dealing with any aspect of the business,

equipment, clothing and accessories for

one must consider the customer a mem-

men and women as well as hunting and

ber of a Royal Family. Just as the best

fishing apparatus. Above that, Royal

materials are used to make everything

Enfield is a style, and a belief that dis-

Royal Enfield, so should the language

covery and adventure are pursuits of the

reflect a cultured and simple yet very

highest order.

aristocratic demeanor.

Our Royal family is made up of warrior

This guide through the garden maze and

poets. The expeditionaries and poets of

familiarize you with the standards of

the road that combine the ruggedness

conduct. In undertaking anything in the

of the world traveller with the sensitivity

name of Royal Enfield, one must always

of a cultured individual. These are core

consult the guide to Royal Enfield.

values that should be exemplified in every aspect of the Royal Enfield brand. From the products and packaging to copy text and customer service, all things Enfield should be strong and gentle. Much like the reputation that Royal Enfield motorcycles



throughout their history. That of style and durability.




Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

Royal Oath brand mission

Royal Enfield is about adventure in style.

More than that though, Royal Enfield

Distinctiveness from the traditional

offers a new perspective on the riding

“biker image” is the company’s hallmark.

and travelling on a motorcycle. It aims to

Our mission is to bring quality to the­—

bring back the good old days of style

unique—relationship a rider has with her

and global discovery. When globe trot-

motorcycle. The image of the Royal

ting visionaries considered it an honor to

Enfield rider is that of the gentleman or

visit new places and learn from new

the lady.

experiences. The vision of the Royal

The brand provides a complete line of products for the modern road trip. From the legendary line of motorcycle, accessories and clothing to camping and hunting equipment. It also offers the ultimate in roadtrip preparation. Our themed bikes are complete packages of everything one might need to embark on a number of adventures.


House for the future is to foster a new generation of riders and rebels in the tradition of the scientist adventurers and the road poets of 70s America.


Quest for the Grail direction overview

The purpose of rebranding Royal Enfield

This rebranding initiative has its roots in

was to closer define and set the brand

the recent “retro” wave that is sweeping

apart from it’s competitors. Where in the

both the fashion and automotive worlds.

past, the brand would share similarities

In the “established style” department,

with the image of the traditional motor-

Royal Enfield has an advantage that until

cycle companies (Harley Davidson,

today went unused.

Triumph), it now sets itself apart by defining a unique tribe of followers and a turn towards adventure.

The idea of the legendary stylish motorcycles now defines a number of products and brings back the concept of the cultured adventurer. Taking a que from the days of Royal expeditions, Royal Enfield is about doing it in style.


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

Realms of the Kingdom visual grids

These grids represent the Royal Enfield

The opposite page represents the new

name in its old and new incarnation. The

Royal Enfield. The image of a young man

first page represents the image that the

with an old soul. Who is respected, but

company projected until now. One of

still adventurous. Rebellious luxury.

trite machismo.


Royal Enfield




Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w


Royal Family cutomer profiles

Fun Natalie

Retro Josh

Natalie has gotten a white collar job. She

Josh is in his late twenties. In his free

enjoys going out with her girlfriends, is

time he likes to party and is fashionable.

adventurous but not too athletic. She

He likes sports and enjoys any new activ-

often rides a bike, likes hanging out in

ity. He is not in a relationship and enjoys

small restaurants and bars. She is think-

travelling. Josh listens to grunge rock

ing of marriage. Has a couple of tattoos,

and sometimes enjoys electronic.

enjoys folk music and Jarmusch movies.

sometimes deejays in his friend’s bar. He

She likes roadtrips, and needs a stylish

is also very active on the web and enjoys

mode of transportation for the city.

reading and writing.

Creative Mike

Roaming Christine

Mike works in the creative industry. He

Christine is a young woman with mid

collects art and is a fan of things stylish.

level job or her own small startup. When

He is in a relationship but has no chil-

she isn’t working she enjoys yoga and

dren. He lives in the city and has a studio

travelling. As a traveler, she prefers the

near his home. He often attends gallery

original experience rather than the tour-

openings, concerts, likes bars and used

isty travel arrangements. She is not in a

to skateboard. He collects comic books

relationship and has many friends, who

and records. He is a fan of the modern

she enjoys spending time with, usually at

trend for retro autos, likes travelling but

home. Christine likes to listen to folk,

is also interested in riding a piece of art

jazz and ethnic music and often takes

rather a boring modern car.

roadtrips and camps for vacation.




