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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 "Dinner and an... Epiphany?"  I was speaking with a friend this morning about men in general, and how you can pick up certain signals, like the way men eat. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he eats, like what he's like in bed. Generally a guy eats when he's hungry, and he looks for sex when he's horny, and the way a man approaches a meal is very similar to the way he'd approach you in the bedroom. So here goes... The Finicky Eater - Well this pretty much speaks for itself. If he's grossed out by perfectly fine food that he's never tasted before and is just too picky to try it, you can be pretty much guaranteed he's not gonna toss your salad or "swallow." The Procedural Eater - I've met a couple guys like this. They will eat all of one dish before moving on to the next item, one after the other. I even knew one guy who would rotate his plate counter clockwise to eat each item separately. After the third time sleeping with this guy you're gonna be suffering from some serious deja vu. "Didn't we JUST do this, um... Two nights ago?" The Gourmet - This one is a little more complex. He knows what he wants, and he usually knows how to get it. He's an expert and probably has some mad skills, but he's also gonna want the same in return. Sex with this guy would be worth it, no doubt, but be aware that he's not going to just cut loose and do what comes naturally, he has skills and he prefers to use them. The Snacker - He'll eat a few bites then lose interest. Go back for more later, nibble at it. Yeah, he'll probably come too fast or if he doesn't, he'll want to change positions constantly. The Pig - This guy attacks his food like a starving wolf. Last meal EVER mentality. He probably grunts and makes noises while eating. A man who eats like this is gonna tear you up in bed. The Savorer - He lingers over every morsel, experiencing every bite, rolling it on his tongue. He lavishes all his attention and utilizes his senses to become totally involved in his food. This guy is a fantastic lover. The "EXTRAs" Guy - He salts his food, then peppers it. He needs a pickle, or an olive, or something on the side. He puts sauce on everything, gravy. He adds bits of this and dashes of that, or even mixes his own condiments at the table. All I can say is, he probably has a drawer full of lotions, potions, oils, toys, dildo's etc. He likes the extra stuff. These are just a summary of different characteristics you can pick up, and I'm sure you can come up with plenty more of your own. The general idea is that eating habits tend to go hand-in-hand with sexual mannerisms... Or rather it's much like an art. When you're eating, there's a certain body language that communicates you with the food, and obviously sex has body language, too, which communicates you with the person you're with. So if you've ever wondered just how sloppy a sloppy eater really is... Well, I think you can figure that one out!

Dinner and an Epiphany  

These are just a summary of different characteristics you can pick up, and I'm sure you can come up with plenty more of your own. The genera...

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