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spring/summer 2009



to Mariners Church Thanks for joining us today at Mariners. W@M, the publication you are holding, is a window into who we are and what we are about at Mariners. Our hope is you'll get an idea of where you belong here and you'll find ways to make a connection with God and with the people of Mariners Church. To get the most up-to-date info on what's happening around here, visit the Welcome Center on the patio or go to This next season at Mariners is an exciting one. After many years of planning and construction, we have finished our campus expansion. We now get to utilize God's blessings to their fullest to be a resource to our church family and our community. Students are coming for the first time and tearing it up in the Student Center. Worship services and weddings are being planned in the Chapel. The Lake causes us to stop and reflect on God's place in our lives. On the whole, the campus feels like a refuge from the pace of daily life. It's a place where we can slow down and listen to God's voice. We hope you will find a home here. Welcome to Mariners Church. We're glad you came. Grace and Truth,

spring/summer 2009

what we believe

We believe Jesus is the only Son of God, who came to earth as a man, died for our sins, and came back to life again. We believe all who in faith trust Him as their Lord and Savior to forgive their sins are part of the worldwide body of Christ.

guiding values • teach God’s Word

• be God’s loving family • remember that every believer is a minister with a ministry • be innovative in our ministry & relevant in our community • be contagious in sharing Jesus Christ

our mission

Helping people find their way to God, hear His voice and follow Him.




BELONG : My church, my home REACH : God's story, my story

In our New2mariners class, you’ll hear from pastors and staff about the values and heart of Mariners Church. Get dates of upcoming classes on our website or at the Welcome Center on the patio.

Everyone has a story. Learn how to communicate yours effectively and contagiously as you tell of God's work in your life. Check our website for upcoming class times and dates. Pastor Gene Molway x346 contact Brooke Fullmer x334

SERVE : My calling, my lifestyle Life is fulfilling when we are a blessing to others. Discover how your distinctiveness and abilities work together for God's glory and how you can serve others in our community and around the globe. Visit our website for class dates and to register. Pastor Laurie Beshore x388 contact Andrew Richards x252


Colossians 4:5 Acts 20:24

Serve Isaiah 58 Jeremiah 22:16

Pastor Shelly Juskiewicz x340 contact Ty Woolworth x209


Ephesians 2:19-20

GROW : My growth, my responsibility


Take your spiritual journey to the next level and join a small group where you can connect, grow and experience God in community. Groups meet on campus, in homes and various venues around OC.

Colossians 1:9-10


Pastor Eric Heard x344 contact Greg Robins x337

“My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”John 10:27

people passionately in love with Jesus Christ, courageously transforming our culture




weekend patio experience

Want to know more? Pastors and volunteers are available at ministry kiosks to answer your questions and help you find ways to connect at Mariners Church. contact Ty Woolworth x209

There's a lot going on around here. Our website is the best place to get the most current info you need about Mariners Church.




worship people passionately in love with Jesus Christ, courageously transforming our culture

Worship Center Saturdays, 5pm Sundays, 9 & 11am Sunday night service Student Center, Room One Sundays, 7pm

Pastor Kyle Zimmerman x219 contact Nancy Maniss x206 do you sing? contact John O'Campo x495

We believe it is vital to experience Jesus in community, be transformed and be used by Him to change the world around us. To that end, Mariners has weekend services designed to lead every person to a life-changing encounter with God. Combining music and media with compelling biblical teaching, we tell God’s story and invite people to respond with us. It’s simply a gathering to adjust our perspective and to recalibrate our hearts and lives, remembering who God is and who we are in light of Jesus.




Our new Chapel is a spiritual place where God can capture our hearts, speak to us through His still, small voice, and remind us of His presence in our lives. The Chapel is a place of refuge from the noise of life, offering those who enter the chance to reflect on God's place in their lives. The building is a beautiful inspiration and testament of our community's faithfulness to God, an understanding of who God is, and our relationship with Him. Our desire is that the Chapel will serve as a place for you to grow closer to God and repsond to Him in unique and life-changing ways. Chapel hours:

Every day, 7am-10pm

Someone is available to pray with you:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 11am-1pm

Prayer meetings:

Monday, 6:30-7:30am (for men) Wednesday, 5:30-7pm Thursday, 11:30am-12:45pm

Weddings contact Aimee Pedersen x424

Chapel service times:

Sundays, 8, 9 & 11am


children's & family To reach children and equip parents in order to build families who passionately love Jesus

While adults attend one of our weekend worship services, kids experience God's Word through interactive worship, creative Bible teaching and relational time in a small group.