Traitors non cutomer profiles

Biker Bob Bob is the typical biker. The motorcycle enthusiast interested in the power and speed of his bike as well as the free and rebellious style traditionally associated with it. Her hangs out in rock bars and has children. He likes to fiddle with mechanics and has a number of tattoos. His bike is a Harley.

Banker Barbara Barbara lives in the suburbs and works in an office. She is married and has one child. Her favorite TV show is “Desperate Housewives� and she pursues an active social life. She is also very active and hands on and is a gym member as well as a hiker. Her bike is a BMW.


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w




Court Grounds brand architecture

In this breakdown, we can observe the

ture that it represents from this day

expansion of the Royal Enfield brand,

forward. The chart resembles the

from a motorcycle company like any

organization of the knight’s support

other to the aristocratic patron of adven-

within the Royal Court.





the stables


- Sports parts

- Women’s wear

- Motorcycles - Decals

expedition eq.

- Men’s wear

the armory - Helmets

- Tents

- Saddles / Bags

- Blankets / Sleeping Bags

- Riding gloves

- Cases

- Riding boots

- Lamps

- Riding jackets

- Outdoor cooking set

the quest steed - Roadtrip-ready bike

scribe - Bags

- Luggage - Watches


- Belts - Scarfs

Royal Archives


- Travel guides

- Rifle cases

- Photo books

- Knives

- Hunting manuals

- Binoculars

- Socks

- Lee Enfield hunting rifles


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

Enemies of the Crown brand comparison chart

In these charts we can observe the Royal

Just as important is observing the move

Enfield brand positioning in relation to

that the company is making for itself.

some key concepts as well as some of

The change in audience and concept.

the major competitive brands in the

In this first page we see the move from

same market sector.

older/casual to young/formal. Younger









Harley Davidson




New Brand


Old Brand


This page illustrates the change from

In its travels, Royal Enfield has embodied

cheaper/targeted to men to expensive/

many different ideas and values. In its

targeted to women and men.

latest incarnation it represents a more sensitive and vibrant one.


Harley Benelli


Confederate Triumph BMW Ducati







Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

Tradition company history

Royal Enfield has more than a century’s

that defined our world. From the “flea”

history that borders on the mythic.

that was dropped by airplanes in WWI to

Quality and style have been the hall-

the Indian manufactured stylish models

mark of the brand that followed the

that now exemplify the best in collector

rise and fall of the English Empire and

bikes, Royal Enfield is moving to the new

took active part in the two great wars

exciting chapter in its history.

1851 – 1890

1900 - 1921

1931 - 1940

Evolution of Royal Enfield


Establishing Bullet

George Townsend Jr. developed the

Royal Enfield cars were on the road in

Most well known offering for the Second

“Townsend cycle”, reputed for its sturdy


World War was the “Flying Flea”.

frame, a character that all Enfield bikes

Called on to supply motorcycles to the

would follow.

The Bullet 350 kick-started the post-war



The 1915 make 675cc in-line 3-cylinder

In 1949, the 350cc Bullet was launched in

2-stroke prototype was the worlds’ first

India, when Madras Motors won an order

with this engine type.

from the Indian Army.

1891 – 1900

1921 - 1930

Coming into Being

The interwar years

Contract to supply precision rifle parts to the Royal Small Arms Factory in

Sales even during the depression in Great Britain towards the end of 1930.

Enfield, Middlesex. The first new design

Several machines were produced in the

of bicycle, is called the “Enfield”.

next decade, from a tiny two-stroke

In 1893 the trademark “Made Like a Gun” appeared. In 1899 the first mechanical vehicle



Enfield Cycle Company.


Dropped with airborne troupes.

British War Department and Russian


146cc Cycar to an 1140cc.The range for 1930 consisted of 13 models.


As we evolve, we don’t forgo the values

Thus, all of our previous incarnations still

that made us great, but rather embrace

hold true. Everything we make is of

them. In this fast paced world of metal

exce p t i o n a l

and silicone, Royal Enfield addresses the

Products and services fit for Royalty.



st re n g t h .

soul. Puts quality and style above electronics and unnecessary frill.

