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“A great beginning for Mário Costa´s first solo album as a band leader and composer. He invited two of the very best musicians for New Jazz and open improvisations: Marc Ducret and Benoit Delbecq. This trio manage to have a personal new group sound, without missing a bass, still Marc and Benoit can take off with they own identify in solos (great solos!) Mario wrote beautiful music for his band. It gives me a big pleasure to listening to very good NewJazz with high musicianship. This is Jazz of today – with the Zeitgeist. Mário produced for himself a great album – I hope it will get the recognition he deserves. Now he belongs to the top modern drummers in Jazz.”

In just a few years, Portuguese drummer Mário Costa became a serious case of success in the international jazz scene. We noticed him first playing in two key records to understand the rich reality of creative jazz in Portugal, “Nebulosa” and “Partícula”, as a member of the band lead by Hugo Carvalhais. In the second of these albums, the soprano saxophone was played by Émile Parisien, an usual Carvalhais partner on stage. Shortly after, Parisien invited Costa to play the drumkit in his new super-group with the veterans Joachim Kuhn and Michel Portal fronting a line-up with Manu Codja, Vincent Peirani and Simon Tailleu. «Now he belongs to the top modern drummers in jazz», Kuhn states about the wide projection resulting from the excelent work he’s developing with such great company. “Oxy Patina” is another step in that path, presenting himself also as a composer, and again with top French players, Marc Ducret and Benoît Delbecq. Both are meticulous researchers of the capacities of their respective instruments and both have strong personal languages – Mário Costa couldn’t be more ambitious in the choice of partners, but he brilliantly achieves all his intentions. With them he managed to forge a solid and intriguing collective sound. If he managed to put our expectations high, the outcome is even higher.