Throughout the year we offer memorable and fun opportunities for families to grow together spiritually through retreats, special events geared to families, oncampus small groups (Home Builders University) and in-home small groups. Visit for more information on each of these activities.



weekend experience Infant – Pre-K Port Mariners, 1st floor Kindergarten – Grade 5 Port Mariners, 2nd floor Saturdays, 5pm Sundays, 9 & 11am Pastor Trisha Graves x361 children's contact Linda Carrell x462 family contact Bunny Hamlett x361



familylife MARRIAGE A comprehensive array of and resources to help build and sustain your marriage, no matter where you are on the journey Marriage Builders

A weekly course to help couples experience true "oneness" in their marriage. Marriage COACHING

One-on-one coaching, prayer and support by couples with spiritually strong marriages.

the window A place for young married couples to connect with God, spouses and other couples during the window of time between the wedding and the kids

THE WINDOW: Young Couples Bible Study Life Development Building 205 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month, 10:30am Pastor Jeff Pries x353 contact Cindy Western x380

Pastor Eric Heard x344 contact Patty Snyder x348




junior high Helping students belong to God's family, encouraging them to grow in their relationship with Him, challenging them to serve Him with their lives, and equipping them to reach their friends Student Center Room Two, Saturdays, 5pm & Sundays, 9 & 11am. Pastor Phil Shinners x270 contact admin x323

high school Challenging high school students to develop a Christ-centered life through outreach, authentic community, deepening relationships with Jesus, and genuine service Student Center Room One, Saturdays, 5pm & Sundays, 9 & 11am. Pastor Jeff Maguire x323 contact admin x323


Challenging college-age students to be the type of people that ask God to mess with their lives. Upper Room, Sunday Night Service, 7pm, Student Center Room Two, Thursdays, 7:30pm Pastor Cole Beshore x272 contact admin x323

Parent Network

meetings on the 2nd Sunday of each month in the Foyer of the Community Center

Pastor Jerry Huson x226 contact Karyn Hantzes x358



SINGLESlife DRIVE : 20s-30s singles

Developing singles to hear God's voice through the study of His Word and build healthy relationships in a like-minded community Worship Center Upper Room, Thursdays, 7:30pm

Pastor Clayton Brooks x421 Pastor to Singles Ministries Gene Molway x346 contact Susie Woy x364

connections : 40s-50s singles Providing a friendly setting for singles in their 40s and 50s to worship, hear God's Word, grow, and have fun Worship Center Upper Room, Fridays, 6:45pm Pastor Thomas Rose x233 contact Susie Woy x364

cornerstone : 55+ singles Changing lives by connecting people to Christ, one at a time Life Development Building 200B/C, Sundays, 10:30am

Pastor to Singles Ministries Gene Molway x346 contact Susie Woy x364



local outreach

The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world

As a church, we are committed to responding to Christ's call to serve those who are in need. We serve families in the innercity neighborhoods of Santa Ana, at-risk children and teens in foster homes, teen moms needing guidance, and military men and women who deserve our support. When we invest our time and talents in others, we become a blessing to them. Join us in becoming part of the solution to the pressing needs in our local community.

global outreach

Mariners partners with local churches around the world, coming alongside their vision for their community. By leveraging our resources, we maximize the impact we can have together. When volunteers from our church family respond to God's calling, their own lives are changed as they serve through the local church around the world. Join us as we serve from Peru to Kenya, China to Egypt and across the border to Mexico. Spreading God's love internationally will change your heart and forever change the way you look at the world. Pastor Laurie Beshore x388 contact Andrew Richards x252





women Helping women find a personal and committed relationship with

God, grow in that relationship, recognize His voice, and follow Him

Women at Mariners are passionate about building relationships with God and each other. Our ministry gives you the opportunity to connect with other women like you. Whether you are in the workplace, single or married, with children or without, there is a place for you in Women’s Ministries. Pastor Shelly Juskiewicz x340 contact Janel Oja x314


Encouraging the men of Orange County to follow Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives; challenging each to be a man of God in his home, workplace, church, and world

Men’s Ministry connects the men of Mariners with God and with other men through small group Bible studies and a variety of programs and adventures throughout the year. Pastor Jerry Huson x226 contact Kim Kirkwood x328

adultLIFE marinersCare Serving those who are hurting relationally,

spiritually, emotionally or physically, and helping them see God in these moments of difficulty



stewardship Seeking to be a generous church, full of grateful

people experiencing the joy of giving and trusting solely in God Executive Pastor Jim Russell x335 contact Christina Clausen x396

fellowshippers for adults 55+ Ministering to the needs of adults 55 and over who are growing spiritually, feeling loved and cared for, having fellowship with one another, serving others and reaching out to the community and the world