1951 - 1970

1971 - 1990

1991 - 2010

A tale of three cities

Tough times ahead

Royal Enfield

In 1974 the swift, accurate and compact

1993, the Bullet 500 was launched. It

Showrooms in the UK saw everything

Japanese were nipping at the venerable

went on to become the most coveted

from 125cc two strokes to the mighty

heels of the Old Motorcycle Industry.

model of the brand.

Enfield India got squarely into the fray

2002 First cruiser, the “Thunderbird” is

with a slew of lightweight machines.

launched worldwide.

Motors only if the Bullet motorcycle was

The 80s saw the Bullet in many different

2003 The Bullet enters the Automotive

produced indigenously.

avatars. The Deluxe models appeared.

“Hall of Pride”.

The Bullet slowly evolved into the form

Enfield Bullets found a strong niche mar-

2004 Bullet Electra is launched.

we know today.

ket in the UK and Europe, among people

700cc Meteor. The Indian Army insisted that they would continue doing business with Madras

looking to come back to motorcycling.

34 men ride on a Bullet simultaneously,

In 1960, the badge arrangement with

setting a new world record.

Indian (Of America) had ended,

2005 Royal Enfield India Celebrates 50

By 1970, Enfield India was a company

glorious years of motorcycling and

established in its own right, and with a

unveils a blueprint for the future.

production line going full steam, the

2008 Royal Enfield exports India’s first

need for collaboration with Enfield of

EFI, Euro III compliant motorcycle.

the UK and Villiers of the UK was no longer seen.


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

Historic Timeline logo history

The formal representations of the Royal

can be used as parts of graphics, with-

Enfield have always been restrained and

out though representing the brand

stylish. For years though, they follow the

alone. As backgrounds or graphic ele-

same theme. In this new era, these signs

ments for example.














Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w


Quest company structure

at Home

On the Road

After Trip

6 7 8 9 10


the rider

1 2

Men’s & Women’s Fashion Casual Accessories

Riding Accessories

The Road Poets Collection

Luggage Camping Equipment Hunting Equipment Roadtrip Guides

the bike

3 4 5


Riding Accessories Maintenance Manual Bike Cover

11 12 13 14

The Bikes Saddles Road Repair Kit The Quest Steed

16 17

The Viewing Collection Aurhorized Service Stations

at Home


1 2 3 4

On the Road


6 7 8






After Trip


15 16 17


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

Coat of Arms

logo design process

In developing the new logo for the Royal Enfield brand, the main concerns were communicating the tradition and quality involved. Embrace the spirit of Royal explorers and poets of the road. Animal avatars, crests and crowns were used as well as symbolic and abbreviated forms of the name. The new logo expresses style, tradition and motion. It balances between the vintage and the modern and evokes a familiar memory.



The first attempts at type lock-ups and a crown design.

Specialized type and spirit animal final attempts

A concept attempting to meld a vintage and a more modern style

Simplified bannes version

The secondary choice for a final verison of the crest with a type lock-up and an animal spirit logo.


Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

East by Southeast



Crest and Graphics

This part of the guide deals with the rules surrounding the Royal Crest and the image styles that should accompany the concepts surrounding the crown at all times.


E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s




Crest final mark

In developing the new logo for the Royal Enfield brand, the main concerns were communicating the tradition and quality involved. Embrace the spirit of Royal explorers and poets of the road. Animal avatars, crests and crowns were used as well as symbolic and abbreviated forms of the name. The new logo expresses style, tradition and motion. It balances between the vintage and the modern and evokes a familiar memory.


E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s


Royal Crest logo base styles, sizes and negatives

The Royal Enfield logo is the main component of the brand identity. It should be included in all promotinal and correspondence material produces for the company. It should adhere to the guidelines marked in this guide.

2 Inch

1 Inch

The Royal Enfield logo should not be reprosuced smaller than 0.5 inches . 38

0.5 Inch


The textured version of the Royal Enfield log can be used in all the same ways that the regular one can be except that it can never be smaller than 1 inch.

The logo can also be used in two parts. The script and the crown.


E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s

Borders of the Kingdom logo outlines

The Royal Enfield crest can be used with an outline. When the occassion calls, either as printed graphic or sculpted object, the design should follow the quidelines specified on this page




E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s

clear space

In placing the Royal Enfield logo on any printed or web application, there should always be a clear space of 1X around the logo, where X = the hight of the crown in the middle.








Logo applications can vary in opacity when used with Royal Enfield textures and colors. The logo can also be applied in part, but always visible for at least a 3X / 3X (X=height of crown) square.




