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Through The Eyes of Women - Vol. 1 Dear All, It feels great pleasure in announcing the inaugural issue of a new series, dedicated solely to women photographers. This is an occasion for them to explore the world from a feminine perspective and bring it to the fore. One may be intrigued to know the purpose behind an exclusive series on women by the women. Well, the reason is to break the universal presumption where the word Photographer has been very conveniently associated with males in the leading role, which is not true. The world has beheld the league of a few equally competent and successful female photographers in the past, but in the present times, this number has grown fairly large. For us, there is no better way to celebrate such successes than dedicating an entire series to these distinguished women. It makes tremendous sense to offer a free space to these explorers of reality to admire all the facets of life from the sensitivity different from that of men. Together as explorers, we enter the fascinating world of "Trough the Eyes of Women".

Editorial Board Mario Bun!uga: Editor & Art Director Germana De Chellis: Chief Graphic Designer & Portrait Group Leader Pankaj Anand: Review Associate Priyanka Agrawal: Review Associate

June 2018 2

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Gratitude My special thanks to Germana de Chellis, Chief of WePhoto Portrait domain, closely supported by Maria Giovanna Quaranta, who have helped me select images, contact authors and collect materials. They may always be found putting things together at the back office. Thanks to all the authors who have made this volume such a great collection with their valuable contributions. I also wish to thank Germana De Chellis for her impeccable layout and cover designs and to Pankaj Anand and Priyanka Agrawal, who are responsible for translations to English, proofreading of drafts, and content development. I owe my thanks to our admin colleagues too, who are constantly managing and taking care of the group as well as its 12 thematic pages and online magazines and are ardently bringing forth the best photographers from across the globe. I have no words to express my gratitude to the wonderful work they do every day with great passion and dedication. WePhoto Network the Founder Mario BunÄ?uga


The Authors

Anne Launcelot

Brigitte Feijen

joanna lukrecja redesiuk

Hanaa Turkistani

Orna Naor

Jenny Cameron

Rosalie Heller


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For millennia, they have been exploited by man, relegated to a subordinate role, considered inferior both by various cultures and religions that exist even today in many places. Some cultures still force women to hide and be veiled, stay at home for the children and chores without access to social life or education. She is often an object of prey and possession by man, merely as a matter of pleasure and use. Yet several historians claim that art was born in the prehistoric age from the sensibility of the woman. While the man was hunting, the woman developed an artistic sense, giving rise to artifacts, music, their culture and other artistic forms of which man then took possession. In the West, only a little over a century ago, thanks to the courageous movement for women’s rights, women have traveled and that has led, at least on paper, to a closer parity with men. In many parts of this world, women can finally access every level of education and make a contribution showing their competence, sensitivity and creativity to enhance the development of humanity. It is with this spirit that this series is born: to explore the world through a woman’s eyes. We invite you to take a look at how these, our partners in life, interpret through their images our realties.

Mario BunÄ?uga June 2018 viii

ANNE LAUNCELOT Halifax, Canada

www.annelauncelott.com instagram.com/anne.launcelott/ Twitter: @Stalla49

“The world is my canvas, the camera is my brush.� Anne lives on the east coast of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her fascination with cultures that are different than her own have influenced her desire to travel to new and unfamiliar places. Her photography is inspired by people and the themes of everyday life.

Anne is attracted to colour, texture and light and these elements provide a rich backdrop for her subjects. Through the lens of her camera Anne makes a connection with the people she photographs and by doing so she attains a degree of understanding of their culture. Getting close and interacting with her subjects fosters a shared trust that will sometimes result in something magical happening. Anne wants her photographs to say something about life and the human condition and she wants to pull the viewer in by telling a story through her imagery. 10











BRIGITTE FEIJEN Eindhoven, Netherlands facebook.com/Photography-Brigitte-793724404041820/

I am from Netherlands and currently live in Eindhoven. All my life I have had a passion for photography, earlier in front of the camera, and now behind it. With photography I can really do my own thing and express myself and my thoughts through my pictures.