MarinersCare comes alongside people facing difficult times in life. Through support groups, peer counseling, 12-step programs, hospital visitations and other avenues, we offer hope and healing through the power of God. Pastor Eric Heard x344 contact Donna Carney x349

Voyagers Bible Class Life Development Building 208 Sundays, 10:20am Pastor Bill Jones 949.856.0190




truthWorks Training for the ministry God has called you to TruthWorks is the adult education program of Mariners Church, a training program designed to equip you theologically and spiritually. We are passionate about getting people into God’s Word and about getting God’s Word into people. Total Money Makeover

Together we unpack the riches of God’s Word and learn biblical wisdom for managing the financial resources God has given us. Spiritual Growth Spend time in a small group and dig deeper into how and why God made you the way He did.

Visit our website for class dates and times.

Bible Study+ Putting world events and life into perspective through an in-depth study of God's Word and Bible prophecy. Worship Center Upper Room, Sundays, 9-10:15am Doc & Lois Beshore Contact Judi Fouladi 949.706.1707

Pastor Eric Heard x344 contact Jeff Carter x387





When you volunteer on campus, you make a big church feel a little smaller. You build relationships with those you're serving with and get to know a group of people who share your passions and interests. You can volunteer at Port Mariners, Student Ministries, the Welcome Center, or at all-church events, just to name a few opportunities. If you have an interest, we'll find a place for you to serve. Ty Woolworth x209

guest relations Helping people feel glad they're here. Guest Relations creates that first impression you get when you come to Mariners Church. If you would like to be part of the team that welcomes our church family, we have opportunities for you. You can work with ushers, greeters, parking pastors, shuttle drivers, the first aid team, interpreters for the deaf, or the hospitality team. "A cheerful look brings joy to the heart." Proverbs 15:30 Pastor Bob Brogger x320





People are available to pray with you after each service in the front of the Worship Center. Or, if you seek physical, emotional or spiritual healing, visit the Prayer Room after each service to be anointed with oil by an elder according to Scripture (James 5:14). The Prayer Room is just off the center entrance of the Worship Center. If you would like to volunteer with the Prayer Ministry, please contact Pastor Bob Brogger, x320. prayer hotline

pastor of the day


x450 anytime, for urgent needs of prayer or counsel


Our monthly classes will help you learn more about baptism and when you can participate. Pastor Bob Brogger x320


Communion is a time when we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us when He died on the cross. We celebrate communion weekly during our Sunday Chapel services, during our Sunday night services, and quarterly in the Worship Center.


generations Reaching our community, generation after generation As we look at our completed campus, we can see that each space tells a story of God's generosity and provision. He has given us this campus to grow closer to one another and to Him. We've created our campus for you to feel at home. Our hope is that you enjoy this space to its fullest. Enjoy a worship service at one of our venues, have a meal in the CafĂŠ, and play on the lawn with your kids. Spend the day here with your church family. This is a place of community, connection and relationships.






We are thankful for God's Vision for Mariners Church and all who have come to call this "home." Through over 4,000 individuals and families who have given sacrificially since 2000, our expanded campus is complete with dedicated ministry space for Worship, Prayer, Kids, and Students. The Student Center, Chapel, and Lake are wonderful blessings from God, defining our campus more than ever before as a spiritual place to build personal relationships with Christ for "generations" to come.

We are grateful to all who have prayed and continue to give to make this all possible. Because of you, Mariners Church can continue to use this space and create defining moments that will change lives forever.

If you would like to learn how you can play a part in Generations, please contact Janice Munemitsu x480 generations

CAMPUSLIFE global bookstore & café

Reaching the world through serving you. All net proceeds from the café and bookstore benefit the Global Outreach missions of Mariners



preschool 4 months to pre-K Preserving the experience of childhood, planting the seeds of faith

Café Hours Mondays - Thursdays, 7am-8pm Fridays, 7am-5pm Saturdays, 3:30-8:30pm Sundays, 8am-3pm Bookstore Hours Mondays - Thursdays, 9am-8pm Fridays, 9am-5pm Saturdays, 3:30-8:30pm Sundays, 8am-3pm Global Café Manager, Manny Ochoa x813 Bookstore Director, Andrea Devin x442 Bookstore x330 or direct 877.226.6570, Café x363

We provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment through a carefully planned Christian program. Working together with parents, we can be a positive influence on your child and reinforce values. We emphasize parent/staff communication and respect parents as the principle influence in a young child's life. Our licensed preschool offers full and halfday programs and is located on the first floor of our Life Development Building.