E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s

Royal Sensorship logo dos and donts

The logo can be applied in transparency, but only on slight textures. When placed on an image, the logo should be in either black, white or a brand color, but never in partial opacity or other effect.



It can’t be skewed.

It can’t be filled with an image.

It can’t be filled with a pattern.

It can’t be substituted with a typeface

Royal Enfield no shadows

Royal Enfield It can’t be abreviated

R.E. Royal E. only approved outlines

no random overlays


E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s



logo color range

The Royal Enfield logo can be applied in

ors that would misrepresent the brand.

any brand related color. That means

When applying color to the logo please

warm and natural colors. It should never

consider contrast and visibility.

be applied in bright and saturated col-

Colors that are to bright should not be used for brand designs. Ever.


E as t by So ut h Ea st — C r e s t an d Gr ap hic s

Heraldry logo applications

In applying the Royal Enfield crest all the

The logo can be used as both a small symbol

previous stipulations apply. The sign

or a background texture. When a very small

should not be replicated in austentatious

sign is required, the crown can be used by

colors or in unflattering angles. Textures

itself. When applying these symbols onto a

andn scratches are often used in the

layout, they should be given adequate nega-

brand. These textures should be interest-

tive space to be well visualy framed.

ing and flawed. Preferebaly textures like metal, old wood, fabric or leather. Never ones like shiny plastic or carbon fiber.

The design of the Royal crest allows for both a central and an edge alignment. It is up to the art director to place the symbol. While following all the other rules in this guide.




Nor th by N ort h Eas t — B r an d O v e r v ie w

West by Soutwest



Palace Standards

In this section of the guide we travel into the very brand. We explain the reasons for our quest. Take a look at the past and future of our house and plan our route with charts, maps and diagrams.


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Symbols graphics and decorations

These are some of the graphic elements that can be used within brand guidelines. The use of these symbols is at the discretion of the creative director (unless specified otherwise). These, and any other symbols should be used tastefully and as secondary signifiers rather than main elements.




W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds



Textures texture profiles

The Royal Enfield brand often utilizes

are used to create a feeling of familiarity

textures as backgrounds. Textures like,

and tradition. They should be used in low

old paper, cracked wall, soil, fabric. They

opacity with gentle color variations.


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Calligraphy typography directions

In setting type for Royal Enfield promo-

titles and high hierarchy and Univers for

tions and collateral, the basic two type-

text and low hierarchy. Too much leading

faces that should be used are Serifa bold

or tracking should not be used but legi-

cnd. and Univers 57 cond.. Serifa for

bility should always be maintained.



Hoefler Text Italic Sw Sc AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPp QqRrSsTtUuVvXxYyZz?,”&*$%@#{](). Luckily, I did want to go. I was on the hunt Spain... Any of the Hoefler Text typeface weights and styles can be used for the brand

Luckily, I did want to go. I was on the hunt Spain... Luckily, I did want to go. I was on the hunt Spain...

Luckily, I did want to go. I was on TEXT FONT

Gotham AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOo PpQqRrSsTtUuVvXxYyZz?,”&*$%@#{](). Luckily, I did want to go. I was on the hunt not only for an idyllic beach getaway, but also for a hidden group of people who call themselves Mexicanos negros (black Mexicans). The end of slavery after Mexico’s independence from Spain...




UNIVERS 45 Light AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPp QqRrSsTtUuVvXxYyZz?,”&*$%@#{](). Luckily, I did want to go. I was on the hunt not only for an idyllic beach getaway, but also for a hidden group of people who call themselves Mexicanos negros (black Mexicans). The end of slavery after Mexico’s independence from Spain...


If at all possible, any web application

with sans serif texts should be kept. An

involving the brand should adhere to the

example would be to use as substitutes

same rules of typography. If impossible

Rockwell and Helvetica.

then the combination of slab serif titles


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Shades of Distinction color directions

The majestic colors of the landscape

Colors use for the Royal House should

change as we journey on. Transitions are

always be warm and inviting. Natural and

natural, never jarring, always familiar.

active, but never crass. Some examples:




704C / 194U/ 194M

5767C / 5767U/ 5767M

4515C / 4515U/ 4515U

R:190 G:30 B:45

R:190 G:30 B:45

R:190 G:30 B:45

C:17 M:100 Y:90 K:5

C:75 M:45 Y:100 K:0

C:75 M:45 Y:100 K:0




4515C / 4515U/ 4515M

1595C / 1595U/ 1595M

2573C / 3573U/ 2573M

R:190 G:30 B:45

R:190 G:30 B:45

R:190 G:30 B:45

C:17 M:100 Y:90 K:5

C:75 M:45 Y:100 K:0

C:75 M:45 Y:100 K:0




W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds



Crosshatch pattern suggestions

Royal Enfield employs many plaid patterns. All in the understated color palette the brand uses. These patterns are mostly used in product fabrics and packaging. When used in other applications such as print and web, they are used subtly and not as the main component.


