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WePhoto Animals 2019 Vol. 6 Dear all, Like ever before it is again a moment of pride for WePhoto to present before you the next Book in ‘The Series’ representing the photographic genre - Animals. Since the inception of WePhoto group with a humble beginning, we have come this far with cooperation and support of a team of equally zealous and committed photographer colleagues. Today WePhoto group has the widest presence across Facebook representing almost every possible genre of photography. As of date there are twelve thematic pages, related picture boards on Pinterest, a dedicated website and about 90-odd Books published online on issuu.com and in print. The books are simultaneously published on Apple Books too. Apart f ro m t h e e - v e r s i o n s t h e s e B o o ks a re a v a i l a b l e i n t h e fo r m o f co f fe e t a b l e b o o ks a s w e l l .
 The Series is an annual collection of eBooks each related to a specific photographic theme, and includes the artwork of some of the best national and international photographers. The one in your hands is the sixth thematic book dedicated to Animal Photography

Editorial Team Mario Bunčuga: Editor & Art Director Germana De Chellis: Chief of Graphic Designs Pankaj Anand: Review Associate Priyanka Agrawal: Review Associate Nunzia De Feo: WePhoto Animals Group Leader

June 2019 2

We are so excited and happy to feature such beautiful images and most of all, be able to share them across a wider span of viewership. Please help us spread the word around by sharing and recommending these eBooks from the links given ahead and on our webpages. This is how you may help us grow and share our passion for photography! In this Book you may also find the links to our Facebook Group - WePhoto. You are welcome to join the group, and invite your friends to contribute with their work and enjoy some of the best images from across the globe.


Gratitude My special thanks to Nunzia De Feo, Chief of WePhoto Animals domain, who has helped me select images, contact authors and collect materials. She along with her team could always be found putting things together in the back office. Thanks to all the authors who have made this volume such a great collection with their valuable contributions. I also wish to thank Germana De Chellis for her impeccable layout and cover designs and to Pankaj Anand and Priyanka Agrawal, who are responsible for translations to English, proofreading of drafts, and content development. I owe my gratitude towards our admin colleagues too, who are constantly managing and taking care of the group as well as its 12 thematic pages and online magazines and are ardently bringing forth the best photographers from across the globe. I have no words to express my admiration for the wonderful work they do every day with great passion and dedication.

WePhoto Network the Founder

Mario BunÄ?uga


The Authors

Cristina Laugero

Eric Chatelain

Francesco Galantino

Fulvio Galeota

Luca Tambella

Maria Cristina Pasotti

Maurizio Tentorio

Paola Tedoldi


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Introduction: Animal Photography

We as humans once belonged to the same diaspora that animals did. Perhaps this is why we love living close to nature or rush towards her the moment we get an opportunity. Research shows that we are still cavemen at heart although we live in city houses. The basic wiring in our brains and how we interact are the same as thousands of years ago. Nature is where we still belong. Animal or more popularly called wildlife photography is about capturing a split second, when the light and the animal behavior have come together to create an emotional image. Whether your subject is a wild animal in the jungle or a pet/domesticated one at home, their behavior is usually the same. More than a taste of adventure and accomplishment animal photography also offers a sense of belongingness to the planet. Patience, persistence and perseverance are the three key parameters to be good at animal photography. Presented here-within are a few best photographers from the genre whose admirable work should inspire you for sure.

Mario BunÄ?uga Founder of WePhoto Network June 2019


Cristina Laugero Cuneo, Italia

cristinalaugero.it facebook.com/cristina.laugero foto@cristinalaugero.it

I have always been passionate about photography and animals, and I was lucky enough to combine these passions of mine into my work.

The touch with nature is a source of inspiration to me. It allows me to lose myself and detach from the frenetic life, which is slowly taking away our days and changing our world.

For this

reason, in each of my photos man, nature and animals merge. In my view the photographs should not be explained: they must evoke emotions. I hope to pass on some of them to you with my work here. 10











Eric Chatelain Geneva, Switzerland www.eric-chatelain.ch camerapixo.com/photographers/eric-chatelain 1x.com/member/Rico57

I am a 61 year old amateur photographer living in the suburbs of Geneva (Switzerland). I only started to use a real camera, which my father lent to me, at the beginning of 2016.

(I had

previously been using a simple smartphone for photography). I later acquired a Canon EOS5D Mark IV to be able to use all the lenses that my father bequeathed to me.

As an architect, I am particularly attracted by the man-made structures, be it buildings or bridges, but being a human I am equally close to nature in all its forms, whether it is small details of a flower or humongous size of an animal. I would describe myself in three words : passionate, curious and eclectic ! By the way, I have created a special tool of my own with PhotoShop to crop and to frame any kind of picture in a pinpoint accurate way. If you are interested to learn about my method, please send me an e-mail to : echatelain36@yahoo.com and I will send you the manual in PDF format. 22











Francesco Galantino Bari, Italia

500px.com/frankgala facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009023868070

I was born in Bari on 14th July 1986, and am currently pursuing a masters’ degree in administration, finance and control. I have always been passionate about electronics and anything that has to do with technology. It wasn't love at first sight with photography, and it did take time as paths of life changed and I met different people. The people I met have triggered in me the curiosity through their captivating tales that pushed me to read up and improve.

