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It is one of great passion, desire making cars is something that really fascinates me

Is a band of my favorites, really is good.

It's my dad, is the person I most admire, not very good with feelings but always by my side

She help me sometimes, is a person that is so much important to me.

I love this song be cause remember me to my girlfriend

Is my dream visit this pleace, be cause is incredible for me

Is a very good teacher, really i want more time with she be cause is simpatyc.

I want stay all my life in this place, i lke my life, i love my home

 Is

a teacher of hight school.  This teacher help me in my time of need

Is my girlfriend and my best friend, i love my grilfriend she help all the time. She is my life

The world is better with love, just this way change all people, whit love

I love my life with music, is my world, i never change my music, i love create my songs.

Is my mother, I love my mother, is a good person and the more important to me

I love give to my girlfriend roses all time, is a beautiful prensent

I love the blue sky, i want fly, feel the wind, is really fantastic.

I hate the time fast I want more time with all people important to me

My world  

the most important for me

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