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Photography image style

When dealing with brand images, the

When Royal Enfield bikes are photo-

color profiles should match those of the

graphed, they should follow the same

brand. Natural colors with low satura-

color and texture guidelines that the

tion. People in photos should be in

other photos do. The bikes should be

motion or casual positions. Never posing

treated as jewels and more often than

directly for the camera. Other image

not, shot without riders. Motion shots on

themes relevant to the brand are those

the road can also be used but to signify

of rustic destinations, winding small

enjoyment, rather than performance and

roads, foggy landscapes, old English

riding skill. Complimenting the bike

castles, stylish city neighborhoods, old

should be an interesting backdrop.

topographic maps and historic expedition photos. Understated vintage frames can also be used in company collateral.




W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Savoir Faire


In all company communication, verbal

The sample text below features an exert

and written, a certain standard of lan-

from one of the Royal Enfield travel

guage should be maintained. Both the

essays. It demonstrates the formallity

brand and the customers should be

and sensitivity that all copy regarding

treated like Royalty. Quality and tradi-

Royal Enfield should follow.

tion are our milestones.

sample text

Romance, as it confirms human agency

to the picturesque traveler. He would not

with regards to understanding the world

bring this intention of travel into con-

and organizing one’s existence, is an en-

flict with the other more “useful ends of

abling genre. Northrop Frye identifies

travel,” but he also offers it as a goal for

“romance” in its questing, adventurous,

those who “travel without any end at all.”

persistently nostalgic, and “perennially

Gilpin even describes the amusements of

child-like quality” as the “nearest of all

picturesque travel as a sort of adventure:

literary forms to the wish-fulfillment.

Romance, as it confirms human agency

Arguably, many of the texts that we have examined over the course of the term can be understood as (more or less)

with regards to understanding the world and organizing one’s existence, is an enabling genre.

participating in the affirmative conven-

Northrop Frye identifies “romance” in its

tions of romance in the ways that they

questing, adventurous, persistently nos-

show men and woman turning travel

talgic, and “perennially child-like quality”

into a journey. Take for instance Gilpin’s

as the “nearest of all literary forms.

essay “On Picturesque Beauty:” what a light hearted quest it is that he assigns



Glossary definitions

Royal Family: Clients

The Lee: Rifle

Lord: Man

Quest: Road trip

Lady: Woman

Tradition: History

Court: Audience

Milestones: Brand Core

Crest: Logo

Guardaroba: Wardrobe

Kingdom: Products

Armory: Riding Equipment

Expedition: Camping

Weaponsmith: Hunting Gear

Palace: Store

Royal Archives: Publication

City: Town

Online Palace: Company Site

Manor: Home

Scribe: Accessory Boutique

Kingdom: Products

Stables: Motorcycle Store

Steed: Motorcycle

Cartography: Layout

Weapon: Gun

Satchel: Shopping Bag

Blade: Knife

Heraldry: Logo Application

Lantern: Flashlight

Distinction: Company Line

Optics: Glasses

Calligraphy: Typography


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds



Cartography layouts

Layouts regarding Royal Enfield will

For clarification and ease, here is fea-

evolve and adapt to circumstance. The

tured the detailed layout of this docu-

same quality and sensitivity that charac-

ment. One of three columns and three

terizes the company should be repre-

rows that demands the use of ample

sented in this instance as well.

negative space.


Hoefler Text B/Italic Sw SCAll . 18/21 . +10 Gotham . Book . 10/14 . +25 Gotham . light . 8/12 . +25 . Paragraph space between: p6 . Full alignment. Gotham . light . 8/12 . +25 . Paragraph space between: p6 . Full alignment. Gotham . light . 8/12 . +25 . Paragraph space between: p6 . Full alignment.

