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WePhoto Street 2019 Vol 8 Dear all, Here comes yet another moment of pride for WePhoto as we bring you our next Book under ‘The Series’ representing the genre - Street Photography. Since February 2014 when WePhoto was born we have come all this way simply because of our passion for this unparalleled art form. Over the time, thanks to the continuous help and support of my likeminded colleagues who have always been as enthusiastic about it as me, that we have created several platforms to showcase the best works from across the globe in the various photography styles. Today WePhoto group has the widest presence across Facebook representing almost every possible genre of photography. As of date there are twelve thematic pages, related picture boards on Pinterest, a dedicated website and about 80-odd Books published online on and in print. This annual collection called - The Series - is made of eBooks each belonging to a specific photographic theme, and includes the artwork of several authors from Italy and abroad. The one in your hands is the eighth thematic book dedicated to Street Photography. Apart from the e-version these publications are available in the form of coffee table books too Editorial Team Mario Bunčuga: Editor & Art Director Pankaj Anand: Review Associate Priyanka Agrawal: Review Associate Germana De Chellis : Street Group Leader & Chief Graphic Designer

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We are so excited and happy to feature these beautiful images and most of all, be able to share them with a wide range of viewers. Please help us spread the word around by sharing and recommending, wherever you can, these free eBooks from the links given ahead and on our webpages. This is how you may help us grow and share our passion for photography! In this Book you may also find the links to our Facebook Group - WePhoto. You are welcome to join the group, and invite your friends to share their work and enjoy some of the best images from across the globe.


Gratitude My special thanks to Germana de Chellis, Chief of WePhoto Street domain, who has helped me select images, contact authors and collect materials. She along with her team could always be found putting things together in the back office. Thanks to all the authors who have made this volume such a great collection with their valuable contributions. I also wish to thank Germana De Chellis for her impeccable layout and cover designs and to Pankaj Anand and Priyanka Agrawal, who are responsible for translations to English, proofreading of drafts, and content development. I owe my thanks to our admin colleagues too, who are constantly managing and taking care of the group as well as its 12 thematic pages and online magazines and are ardently bringing forth the best photographers from across the globe. I have no words to express my gratitude to the wonderful work they do every day with great passion and dedication WePhoto Network the Founder Mario BunÄ?uga


The Authors

Adolfo Carli

Anna Paola Rosaspina

Mariateresa Marrese

Nunzia De Feo

Antonietta Cesino

Denis Giannini

Rosalie Heller

Germana De Chellis

Tito Dalmau


Copyrights All rights are reserved to WePhoto and Mario Bunčuga for this entire Book and to single authors for their individual photographs included in the related chapters. This book can be downloaded for free and distributed freely only as a whole. The images and text are exclusive property of the authors who might authorize their use elsewhere if they so wish, and contacted personally in advance. However any misuse or otherwise will be prosecuted through the prevalent rules on the subject of copyright. You may order a print version coffee table book from our linkage at Peecho online

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INTRODUCTION : Street Street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a meaningful or artistic photograph. The challenge of street photography—and its unique appeal—is finding a way to turn the mundane things we see every day into art. It encapsulates the unforgettable moments of life before they become history, small stories of our existence that would be lost in the flow of time if not captured and portrayed in an image and made immortal. Street life, like most other genres in photography, works around effective composition. It involves anticipation and since as the photographer you don’t usually have the choice of moving your subjects, you have to shift your position or wait for that decisive moment when the subject is right where and doing right what you expected them to do. Street photography may oftentimes be confused with the genre called Reportage. The fine difference lies in the intent and the basic principles about truly documenting the contents. Street life comes with a baggage of ethnic order as some street moments that the westerners define as exotic may be the everyday life for those who live in those places. The Street Photography has many nuances and may range from minimal style to a social report that documents the evils of a society tending to exclude and marginalize the weaker. But these are just a few facets of Street Life and those challenges many a time act as the major puller to the artists of this genre. The presented work is the finest collection of art and we hope that you will enjoy every bit of it.

Mario Bunčuga Founder
 WePhoto Network


ADOLFO CARLI Milano, Italia

I've been traveling around the world for the past 45 years and have inevitably been a big fan of photography. The photos I take are generally attributable to either photo-reportage or quite obviously, streetlife that mostly represents the routine life of people of the country that I am visiting.

I have always loved photographing people in their daily gestures. This is not always easy or possible, but over the years I have learned that patience and long waits help a lot. I'm also much interested in night photography, and therefore, during all my travels you will always find the tripod in my travel bag. 10












Photography has always been a part of my life. The first camera was given to me by my father when I was 10 years old. It was an analog that I used on automatic mode. Then I got charmed by Polaroid and used it for a long time. With the passage of time and the advent of new technologies, I started using a bridge camera, with which I photographed the growth of my children starting from their birth until they began to escape from the presence of the lens.

