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Marinus Company Ltd. is one of the main producers in its region, providing finest frozen seafood the major European markets. Seated in Świnoujście, Marinus continues the rich heritage of Odra, with the 50 years tradition in processing seafood. The Marinus team consists of engineers and skilled production specialists with a long-term experience in frozen food manufacturing, which ensures the highest standards of whole production process and allows Marinus to meet the demands of international market. In our operations, we use food processing materials and technology, which assures that our customers are receiving the best quality products while maintaining the highest food safety standards proven by BRC, IFS and MSC certificates. From the very beginning of our business, we are putting a great emphasis on flexibility; therefore, we are able to adapt and fulfill all the customer’s needs and meet the toughest specifications. We are listening to our customers carefully: it always motivates us to improve all aspects of our business. We value our longtime partnership with Royal Greenland, one of the world’s top seafood producers, as well as with our suppliers and logistics partners with whom we maintain mutually beneficial relationships and constantly make all possible efforts to be considered as a trusted business partner. Our mission is to provide high quality service that fulfills the expectations and satisfies even the most demanding customers. In the process of reaching our goals, we go outside the economic sphere, and continually strive to be a responsible member of the local community in which we live and work. We believe that company’s development must go hand-in-hand with care for the employees, and strengthening the market position should be based on ethical values. We are proud of purchasing materials from the most creditable suppliers, so we can support businesses that share the same principles as we do. You are welcome to get acquainted with our offer. Jacek Brzdęk Chairman

CATERING Flexibility for your convenience

Numerous species of fish come in a innumerable choices of cuts.

Marinus is manufacturing portions from standard 7.5 kg fish blocks. All of our sawing lines are handled manually and through the modifications, our production can be conformed to any kind of cut: from 12 gram cubes through trapezium shape portions to large (610g) portions used by foodservice. We process many different species of fish, not only popular ones like alaska pollock, cod, hake and hoki, but also more demanding ones such as halibut and salmon. Thanks to our cooperation with the top packaging suppliers we are able to meet all customer’s needs regarding packaging capacity, and still offer a reasonable price.

CATERING Cubes Fish cubes come in many different weights; therefore, they are a material that can be easily portioned, which improves efficiency of further processing and makes it broadly applicable not only for food service and retail, but also in convenience food industry.

Portions Fish portions are cut from frozen fish blocks prepared from a large variety single species of fish, including Alaskan Pollock, Hake, Cod, Hoki, Seith, Halibut and Salmon. The portions are available in any shape, weight or size that can be obtained from a 7.5 kg block.

IQF Variety that fits your needs

In the production process we use high quality PET/PE packages with wide variety of gauge. All sizes of bags are available including bags with cardboard label (rider), zip-lock or bags with both zip-lock and rider. We also offer a pouch (pillow) type packaging of many different sizes and capacities. We are working with different raw materials such as IQF and shatterpack. We are able to add from 3% to 20% of glaze depending on raw material used. During the production we are using multi-head and manual scales to control the weight of every single package and metal detectors to check every pack of processed material. Our company supplies biggest multiples with regular products as well as premium products, and both are valued by our partners for their high quality.

IQF Small capacity packages (300 – 600g)

We use small capacity, break-resistant plastic bags due to their non-toxic and inert characteristics as the most hygienic and economic way of packing frozen sea foods.

IQF Medium capacity packages (600 – 1100g)

Medium capacity bags provide an excellent barrier, water-proof and chemical hindrance properties that make frozen fish resistant to bacteria and other microbial growth.

IQF Large capacity packages (1100g < )

Large packages allow us to provide whole, intact fillets of noble species of fish.

IQF One zip to keep the richness of the sea

Ziplock packages

We launch frozen sea food packed in zip-lock plastic bags. The zipper can be sealed, opened, and resealed indefinitely maintaining freshness of the product.

MULTIVAC Protecting the best that seafood has to offer

We are using Multivac machines which allow us to stay flexible as regards the type and size of the vacuum package. Two main types of products we offer are chain-pack and vacuum-packed fillet portions. Apart from portions, MTV can be used for packing loins, center cut salmon, fillets and seafood (e.g. prawns or scallops). Fillets may contain additional spices or herbs (e.g. salmon in herbs) and still be packed retaining vacuum environment. Processed products can be labeled using cardboard label (rider) or flexographic printing. We collaborate with leading vacuum foil manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that our products represent the highest quality possible with maintaining optimal efficiency.

MULTIVAC Portions Vacuum packed frozen fillet portions can be kept for a long time and still maintain nutrition values, great taste and natural texture.

Quality grade packaging material so as to retain freshness and natural taste

MULTIVAC Chain-pack

Chain packaging method using vacuum foil allows visibility and guarantees that high quality content is packed.


We use high density vacuum bags in order to protect certain sensitive products such as shrimps.

BOXES Consistent approach for modern products

Fish fillets are stored in efficient cold storage systems to keep their freshness intact, and are safely packed in highly hygienic quality packing material to ensure that they are of the best value.


We like to think out of the box and offer upmarket solutions that can satisfy the highest demands. Based on our continuous research and development efforts, we come up with exclusive manufacturing process to take frozen seafood products to a new level and significantly increase our position in the industry. With the immense knowledge and experience of our professionals, we are able to invent and provide consumers with innovative products, such as salmon in herb coating. Due to our unique production methods, the herbs and spices stick tightly to the fillet (regardless of vacuum conditions), keeping the fish juicy and moist.


With our production line workers and equipment we strictly control products quality at all stages

Experienced workers meticulously touch up every last detail of the product.

Marinus Sp. z o.o. ul. N. Barlickiego 1A 72-602 Ĺ&#x161;winoujĹ&#x203A;cie tel. +48 91 321 60 09 tel. +48 91 322 06 03 fax +48 91 322 06 04 email marinus@marinus.pl

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Marinus offer  

..so why go fishing?

Marinus offer  

..so why go fishing?