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WePhoto - 2015 - no. 1 Landscapes

Cover by: Rodriquez GabrieleŠ

WePhoto “The Series” Landscapes Dear all, I am very proud to introduce the new collection “The Series”. Itwas not so long ago since we have launched the first eBook, including the photographic work of the 10 administrators, who at that time were cooperating in the “WePhoto” group. Since then, we have published 16 eBooks and the Special edition “Calendar 2015”. We are now working on the eBook “France” of the “Different Vision” collection, and on the first eBook of the new collection. This new collection – The Series - is made of different eBooks, each one (or more than one if required) related to a specific photographic theme, including the artworks of several authors from Italy and abroad. The first eBook of this new collection has been dedicated to Landscape- cityscapes and seascapes.

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We are all so excited and happy to be able to collect such beautiful images and, most of all to be able to share them with a wide audience. Spread, share, recommend everyone to download eBooks from our webpages and links below. And also make sure to leave your feedback on the eStores – 5 stars comments would be great! You can really help us growing and sharing our beloved passion for photography! In this eBook you can also find the links to our Facebook Group. Come and join, invite friends to share and enjoy some of the best images from around the world!

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Special thanks and Credits Dick Visser, Staff Member and Chief Administrator of WePhotoGroup, for graphics design and editing. Without his strong contribution, amazing creativity and his enthusiasm, this collection would not have been that great. Anastasia Argiolas and Germana De Chellis, Chief Coordinators of WePhoto Group, constantly managing and taking care of the Group with its 13 thematic pages and online magazines to follow. Special Thanks to Antonio Sarno, manager and curator of the thematic page “WePhoto Landscapes” which handled the relationship with the authors and special thanks to Alessandra Bettoni, who has reviewed and adjusted the lyrics translated into English.

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All Staff Members for their passionate commitment to this wonderful and exciting project. A special thanks to all of you, our main reason to go further and better. Yours Sincerely, Mario Buncuga

Mario Bunčuga

Gianfranco Cosmai

Simone Vivaldo

Luigi Coluccia

Dick Visser

Davide Bunčuga

Milena Masini

Fabio Salvi

Jessica Schaap


Anastasia Argiolas

Giovanni Tisocco

Alessandra Bettoni

Elena Salvai

Germana De Chellis

Antonio Sarno

Brigitte Feijen

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WePhoto, and individual authors regarding personal photos included in the related chapters. This book can be downloaded for free and Solo diffuse freely in its entirety. The images and text are the exclusive property of the authors who, prior personal contact, may authorize the use or not. Any other use will be sanctioned by the existing rules on the subject of copyright.

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Elena Salvai Carrara, Italy

Born in Carrara, beside the sea and under the mountains, she has always been a great lover of the nature and of the open space, in perfect harmony with her freedom of spirit. After the university she began to hiking to the Apuan Alps.The breathtaking scenery of these mountains high near the sea lead her to the passion of photography as a way to dive deeply into the nature, in a free world without rules, where to find one’s self free from the infrastructure imposed by modernity. Internet and the world of social networks allow her to understand that her form of expression is shared by many. She get several awards. She take part in some photo exhibitions and is published in published in several prestigious photography magazines such as Camera Raw Photography Magazine and on many digital magazines. 9 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Dick Visser Amsterdam, The Netherlands There’s many ways to enter the world of photography. I took the long road – and I feel it’s starting to pay off. After my professional education, focusing on design, layout and typography, I discovered the business side of the field by running an ad studio for five years. Missing the artistic element, I switched to one of the major Amsterdam photo labs, where I got to work with Photoshop, refining and touching up the images of many of the great Dutch photographers. Wanting to see the larger picture, my next step was to get involved in the international advertisement world. As a graphic designer an international advertising agency, I’ve been working for a number of high-end companies, with a strong personal emphasis on the visual aspect of our major productions. And then, after all those years of working with the images of fellow professionals, I suddenly felt the urge to look at the world through my own viewfinder. To decide what I want others to see. To pick my moment to release the shutter. This is what that looks like… 21 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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Francesco Nobile Marzabotto, Italy

Photographic journey that starts in the nineties as reportage photographer in Asia South America. He studied Literature and Philosophy at University of Bologna is to live here mainly attracted by the magnificent landscapes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines .Today lives in Marzabotto (BO) small town surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains where and pledged to collect stimulation and sensations of this beautiful land . Misty landscapes and sunny valleys constant movement between dream and reality. Photographic research aimed to explore the constant movement of the human soul, the harsh reality and the dream of mountainous landscapes. 33 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Gianni Antonacci Roma, Italy

Hallo everyone. I live and work in Rome. I’m just an amateur photographer. WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT... Photography is my biggest passion. For me, it’s a mistery to disclose, day after day. Like the first day. And like the last one, too.”’ 45 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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The first roll of slides I did in 1978. And since then I have not stopped. I could end here in describing my passion. I do not know if it is a simplification, probably yes, but I still think it is sufficient to understand the passion that has hatched all these years. I would not want to sound arrogant because the passions never cease to amaze increasingly raising the bar of curiosity and creativity. I do not consider myself a creative, indeed, rather a witness of our times. I photographed and photographer of all with all that is available. I printed (and badly), I developed, I struggled. The last shot is always the best and the most beautiful is the one that will. I am firmly convinced. I like the new technologies, performance machines and technology but I’m learning to use a Polaroid SX 70 with the Impossible Project. I learned how to use a Mac but I’m thinking about the next development work with instant Fuji FP 3000b on back polaroid mounted on a Linhof Technika III. Leica has always been in my heart, at least until before the advent of digital technology, but it also failed with his Kodak Kodachrome 25 ASA Pro unattainable developed only in Germany and life teaches that those who are not able to adapt to the times is intended to succumb. So always ahead with a respectful regard, however, against the Great Masters of the past: Cartier Bresson, Brassai, Capa, Ansel Adams, Weston, Tina Modotti, etc. Koudelka. the Italian Ghirri, Giacomelli, Mulas, Branzi, Berengo Gardin, Basil, Roiter and I apologize if I forgot someone. And the contemporaries as Salgado, McCurry, Fontana, etc.. Continuous source of inspiration for all those who wish to approach to photography, perfect their technique, sharpen their vision.


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Gabriel Rodriquez Verona, Italy

He lives in Verona with his wife and three teenage children. Professor of business subjects until 1997. He practices as a chartered accountant since 1990. On loan to photography from a young age this has become an activity that gradually proved more than a passion, more than just a hobby. Photography has probably filled area of his life that cultural studies pursued have toed. During his career he earned 52/1 awards in various contests in the various specialized platforms including 2 international, individual and collective exhibitions, speaker at various occasions of outreach meetings with authors. Lover of reportage in general and travel in particular. 57 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Roberto Pagani Monza, Italy

Photographer enthusiast for nature, landscape, travel photography, iphoneography and elaborated image like hdr and texture. 69 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Mariano Belmar Torrecilla Murcia, Spain

Photography is, to me, the fun I spend too many hours. Actually I am a painter who can not draw and the camera is in an excellent replacement brushes. I am extremely interested in composition but still more light and as her model. I have no preference in the type of work (cityscape, portrait, ... b & w or color). I do not have official studies in this field and learn almost everything through hard work at the computer. 81 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Wephoto landscape vol1  

Wephoto "The Series" Landscape vol1 Dear all, I am very proud to introduce the new collection “The Series”. This new collection – The Series...

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