My creativity, especially my eye for detail helps me to focus on best aspects to showcase in a frame. I then search for the best end result that does most justice to my expression. I love to photograph people, not just beautiful models, but all kinds of people of all ages. It’s not the outside that interests me, but their character, their soul which gives my work depth. Every person has something beautiful inside. It's up to the photographer to see it and turn it into art. I hope you will enjoy watching my work. With love, Brigitte 22











HANAA TURKISTANI Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia

facebook.com/nana.greatmood instagram.com/gr8mood 500px.com/hanaaturkistani

My says : Think, Create, Share

Hanaa Turkistani Saudi Photographer Bachelor of Art Education Experience in Art Education 21 Years Because of My Specialization in Arts, I Have Deepened in Architectural Photography, Perspective , Symmetry and cityscape scenery

Started Photography in 2008 A c a d e m i c I n st r u c t o r f ro m t h e G e n e ra l Organization for Vocational and Technical Training in Jeddah. Coach of the International Academy for Training and Development in Britain. Training in the Society of Culture and Arts in Jeddah. Member of the International Federation of Photography. Participated in Exhibitions in ksa , Uae , Kuwait , Egypt , Morocco , Tajikistan and Bangladesh Participate in International Competitions, PSA GOLD at NBPC INTERNATIONAL SALON OF PHOTOGRAPHY. I've Held Many Lectures on Photography, the Book Fair, the College of Dentistry and Other famous colleges . You can email me here: Artist_hanaa@hotmail.com 34











JENNY CAMERON Higlands, Scotland

500px.com/jennycameron2 facebook.com/JennyCameronPhotog jennycameron.blog

Jenny Cameron is a Fine Art and  Landscape Photographer living the dream in the Scottish Highlands with her Husband and two dogs. Her passion for the wilderness began from a love of travel & outdoor life. Sadly Jenny was diagnosed with a rare bone disease a few years ago in her hip called Avascular Necrosis. This put an end to her mountain adventures ( hiking, winter climbing, skiing, backpacking to name a few). She spiraled into a dark space for a short while but thankfully found her solace in landscape photography and her journey began in October 2015 never looking back

Jenny exhibited her work in Power of Women Gallery, Trenton, New Jersey, in February and April 2016, followed by an exhibition at the All Night Art Exhibition, again in Trenton. 2017 saw her getting published on the front cover of the prestigious Scottish Field Magazine in January, getting ten of her Scottish images published in two different Coffee Table style photo books in February, getting published in Black Magazine in April and her work ‘Altnaharra’ being chosen for an exhibition in England in July. In January2018, she was approached to be Haida Filters’ UK Official Photographer and in March 2018, she was invited to be the Featured Photographer of the Month with Photography Masterclass. Jenny continues

pushing the boundaries and

looks forward to the future. 46












facebook.com/LukrecjaR redesiuk.blogspot.com instagram.com/jestemlukrecja

I received the first digital camera from my husband almost 20 years ago (thank you Artur).

From that moment, I photograph people and nature. I studied photography on my mistakes, constantly improving my modest skills. I like simple forms and black and white photos. Thanks to the support of my husband and son, I can enjoy every day of my passion photography. 58











ORNA NAOR Tel-Aviv, Israel

www.ornanaor.com orna.naor@gmail.com

Orna Naor is a Street Photographer, lecturer and member of Israeli Street Photographers collective – URBANICA. Her street photography is shown in brick and mortar galleries in Israel and abroad, as well as in various Street Photography groups over the net. Her work is published in various Street Photography books and magazines such as WePhoto Street, World Street Photography, MonoPix, WeStreet, Israeli Lens Magazine etc.

Some of her select shows: • URBANICA, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2014 (Collective) • CONFLICT, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2014 (Collective) • CITY LIGHTS, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2014 (Collective) • CUBA, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015 (Collective) • NIGHTMOVES, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015 (Collective) • STREET, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015 (Collective) • SWP, Hamburg, Germany, 2015 (Collective) • BADGE of SHAME, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2015 (Collective) • ISRAELI ART, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2016 (collective) • STREET ART, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2016 (Collective) • URBANITES, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2016 (Collective) •MY CUBA, Chicago, Illinois, US, 2016 (1st. Solo) •Local Testimony, the Israeli photojournalism exhibition 70











ROSALIE HELLER Baltimore Maryland, United States

facebook.com/rags2roses4 instagram.com/rosaliehellerphotography m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=UPII1eVQCKk

Edward Weston said “I start with no preconceived idea - discovery excites me to focus.� This is my mantra.

I am an American photographer living in Baltimore. Growing up and even now I virtually frame everything that catches my eye as if I were looking through a picture frame. Light and shadow intrigue me. For 30 years I shot film, black and white mostly, and developed the images in my darkroom. The weight of the camera bag became too much for me to carry. Two years ago I discovered that I could capture life on the street with my phone, unnoticed and free from the weight of my heavy cameras and lenses. The images you see here were captured with my Samsung Galaxy 9+ and processed on a tablet using an editing program and my finger as a brush, working the images as if I were back in my darkroom. Photography is my passion. 82











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