Gotham . light . 8/12 . +25 . Paragraph space between: p6 . Full alignment. Gotham . light . 8/12 . +25 . Paragraph space between: p6 . Full alignment. Gotham . light . 8/12 . +25 . Paragraph space between: p6 . Full alignment.


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Correspondence personalized corporate cards


store card

logo cut-out



letterhead label greeting card



W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

Promotion advertising applications

All advertising applications in the name

Other than the all of the previous pro-

of the Royal house, should first, and fore-

motional efforts though, the company

most respect the guidelines put forth in

employs some guerrilla marketing tactics

this book. Royal Enfield employs a wide

too. Most usually to insert Royal Enfield

rage of advertising methods. From ads

promotions in the landscape in a more

in popular publications and an active

natural and camouflaged manner. As if

presence on the internet, there are bill-

they have been there for decades. Such

boards, brochures and mailing cards.

as painting an old barn. Also, in many of

All graphics, copy and images in Royal Enfield’s presence exude the same quality and soul that characterizes the entire brand. Landscapes should be rustic, typography should be understated and distinctive and the copy should adhere to the savoir faire that the company uses in its communications.


the collateral put forth, there is a cut out of the Royal Crest that the Royal Family is prompted to tag where ever they may travel on one of the house’s steeds.


Road Royalty

The Prince in this Royal Family. An agile, well bred steed fit for the town as well as the hunt.


Join the Royal family. Be the road poet, the explorer, the stylish traveler.

400cc . V6


W e s t by So ut h W est — P alac e S t an dar ds

advertising applications





North by Nortwest

Products and Services

In this section of our journey we discover the service provided to our Lords and Ladies. In every Royal Place around the world, and online, these goods and activities culminate the quality and tradition that is Royal Enfield.

W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s



Net Palace web site

The modern age demands that a Royal

The motorcycle shop is obviously a pri-

House have a palace online. Welcome to

ority but it is also linked to all other retail

the net gardens of Royal Enfield. A new

items from the palace. Other than that

site that offers everything the modern

though the visiting Royalty can view in-

noble on a quest might need.

teractive roadtrip guides, style catalogs,

The new site, is redesigned around the entire service that the company provide rather than centering around market-

new opinions on travel, a dedicated blog and information on the Royal House and its genealogy.

ing the motorcycles. Through the home

As the brand moves to a new era of

page, the visitor is offered a number of

services and communication with its

choices on which direction of Royal En-

audience, it also widens its community

field he or she wishes to view.

appeal. Through fostering quality road travel and a new ethos in motorcycle culture, in literature, photography and the global riding community.


W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s




Royal Palace retail locations

Welcome your Grace. This is your palace.

viewed as pieces of art and be allowed

In these walls, you will be treated with

to “breathe”. Other than clothes, acces-

Royal respect. Here is Rooyal Enfield

sories and steeds, the Palace features

central. In Place stores throughout the

expedition equipment and a bookstore

world, the Royal House exhibits its fine

with selections from the Royal Archives.

products and expresses its thoughts and

Although hunting gear are sold, the Lee

plans for the future.

Enfield riffle can be ordered through

Each Royal Enfield Palace is decorted according to company standards, sent out each month. The stores are clean,

the stores but not bought on-site. There is always a non functioning sample for showing purposes.

not too fancy and feature decorations

As there is a new spirit of fostering the

that fortify the “traditional rebelion”

world’s riding community into a new era,

concept of the company. Stores fetaure

oftentimes products from collaborating

a certain amount of product and motor-

companies and artists will be featured in

cycles but always in a minimal and re-

the Palace.

spectable fashion. All products should be


W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s


Royal Satchel packaging

There are two main packaging systems

The second tier of packaging that the

(satchels) that the Royal Enfield brand

brand utilizes is that of shopping bags,

uses, throughout the empire.

wrapping paper and small boxes that

The first tier of packaging used for all the Royal products is the company one that the products are shipped in. This packaging is uniform throughout the world of Royal Enfield.


have store information incorporated on them. This packaging is to be used instore to the sales department’s discretion and is provided by the company.



W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s




Royal Stables

Royal Enfield motorctycles

As much as Royal Enfield has grown and

The entire Royal Enfield motorcycle line

expanded, its soul and biggest seller, still

has been renamed to reflect its heri-

remain the world renowned Royal Enfield

tage. The Biggest model (1200 cc.) is the

Motorcycles. Or our Steeds as we like to

Hegemon. There is also the 600 cc. Joust

call them. Legendary not only in name

and the 400 cc Scepter.

and performance but most importantly in their unique style.