Tours of the school are available Monday-Thursday at 9:15am No appointment necessary. Director Linda Jahneke contact Shannon Filsinger x455





Mariners Church Beachside is our first "satellite" campus, and serves the Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach areas. We've created this campus for you who live in that area to have a place to develop a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ and further understand the power of God's Spirit. We've brought the very best of Mariners Church to this campus in order to be a resource to you and this community. We look forward to how God will move and work in and through our Beachside campus. Pastor Lawrence "Low" Norris x273 contact Karyn Hantzes x358 info line x100

18110 Magnolia Street Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Kenton Beshore Senior Pastor

Cole Beshore College

Doc & Lois Beshore

Laurie Beshore

Bob Brogger

Clayton Brooks

Andrea Devin


Guest Relations

Singles 20s-30s

Bookstore Director

Bible Study +

Brian Norkaitis

Stan Endicott

Trisha Graves

Eric Heard

Jerry Huson

Linda Jahneke

Bill Jones

Jack Swan

Shelly Juskiewicz

Jeff Maguire

Gene Molway

Low Norris

Manny Ochoa

Jeff Pries

Jim Russell

Thomas Rose

Phil Shinners

Tim Timmons

Kyle Zimmerman

Executive Pastor of Ministry

Executive Pastor of Operations

Executive Pastor



Singles 40s-50s

Children's & Family

Student Ministries

Junior High

Small Groups, Care, TruthWorks, Stewardship




Beachside Campus


Preschool Director

CafĂŠ Director


Young Couples, Small Groups

executive team

staff contacts

voicemail & info: 949.854.7030 • reception (8:30am-5pm M-F): 949.854.7600 ministry

pastor/key contact



accounting/CFO............... Jeremy Moser x309 beachside......................... Pastor Lawrence Norris x273........ x358 bookstore......................... Andrea Devin x442........ x330 cafĂŠ.................................. Manny Ochoa x813........ x330 children's and family....... Pastor Trisha Graves x381........ x361 college.............................. Pastor Cole Beshore x272........ x323 communications.............. Kyle Webb x460........ x282 facilities........................... Terry Terrell x347........ x306 guest relations................. Pastor Bob Brogger x320 high school ..................... Pastor Jeff Maguire x243........ x323 human resources............. Carla Otte x376........ x328 junior high . ..................... Pastor Phil Shinners x270........ x323 marinersCare................... Pastor Eric Heard x344........ x349 mariners outreach........... Pastor Laurie Beshore x388 men.................................. Pastor Jerry Huson x226........ x328 new2mariners . ............... Ty Woolworth x209 new believers................... Pastor Shelly Juskiewicz x340........ x314 newcomer assistance..... Ty Woolworth x209 pastor on-call.................. Pastor of the Day.................................................................... x450 prayer hotline................... x253 preschool......................... Linda Jahneke x333........ x455 senior adults.................... Pastor Bill Jones singles - 20s-30s............. Pastor Clayton Brooks x421........ x364 singles - 40s-50s............. Pastor Thomas Rose x233........ x364 singles - 55+.................... Pastor Gene Molway x346........ x364 singles lead pastor.......... Pastor Gene Molway x346........ x364 small groups.................... Pastor Eric Heard x344........ x348 stewardship..................... Executive Pastor Jim Russell x335........ x396 truthWorks ...................... Pastor Eric Heard x344........ x348 volunteering..................... Ty Woolworth x209 weddings......................... Aimee Pedersen x424 women............................. Pastor Shelly Juskiewicz x340........ x314 worship............................ Pastor Kyle Zimmerman x219........ x206 young couples.................. Pastor Jeff Pries x353........ x380 2009-13

email addresses for staff are

Senior Pastor Kenton Beshore contact Dana Kalionzes x393

Executive Pastor of Ministry Brian Norkaitis contact Denise Shenton x259

Executive Pastor of Operations Jack Swan contact Diana Lorenz x458

Executive Pastor Jim Russell contact Christina Clausen x396

elder board

contact Dana Kalionzes x393 Kenton Beshore senior pastor

Terry Hartshorn John Kao Chuck Lee chairman Scott MacAdam Paul Neff Brian Prock Chuck Rosenberger Don Hendricks elder liaison

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u Worship Center v Bookstore & CafĂŠ w Upper Room x Chapel y Community Center z Life Development { Preschool | Youth Plaza } Student Center ~ Port Mariners Children's Building


Vicinity Map


Ridge D





mariners church

5001 Newport Coast Drive Irvine CA 92603 949.854.7600

spring/summer 09 W@M Magazine - Mariners Church  
spring/summer 09 W@M Magazine - Mariners Church  

The bi-annual magazine of Mariners Church, highlighting who we are, our values, and the variety of ministries at Mariners.