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I have got a cat. Her name is Jessica.

What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


What animal is it?


Oct opus


J el l y f i sh

whal e

f ox


wol f

I havegot a hamster. His nameis Mickey. Heis 1 year old. Heeats apples. Hehas got small eyes.

Name: Bobby Age: 2 Parts of thebody: a long tail

Name: Rex Age:3 Parts of the body: big ears

Name: Ben Age: 4 Parts of the body: small body

Name: Lucky Age:3 Parts of the body: long ears

Guess the animal This animal lives in Africa. It can run fast. I t is whiteand black. It looks likea horse.

Guess the animal This animal is small. It is whiteor grey. I t has got a long tail. Cats likethis animal.

Guess the animal This animal lives in Africa. It can run fast.

I t has got big paws. It is black and yellow.

Guess the animal This animal is big. It lives in a farm. It is black and white. It gives us milk.

Guess the animal It is very small. I t is an insect. It has eight legs. It eats flies.

Guess the animal This animal lives in Africa. I t is very big. It is grey. It has got very big ears.

Guess the animal This animal can run fast. I t is yellow and brown. It has got a short tail. It has got a very long neck.

Guess the animal It can fly. It has got beautiful wings.

It is a bird. It can talk.

Li st en and t i ck ( ) or cr oss ( ) t he ani mal s t hey ar e t al ki ng about

Song “At the Zoo!” Chooseonly oneanimal! Lion Zebra Hippo Crocodile Monkey Elephant Tiger Dolphin


Ida-Viru Tatar Cultural Society exists 15 years in Estonia. The results of its activity can be seen in the presentation.