Other than the manufactured models, through the Net and Royal Palaces, the


Royal Family can design their own cus-

frames the motorcycles in the atmo-

tom bike with dozens of alternatives to

sphere they themselves inspire and de-

choose from.




serve. They are now thought of more as emblems of elegance. Machines that the dignified and imaginative will prefer.

In the final chapters of this guide the crown steed of our line is also revealed. Travel on.


W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s


Armory riding accessories All questing Lords and Ladies should visit the Armory before venturing beyond their manors. The Armory line of products will accompany them in their travels and provide comfort, safety, quality and style. Royalty burdens responsibility. The new line of riding accessories by Royal Enfield is made with the best materials and is of the highest quality. Helmets, goggles, boots, gloves, saddle bags, jackets, scarfs and riding pants are some of the Armory’s offerings.


The products in this line are not only made to complement the style of the motorcycles but also the garments under the Royal Crest. Riding accessories are sold side by side with the steeds and customers should be prompted to complete the purchase of one with the completion of a riding ensemble. Our accessories are offered in consideration of both Lords and Ladies and are offered in various styles.


driving gloves

riding boots

saddles 95

W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s

Guardaroba men & women’s wardrobe

Influenced by the traditional English

This line of products centers around the

style and materials inspired by adven-

casual apparel, but is created to comple-

ture and freedom, Royal Enfield offers

ment both the motorcycles and the Ar-

the definitive wardrobe collection for the

mory brand. These garments are meant

Aristocrat Rebel of the modern world.

to complete the new image of the rider/

The Guardaroba embraces the glorious

poet that the company fosters.

fashion of Royal ancestry and infuses it with the active spirit of youth.

Guardaroba is one of the two lines of products by the Royal House that re-

This complete line of apparel features

ceives its own promotion budget and is

the Lord and Lady lines. It is also sub-

featured in other stores other than Royal

divided into archetypal ensembles that

Enfield ones. The apparel line is consid-

use several of the line’s objects. All prod-

ered to be characterized by the riding

ucts are made of the best materials and

traditions but not bound by them.

follow the company’s color and design outlines. Each season, the company decides on its new offerings which can be found online and in Royal Palaces.

In that sense, the Royal Enfield Guardaroba is featured in fashion magazines and style blogs and publishes its own catalog and ads. It occupies space in popular media and hosts events that center around it. This part of the company should be considered a symbiotic but independent organism. It can be featured in other appropriate settings and coupled with other quality products, other than Royal Enfield ones.

women’s apparel . urban lady . dawn rider ensemble . 98


men’s apparel . urban lord . dusk rider ensemble . 99

W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s







Squire men & women’s accessories Extending the Gurdaroba is the Squire

Every Royal escapade should be adorned

line which offers complementary acces-

with the help of the Squire. As the Guard-

sories for the Lord and Lady. Although

aroba makes sure that the rider looks

this is quite a limited line of products,

great, a visit to the Squire will complete

each item is carefully designed to com-

the Royal look and provide with beautiful

plement the Royal image and the Guard-

and useful accessories. The offerings un-

aroba and Armory products.

der this line are inspired by luxury materi-

This line handles a wide range of categories. In a selective manner though. Each season, the company designs a small number of complementary objects, that orbit the Royal fashion sense. Some examples are: a luggage set, wallets, handbags, shoes, caps, hats, scarfs, watches,

als and a youthful exuberance. Although maintaining the image of distinction, the accessories are meant to complement even the youngest members of the Royal Family. They are all also designed with the adventure in mind. Durable and in tune with earthy qualities.

socks, jewelry... etc.. All the products

The accessories in the Squire line bal-

are created with the highest standards

ance between the rural and urban. The

in mind. Oftentimes with the collabo-

rustic materials and modern style com-

ration of other noted brands. Such as

plete each other to create the look of the

the Braille watches made for the Royal

fashionable expeditionary.

House in 2011.


W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s



outdoor blankets

Expedition Equipment camping equipment

The Expedition equipment line embodies

These products have been specifically

the new soul of the Royal Enfield brand.

created with the camping; or hunt-

In embracing adventure, the Royal family

ing trip, in mind. The complete line will

provides the best in camping and out-

ensure that the customer has for all his

door equipment for today’s rider.

basic needs in the outdoors.

