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Summer 2019

Residents’ Newsletter

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Tax Cut For Addiscombe Residents Welcomed By Prospective MP



people across Croydon an In April the Government gave 183,482 more of what you earn. income tax cut - meaning you can keep for the ninth successive year The Government also froze fuel duty in Addiscombe £1,000 by 2020 er which will save the average car driv compared to Labour’s plans. workers through annual pay increase to over 2.4 million Conservatives have also given a £690 servatives have est minimum wage ever. And the Con the National Living Wage – the high nt by increasing the eme dignity and security in their retir given more people in Croydon more e a year. full State Pension by nearly £170 mor to reach the end of Creatura, said: “I know what it’s like Prospective Conservative MP, Mario families right across make ends meet. There are so many the month and not be sure if you can means there’s more e position. That’s why anything that Addiscombe who are in the exact sam to me. nt orta imp y families like yours is reall money in the pockets of hardworking e to your s is real money making a real differenc “The tax cuts made by the Conservative too high for far still is g livin of cost the k to be done up the household finances. There’s more wor keep we MP I’ll work tirelessly to make sure far too many people. If elected as your good progress we’ve seen so far.”

esidents will be all too aware that the terrible traffic situation in Addiscombe is getting worse. This has particularly affected residents all the way from East Croydon station to Shirley Road, along with the side roads in between. Some side roads have had massive increases in traffic, causing considerable inconvenience to Addiscombe residents. But Addiscombe Conservatives have been helping to get the whole Addiscombe community together to find solutions that people will find acceptable.

So tell us how to improve local traffic: Visit AddiscombeTraffic to register your views!

Axe Labour’s Parking Tax: sign our petition to stop up to a 275% rise!  Croydon’s Labour Council has announced proposals that mean you could be paying 275% more for a parking permit for outside your own home.

Plans proposed by the Labour Council also mean that parking ticket prices will also increase by 30%. Any cars older than 2001 will automatically pay £300 more per year. This will hit the elderly and low-income residents hard, who will find it difficult to buy a new vehicle to meet the rules, and those who rely on driving to work.

Whilst Labour think that the only way to improve air quality is to tax you more, Croydon Conservatives want to improve air quality without balancing it on the backs of the elderly, those on low incomes and those who rely on their vehicles to work.


Sign the petition at

Your Local Conservative Action Team Mario Creatura Prospective MP for Addiscombe 020 8660 0491 @mariocreatura

Mario and Addiscombe Conservatives are leading the campaign to axe Labour’s Parking Tax

Looking after Addiscombe Cllr Neil Garratt Prospective London Assembly Member for Addiscombe @NeilGarratt

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Addiscombe Residents’ Newsletter

Summer 2019


Blue lidded wheelie bin (for paper and card) same week as land fill Other grey wheelie bin (for plastic, glass, tins and cartons) collected the next week

General Waste Bin

Landfill bin every other week. Only rubbish contained within the closed bin will be collected. Use for household rubbish which cannot be recycled. (No household electrical items and bag cold fire ash)


Weekly Collection


Weekly collection with recycling wheelie bins


Weekly with recycling wheelie bins

Call the Environmental Team on 020 8726 6200 or email if your bins are not collected!

LOCAL NEWS ROUND UP  Planning Applications: Planning applications continue to be a major issue in Addiscombe. On Northampton Road, for example, a developer is turning a family home into five flats. Poor parking provision, overcrowding and upset neighbours, but Labour’s planning committee passed it as usual.  Litter and Fly Tipping: We’re receiving lots of complaints about litter and fly-tipping.

Local Community

You can report this on the Council app or email me and I will ask for it to be cleaned. However, let’s all encourage our friends and family to keep setting a good example that others can emulate.

 Events Venues in Addiscombe: If you’re thinking of booking events, it’s always worth trying Ashburton Hall or St. Mildred’s Church. They have a variety of room sizes available and catering can be arranged.



020 8726 6200


At St Mildred’s Call Janice Champion on 07957 663 195

58 Addiscombe Road 020 8680 0084

020 8256 1046



Sandilands, CR0 5DB 020 8654 5449

THE SALVATION ARMY 249 Lower Addiscombe Road 020 8676 1921

PS – Contact Mario if you’d like your club or charity to be featured in our next newsletter by emailing

Labour’s plans for Addiscombe will be opposed!  Plans by the Labour Council for the ‘intensification’ of housing development in Croydon mean that residental neighbourhoods like Addiscombe are under threat from greedy developers. On April 1st, Labour Councillors approved the Suburban Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD2), which will form part of the guidelines to be applied when decisions are made about future planning applications.

Can you help deliver our community newsletter in your road?

This means that insensitive local developments will be harder to propose. But you can help us stop Labour’s overdevelopment:

The Addiscombe Conservatives are leading the campaign to stop Labour’s overdeve lopment of our local community!

STOP OVERDEVELOPMENT stopoverdevelopment



Tel/Mobile Email

Sign the petition to stop the overdevelopment of Addiscombe! Email this to or send back to Mario Creatura, 36 Brighton Road, CR8 2LG


Yes No – but I’d like to help my local Conservative Action Team in another way

For Addiscombe, it means that a detached bungalow in a residential street could be replaced with a block of flats.

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Addiscombe West Residents' Newsletter - Summer 2019  

Addiscombe West Residents' Newsletter - Summer 2019