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No Guru /health-and-fitness/no-guru Feb 16, 2017 Written by Marinus Muller Articles written: Joined: 13 December 2016 Niche:

Massive Egos, Assholes, and Idiots! This is the YouTube Fitness Scene. A year ago, before I started seriously training at Gym, I spent a few months Researching the How, the What and the When.


As many of you know; the YouTube Fitness Scene is HUGE! So many Opinions, so many Points of View, so many really Crazy-Talented Individuals, and besides the Egos, Assholes & Idiots mentioned above, there are some really Well-Informed, Amazing Leaders to be found as well! However, just like on Instagram; it's so easy to Get Lost in Admiration for the Beautiful People!

I find it difficult to Learn from Teachers who are very Far “Ahead” of me. Yes, it’s amazing to See what is Possible and be Inspired, but it can also become a Dead-End; Spending Hours Looking at, and Admiring the A-Listers, it becomes a Distraction from Your Own Life and going after Your Own Goals! 2/7

I tend to Learn much more from the Smaller YouTubers, than from the Channels with Millions of Subscribers and Billions of Views. There is a Greater Authenticity, it is often one individual and maybe a cameraman working on projects. You can see he is Practicing what he is Teaching. Many of the people I follow are Amazingly Talented and Beautifully Built, but their Skills are not so Far Removed from my own that it's impossible to Imagine Attaining their level.

Why is all of this important? There is a Growing Movement in Social Media towards Greater Authenticity and Relatability, certainly amongst people looking for Real Education, Authentic Growth and Effective Guidance.

People are waking up to the Idea that someone who is Three, Four, Five Steps ahead of you, can be a much more Effective Teacher than someone who has Reached the Summit.


We used to believe that in order for a Teacher to be Effective, she needs to be able to guide us from where we are now, to the Heights we can only Begin to Imagine. But there are Serious Problems with this idea; People are Fallible and our History is filled with Tragic Tales of people getting Seriously Lost following a Guru!


An amazing thing about our Digital Age is that somewhere in the world 1 Person, 10 people, or a 100, are going through what you are going through right now and it's possible to connect with them very easily!

A Teacher does not need to take you the Entire Way, she only has to be able to show you the Next Few Steps.

As we move deeper into the 21st-Century, we will increasingly move away from Hero Worship 5/7

and the Guru/Disciple Relationship and move more towards Collective, Peer-To-Peer Learning. Sites like Wikipedia is a great example of this Phase in our Development.

This also means there are Great Opportunities for You and Me; People are very happy to Part with their Hard-Earned Cash for Guidance and Information that is Effective and Applicable to their Situation.

In Life, there will Always be people Ahead of you and people Behind you, we all have our Own Journey and progress at our Own Pace. We are moving into a Time where we All will be Eternal Students & Teachers.

Would you like to be a Part of an International Community, organized around Digital Marketing and Online Skills, that includes people who Joined Yesterday, people who have built Multiple-Seven-Figure Businesses Online and the Entire Spectrum in between? Are you ready to do some Serious Learning, Growth and Personal Development? 6/7

Are you ready to Become a Leader and a Teacher for your Fellow Traveller?


No Guru  

Social Media Authenticity, Teachers & Students, Gurus & Disciples, Peer-to-Peer Learning. The Future of Education.

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