All expedition equipment, is first and

All the products in this line are created

foremost engineered to be carried on a

with the highest standards and the fin-

Royal Enfield motorcycle. The Expedition

est materials. They were designed in

line offers a wide selection of equipment

H.M. Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield

in select designs. Staring with the tent,

and their materials are meant to endure

to sleeping and sitting, blankets, camp-

military hardship. They have kept though

ing tool set, lamp and radio.

the style of the British Army during the reign of the British Empire. The image of Sir Laurence of Arabia is blended with modern engineering to create the finest in outdoor gear.


W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s

the legendary

Lee Enfield

Rifle centennial edition

The refurbished centennial edition of the Lee Enfield rifle is every gun collector’s dream. The legendary riffle that built the British Empire and was revered for it’s accuracy, stability and durability is continuing it’s bloodline with a worthy heir. This new version of the riffle is made with the same excellent materials, hand crafted and individually numbered.



Caliber: 12.8

Ammo: 12

Trigger: Spring

Scope: yes

Max Range: 900

Weight: 8lb

Top Range: 1100

Barrel Length: 78cm

Handle: Rosewood

Balance: Custom



Weaponsmith hunting and fishing equipment

The Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield,

The hunting gear department of Royal

UK is now in collaboration with the Royal

Enfield, deals in only the Centennial

Enfield company. As the Royal host of

version of the Lee Enfield riffle and the

aristocratic adventures, Royal Enfield has

equipment needed to maintain and use

taken it upon itself to continue its grand

the gun for hunting. The archival case )

tradition and provide the best equip-

seen above) is the one the riffle comes

ment for its patrons. In motorcycles as

in and it is equipped with a cleaning kit.

well as hunting gear.

For our Lord’s pleasure, there is also a

After half a century of divide, the Royal Enfield motorcycle company and the Small Arms Factory in Enfield (where the company used to be based) have again joined forces. This joyous union has pro-

strap for the gun, a scope, a carrying case, and hunting belt. All of the above are made of the same premium materials and complement the Royal Enfield line of clothing, and riding accessories.

duced offspring of the noblest blood.


W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s


Quest Horse roadtrip-ready bike Before embarking on a quest, the trav-

The Quest Horse is a Hegemon Motorcy-

eler will visit the Palace’s many depart-

cle, with sports specialty additions and

ments and compose the preferred riding

the appropriate gear for a camping road

apparatus. That task has been stream-

trip already attached to it. The purchase

lined into this complete ensemble.

of this package deal will not only provide the Royal Family with a great solution, but also save $500 approximately.

1 Heated Handles




Personal Bag

12 Waterproof Cases

11 Expanding Grid




Heated Seat

Fog Light


Comfort Seat Rear Suspension Reinforcement

15 Sport Gearbox

3 Sport Suspension

5 Sport Differential

7 Sport Transmission

4 Off-Road Tires


14 Saddle Bags





12 11 6







5 7



W e s t by N ort h W e s t — P r oduc t s




Royal Archives publications

Road Poets

The Royal Archives are the publica-


tion arm of the company. Although the

up of travel essays by visiting travelers.

production is completely outsourced to

They are poetic representations of the

Jafran Books, the Royal Enfield House

world on the road.

maintains complete creative control over

collection is made

Expedition Guides are leath-

all products and licences pertaining to


its activities.

er-bound travel guides for road trips. They cover destinations from all over the

Within the Royal library of archives there are three collections:

world and offer unique information for a majestic, safe and affordable journey. The


Collection is made up

of coffee table books with images from travels of professional photographers in the Royal Service, of interesting locations around the world.



Epilogue As our journey comes to an end, what

As in all our travels, we had fun on this

is it that we feel? Is it nostalgia for the

one. Even in difficult times, our fortitude

good times we had or an ever growing

prevailed. Did we learn anything? Or did

yearning to come home. The Royal En-

we create more questions that we set

field brand accompanies us in both. On

out to answer? Hopefully, managing the

the one hand it embraces the majesty of

Royal Enfield brand, will always be an

the open road and on the other it honors

river, rather than a stagnant pond. Ever

noble familiarity.

flowing, always Informed by the tradition that came before it.

The Journey to Royal Enfield  

A guide to the Royal Enfield rebranding project.

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