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more details or call 0871 8732404 Thanks to its position as an industrial For company on a wvisit orldw ide scale, Zodiac brings together diverse and advanced technological know-how, in particular in the areas of rescue and survival where its expertise is renow ned: liferafts, aircraft emergency arresting systems for airplanes, evacuation slides for civil aircraft, airbags, etc. Lifejackets – like liferafts and airbags – are products where reliability of operation is quite simply vital to users. When you choose Zodiac, you will benefit from the experience and technological know-how of one of the leading manufacturers of survival equipment worldwide. Today, Zodiac is launching two models of automatic lifejacket aimed at boating enthusiasts who are concerned to sail their boats comfortably and in complete safety.





Our lifejackets are designed to offer you maximum comfort and lightness, with complete freedom of movement. The Zodiac solution ! An extra-short design and a lateral adjustment belt 1 that adjusts to the size of your chest.




Because every second counts when an overboard victim is in the water, our lifejackets offer maximum visibility to help with immediate location. The Zodiac solution ! One neon yellow inflatable bladder 2 plus reflecting strips 3 approved by SOLAS. An orange whistle 4 is also rapidly accessible to make oneself heard if necessary. Finally, a lifting handle 5 enables the overboard victim to be grasped and heaved aboard.




It is essential to be able to self-verify the release system on your lifejacket rapidly and at any time. The Zodiac solution ! A clever transparent control window 6 , located on the front of the lifejacket enables you to check the operational status of the automatic release system at a single glance (without opening the cover). Where necessary (for inspection and maintenance), you can easily access the lifejacket release system. Indeed, for complete peace of mind, the mechanism, the salt capsule and the CO2 cylinder are perfectly accessible as they are located outside the inflatable bladder.



In order to prepare for any eventuality, our life jackets have a double release system: 1) Automatic inflation 7 of the lifejacket on contact with water (dissolving of the salt capsule). This system has many advantages: Because it is easily accessible, the salt capsule is easy and quick to check. It is simple and cheap to maintain, as the salt capsule simply needs to be replaced every 2 years; this requires no special tools and can be carried out by the user. The procedure is the same when the lifejacket is triggered. This means there will be no unpleasant surprises if the lifejacket is required in a genuine emergency. 2) Manually triggered inflation 8 by operating a release string. The polyurethane-coated nylon inflatable bladder is removable and independent of the protective cover. This practical and economic system enables the inflatable bladder to be changed if it gets damaged without having to replace the whole lifejacket. The protective cover is made of coated nylon, which is both extremely hardwearing and completely waterproof. It is also very easy to maintain. The inflation tube with check valve 9 allows the pressure to be adjusted in the inflatable bladder, and the lifejacket to be deflated before re-use.



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Sail 275 Essentially designed for open sea sailing, the SAIL 275 lifejacket will be perfectly at home aboard a sailing boat thanks to its harness and sizable 30-litre buoyancy. The lifejacket is equipped with a built-in safety harness featuring a stainless steel buckle and D-ring enabling a lifeline to be attached allowing you to move around the deck in complete safety. If the craft goes down, the sizeable volume of the inflatable bladder (30-litres) ensures the wearer is returned to the surface in less than 5 seconds even if weighed down by his clothes (watch jacket, overalls, etc.). The SAIL 275 lifejacket is equipped with a “Man-to-Man line�. This enables those in the water to stay close to each other whilst awaiting rescue, even in the most difficult sea conditions.

Cruiser 150 5

The Cruiser 150 is a light, versatile lifejacket especially adapted for family or everyday cruising, and is equally suitable for coastal navigation or open sea sailing. Comfort and safety are the keywords for this new model. The neck of the jacket is made from a soft fabric that is pleasant to the touch, making it more comfortable to wear at sea. Furthermore, thanks to its ergonomic shape, the dorsal part offers added support. If the lifejacket is released, the 16-litre inflatable bladder brings the wearer to the surface almost immediately and holds the head clear of the water, in particular if the wearer is unconscious, thus preventing drowning. This is made possible thanks to the asymmetric shape of the inflatable bladder that provides a greater volume of air on one side of the lifejacket, thus turning the wearer on his back in less than 5 seconds. Lastly, the lifejacket is held in place with a plastic buckle that fastens simply and quickly, just like a car seat-belt.

7 8 Inflatable bladder Cruiser 150

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Cruiser 150

Sail 275

Inflatable (Newton) Weight (kg) Reflecting strips (cm2) Protective cover with Velcro type fastener Control window Inflatable, coated fabric bladder Asymmetrical inflatable bladder Bladder volume in liters Built-in safety harness Quick-fastening plastic buckle Quick-fastening D ring Dorsal part Lifting handle Inflation tube with check valve Automatic release system Manual release system Whistle Man-to-man line Suitable for persons > 150 cm in height Compliant with EN standard Safety harness compliant with EN standard ACCESSORIES Protection hood (optional) Removable belt pocket (optional) Electrical signaling (optional)


SAIL 275

150 0.85 300     16         396/150 -

275 1.15 400    30          399/275 1095



To ensure optimum operation of your lifejacket, Zodiac recommends you inspect it before each season. You can perform this inspection yourself by following the instructions in the manual. Zodiac recommends a thorough service (including a pressure test) every four years at one of our approved dealers. Dealer stamp

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