I got my first dSLR with my first degree, not knowing whether it would be a simple toy to play with from time to time or anything more until I laid my hands on it seriously. I photographed different realities, convinced from the thought that the memory is weak compared to the eternity of a photo. I always felt affection for animals in general and being able to represent them through my young vision of photography made me even more passionate to shoot animals. In this album there are photos of animals that are normally seen only on TV. My other favorite genres include landscapes, nature and photographing the events held in my homeland. 34











Fulvio Galeota Roma, Italia

facebook.com/fulvio.galeota instagram.com/fulviogaleota/ fulviogaleota.com/fulviogaleota/Home.html

I started taking pictures to relive the emotions that led me to freeze that moment. I love to share my emotions with the people I frequent in all senses and since I am attracted to everything that surrounds me I started looking through my camera. The stories that attract and excite me are the ones that align the eye, the heart and the emotion of that moment.

The style that most identifies me is as a Landscape photographer. I believe that there is a personal photographic style that differentiates one photographer from the others. I also enjoy doing nature photography as there is always a common thread between landscapes and nature . I often practice other types of photography because I like to share my passion and time with photographer friends and also to continue learning new things and new ways of seeing through my viewfinder. I consider myself lucky because I have a passion that has brought me and continues to get me to know people and places that I might not have met and otherwise known. I photograph for the joy of documenting and sharing my emotions through my images and I will certainly continue doing that to enrich my passion and my life. 46











Luca Tambella Macerata, Italia

facebook.com/lucatambellaphotography instagram.com/luca_tambella_photo/ flickr.com/photos/lutanik/

I was born in Macerata in 1970. Since my youth days photography was one of my main interests. A lover of hiking and the mountains, my camera, although compact, has never been lacking in terms of equipment. Over the years the documentary purpose of my photographs has turned into true passion and research of the emotions that nature can give us day by day. I love to photograph my territory, the mountains that surround me and the fauna that populates them in any season and time of day

Living at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, I can find myself in front of unique natural shows at any time, sometimes even in the middle of the night. I hope to convey these with my own emotions through my shots. Every dawn, every sunset, every storm, every season grants unique and non-reproducible snapshots to the eyes of those who admire. Being able to capture these images is the greatest reward for every lover of photography. 58











Maria Cristina Pasotti Milano, Italia

facebook.com/mariacristina.pasotti instagram.com/cristinapasotti/ 500px.com/mariacristinapasotti

I was born in Voghera (PV), but I've lived near Milan for a long time for study and work reasons. I graduated in languages and worked for several years in the commercial field and in the field of technical translations. Therefore, photography for me is just a hobby and a great passion that I have always cultivated.

I have been photographing in digital medium for about 5 years and I prefer nature, architecture, minimalism, reportage and street as my photographic interests. I like to try different genres. I am attracted to everything that conveys a sense of harmony and beauty, so sometimes I even shoot macro or landscapes and it fascinates me to work with black and white photos. Nature photography attracts me because I love nature and animals very much, I like to observe their behavior and their contact gives me serenity and joy. I have had opportunity to exhibit my photos in various group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. 70











Maurizio Tentorio Besana Brianza, Italia

facebook.com/maurizio.tentorio.3 500px.com/mauriziotentorio instagram.com/maurizio_tentorio

I was born in Besana Brianza on 8 May 1960 and reside in Triuggiio (MB).

My passion for photography was born during a business trip in 2007 to Utah, when I bought my first camera, a simple compact for the typical photos as souvenirs, but I immediately noticed how much I liked it. Least did I realize then that it would become one of my greatest passions. I started photographing everything around me, but I soon agreed with my connection with nature and animals and from there began my journey with nature photography I observe animals to capture the moment and catch the magic of the action that creates that emotion, sometimes, waiting for the entire day nothing happening and then in an instant everything changes and the shot arrives. I believe that photography should also be a moment of sharing, exchange of opinions and experiences. 82











Paola Tedoldi Milano, Italia

facebook.com/paola.tedoldi instagram.com/paulateddy63/ flickr.com/photos/160939544@N06/

My name is Paola Tedoldi and I am from Milan. Traveling has always been my passion and I have always recorded my travels in photographs with an automatic bridge camera.

In September 2017 I took a basic course and from that moment I became so passionate about buying my first dSLR. I attended two other courses following that. During this journey, however, I have realized that the subjects that I love to shoot the most are animals. Of course, I still have a lot to learn. 94











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