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Mario Sebastiรกn Gonzรกlez Corral architecture PORTFOLIO

Mario Sebastiรกn Gonzรกlez Corral +34 680366777 16|09|1990 Estudiante de Salamanca 18, 37185, Villamayor, Salamanca linkedin: portfolio web:



software 2008 - 2014

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville. University of Seville, Spain. Architect Programme 98 (Bachelor + Master).

Adobe Photoshop

2006 - 2008

Trafalgar High School. Barbate, Cรกdiz, Spain. High School. Honors Graduate.

Revit Architecture

Certificated Course

3D Studio Max

Certificated Course


Certificated Course

Certificated Course

Adobe InDesign AutoCAD


Vectorworks 2016


European Mobility Programme. Internship in an European company. B612 ASSOCIATES. Brussels, Belgium.

V-Ray Kerkythea CypeCad

2012 - 2013 Higher Technical School of Architecture of Alcalรก de Henares. University of Alcalรก, Madrid, Spain. SICUE + Sร‰NECA Mobility Programme Scholarship. 2008

Certificated Course

CypeMetal Sap 2000 Microsoft Office

English Course in London, UK (40 hours). Provided by Andalusian Government.

work experience

Certificated Course



Internship in B612 ASSOCIATES. Brussels, Belgium. 02.05.2016 - 29.07.2016

2015 - 2016

Help with End of Degree Projects. Visualization, renders, blueprints, graphic design.


Native language.


B2 level. First Certificate of Cambridge.


A2 level.

personal skills hard worker | creative | curious | self-taught | enthusiast

hobbies music | series and films | travelling | sports | learning 02

Technology Center PFC

year: location:


2015 Salamanca, Spain

As End of Degree Project it is proposed the new recovery of an area in the historic center of Salamanca through the construction of a cultural building. The plot is located between Tomás Bretón Square and San Román Square, which is characterized by a XV century church with an important Renaissance loggia. First we want a connection between that squares, supported by the new space, so the new volume doesn’t break the space but helps its continuity. Because of that, the building is elevated over four concrete blocks, creating a public place under it. The new volume is understood like a reinterpretation of the traditional architecture in the city. On one hand, the closed block with a central courtyard, the inclined roof and the stone facade remember us the customary architecture. On the other hand, the removal of the traditional granite base allowing the crossing through the building, and the breaks in the facade emphasise that ‘breakup idea’, creating a respectful volume towards vernacular architecture but innovative when interpreting.


Longitudinal section

Transverse section


Ground floor

First floor

Second floor


Third floor

Structural section


Competition for 160 housings

Professional experience. B612 ASSOCIATES. year: location:


2016 Brussels, Belgium

This competition means the urbanization of an area in the north part of Brussels wth the development of 160 housings. The proposal contains seven separated buildings whose conceptual organization allows for creating a big diversity of good quality apartments, reducing the surfaces gradually floor by floor, providing large, well oriented terraces for a good number of housings. The implantation allows an urban permeability among the quarter in the north and the arboreal landscape from de cemetery placed in the south of our plot. The goal of the project is placing different, simple buildings minimizing the impact in the area and creating large, generous, opened outside spaces. I worked within the team in all the architectural project, from the concept till the final presentation. Image credits: B612 Associates.






Nursery & Health Center Aimé Dupont Professional experience. B612 ASSOCIATES. year: location:


2016 Brussels, Belgium

Demolition of an existing building, and construction of a nursery for 180 children and health center in the “La Chasse”-area of Brussels. Structurally speaking, the project is characterized by discontinuities in the front façade, creating cantilevers and spans of up to 10m. These allow for flexibility in the interior design.The project strives for sustainability and maximum comfort towards its users. It is a low energy design, and includes (amongst others) thermal and photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. I participated at the stage of the realization for the call for tendering. Image credits: B612 Associates.



Linguistic Exchange Center year: location:


2013 Madrid, Spain

One only building projected as a pavilion takes all the programme in. Trying to give to the area its garden appearance lost during the construction of the new office buildings located in the south, and in order to attain distance from the traffic, the strategy has been to compact the volume in the centre of the site and to create buffer, green spaces between the project and its surroundings. The outside of the building is mostly sheathed in wood, remembering a hut in the woods. Internally the pavilion is conceived as a clear, open space with important visual connections in a warm, illuminated atmosphere thanks to the wood and the big glass in the first floor.



Longitudinal section

Ground floor

First floor

Structural section


Transverse section


Ionic Coffee Table

MADE Contest. Emergy Talent Award year:



Based on Ionic Classical Order, Ionic Coffee Table pretend to be a minimalistic piece of furniture which could be used in any room, no matter of his decoration or interior design. Wood and simple lines allow it to live with various styles, being the perfect complement for a living room.



Stringing the Space

Artistic Intervention in Reales Atarazanas year: location:


2014 Sevilla, Spain

collaboration: Ángel Linares García, Carlos Martínez García and José Antonio Portero Serrano Reales Atarazanas in Sevilla are a massive complex with longitudinal naves delimited by brick walls and archs. Naves alternate domed roofs totally closed and metal roofs through which the light enters. Trying to create a new space but without downplaying the existing elements, we have introduced light, transparent elements in contrast to the massive walls. The ropes with which the space is weaved act as filters through which we can see in a new and different way the Atarazanas. In the domed areas the intevention has a longitudinal nature so it allow us to have a complete vision of the nave without interrupting elements. In the areas with natural illumination the mesh is placed parallel to the floor allowing the light to cross through it and inviting visitors to look up and to discover the power of the space.


Transverse section

General plan


Bone Structure

Temporary Exhibition in Palacio de Cristal year: location:


2013 Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain

It was requested the realization of a temporary exhibition in Palacio de Cristal as a part of a showing of the Museum of Natural History. My project was based on the dinosaur exhibition. The idea was to create an evocative presentation placing a bone structure in a big scale. The skeleton goes around the whole palace dividing the space in different areas where the Palacio de Cristal itself and the projected skeleton are the main pieces exposed.




Extension of the Bavarian State Library year: location:


2012 Munich, Germany

The proposed extension of the Bavarian State Library presents a new building sited in the north area of the complex, respecting the central void and confronted with the previous Sep Ruf’s extension. The building is a 42x42 square with changes and variations based on the objectives required in each floor. The new volume is understood like a skins play: the total volume plays the role of the first skin in order to create an interior space with suitable confort conditions, while spaces where strongest conditions are required are placed in secondary volumes as a second skin. This idea is supported by the structure. A huge mesh bars makes up the roof and a double glass skin where the pillars are located goes around the perimeter. The smallest volumes have their own reinforced concrete walls structure.



First floor


Architectural Visualization Other projects


Nakagin Capsule Tower. Kisho Kurokawa.


CEIP 12+6 Ribera del Guadiana. JosĂŠ Antonio Portero Serrano.

Koshino House. Tadao Ando


Letter of recommendation



Architecture Portfolio. Mario González  

Portfolio 2016

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