The real encounter with photography, however, took place in 2010, after having inherited a Reflex with which I began to experiment using manual mode. I followed several basic and advanced courses from Bologna and Porretta, where I currently work as a doctor at the spa. To my credit there are several group exhibitions: La memoria dell'Acqua- Thermal suggestions in photos, a permanent exhibition visible in the rooms of the Terme di Porretta, Luzzara Sguardion file at the Cesare Zavattini Documentation Center in Luzzara, Looks on the territory- in Porretta Terme, Free Theme- also in Porretta Terme, for the AMFI association and two solo shows: Barks, and Present absences. Re g i s t e re d w i t h t h e A M F I , t h e I t a l i a n Photographer Medical Association, in 2016, I contributed to the first AMFI calendar with a photo for the month of October. 22












Since I was a child I loved photography and I often played with my Agfa, but only a few years ago I discovered my great passion for the art.

I am not sure how to describe what I feel every time I click. Let's say that as if I were looking for something before the click, something that should not only represent an imprinted image, but something that belonged to me; as if I wanted to talk through the photo. With the Street my dialogue is continuous; I enter into the characters, in the daily scenes and I render them alive. 34












I was born in Italy but I consider myself a world citizen. I spent my teenage years studying classical music and became a pianist. That intense study period taught me self-discipline and perseverance. Then, life's circumstances led me to work in the tourism industry and I had the great opportunity to travel all over the world.

I suddenly decided that I had to capture faces and places on camera. It was a spontaneous action. However, time went by and things changed. I started learning photography, took courses and improved my technical skills. It was not easy. When I took up photography and it started changing my life I was studying for a Psychology degree and had to balance a full-time job and studies at the same time. Good time management and self-discipline that I learned from music helped me a lot. I've almost finished my studies, got a clinical hypnotherapy certification and I'm still taking photography classes. I take pictures to tell a story, it doesn't matter if it's my story or my subject's. The world is so beautiful and meaningful and everyone can write and read a story. I do it with my camera. 46












Bruce Gilden says: "If you smell the street looking at the photo, it's a

co-founder of WePhoto

street photo."

This is what I would like to arouse through my images when you look at my street photography. I like to photograph people and tell a story through a single click; and living in a metropolis gives me ample chances to always find good opportunities to capture these moments. 58












I was born in Capua (CE) in 1962. After obtaining my diploma, I graduated in Law at the Federico II University of Naples. Currently, I am passionately involved in the teaching of legal and economic disciplines at the ISISS "UGO FOSCOLO" in Teano. I live in Calvi Risorta, a small town in the Caserta area, with my husband, three children, five dogs, two cats, six hens, a rooster and a turtle.

Since 2014 I have seriously dedicated myself to what has always been my passion: photography. I attended a course and have not stopped shooting since. My photographic ideal is inspired by simplicity; I work instinctively, perhaps unconsciously, following my intuition. I like to capture those moments in which people and things reveal themselves. I have participated in various exhibitions and competitions with satisfactory results and, in 2016, I published "SOLO PER AMORE", a collection of my photos accompanied by the verses of Lucia Pellino. This collection was also presented at the MMMF 2017 MIA MARTINI MANTOVA FESTIVAL 2017 70











NUNZIA DE FEO Roma, Italia

I was born in Rome and my profession is that of an accountant. To escape from everyday life, I cultivated the hobby of photography which I have been at for a few years and as admin WePhoto I

WePhoto Admin

applaud with great satisfaction.

The photographic genres that I prefer are street and minimalist photography and on this occasion I present ten shots made of moments stolen from various cities I visited in Italy as well as abroad, where spontaneity, the moment, the expression are encompassed within just two words: street photography. 82











ROSALIE HELLER Baltimore Maryland, United States

Edward Weston said “I start with no preconceived idea - discovery excites me to focus.� This is my mantra.

I am an American photographer living in Baltimore. Growing up and even now I virtually frame everything that catches my eye as if I were looking through a picture frame. Light and shadow intrigue me. For 30 years I shot film, black and white mostly, and developed the images in my darkroom. The weight of the camera bag became too much for me to carry. Two years ago I discovered that I could capture life on the street with my phone, unnoticed and free from the weight of my heavy cameras and lenses. The images you see here were captured with my Samsung Galaxy 9+ and processed on a tablet using an editing program and my finger as a brush, working the images as if I were back in my darkroom. Photography is my passion. 94











TITO DALMAU Barcelona, Spain

Architect by profession and photographer by vocation. I live in Barcelona, the city where I was born in 1948. Simultaneously with my work as an architect I have held numerous exhibitions of my drawings and photographs. Thirteen years ago I discovered India. Discoveries are always personal and my fascination with India makes me return every year to the state of Rajasthan -my favoritealthough over the time I have gradually been seduced by many other states in this immense country. India is an endless experience.

I have co-authored with anthropologist Maka Abraham, the book of photographs “RAJASTHAN: HOUSES AND MEN”, with prologue by Enrique Vila-Matas. Editorial Lunwerg. Spain 2007. Other books are Limited Editions: “The Forgotten Havelis of Shekhawati” (2009); “Varanasi” (2010); "Travelers in Rajasthan" (2015). At present I am preparing the following books, soon to be published: “Conversations in India”, “The Rabari”, and “Pushkar”, with texts by Maka Abraham. Limited Editions are published by MOSKA Gallery, Barcelona, where there is a permanent exhibition of my photographs of India. 106











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Street Vol. 8 - April 2019


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WePhoto Street Vol 8  

Street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a meaningf...

WePhoto Street Vol 8  

Street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a meaningf...