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A NEW DAY DAWNS Welcome aboard the Viking 60. There’s no doubt about it. The new Viking 60 Convertible is a speed merchant with a built in afnity to raise sh. Making its international premiere at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show in October, the new model is already well on its way to setting sales records. The new 60 Convertible is clearly a groundbreaker in styling, design and performance. The rst of a new breed of Vikings to feature a black mask wraparound that melds artfully into a distinctively shaped window line, its appearance is truly exciting at the dock, but also at sea. When you see its black mask heading your way, get a good look because the next thing you will notice is the gracefully arced transom as it passes you by. The more you study the lines of the boat the better you can appreciate the styling. The sheer line is breathtaking because of the remarkable transition from bow to stern. Freeboard forward is just over seven feet yet at the cockpit it’s less than three feet. The foredeck rises ever so slightly until the black mask dominates the view and your eyes take in the creamy shape of the wraparound ying bridge. In the cockpit details abound from above like the overhang of the bridge deck shielding the mezzanine and below like the swept back cabin trails. From any angle you select, the Viking 60 is one beautiful creation. Of course, styling means little if the design lacks mettle. But this is a Viking, so there is no problem here. The 60 employs an ad-

vanced hull form that provides speeds to 40+ knots. For stability and sea keeping ability, the running surface features a convex deadrise shape with 12-degree transom deadrise matched to an aggressively raked entry with sharpened waterline sections. The convex deadrise adds curvature and form to the hull bottom and the wide beam which carries well aft increases lifting motion in a seaway. Regardless of the vertical acceleration, the hull meets the water softly upon re-entry to improve ride comfort and dryness. To enhance performance and achieve better engine and propulsion efciencies, our design engineering and production groups explored various opportunities to shave off unnecessary poundage and thus were successful in bringing the deckhouse and hull weights to fruition within the desired framework. An engineering driven company, Viking has been using end grain balsa as a coring material for over 20 years without a single construction failure. Our success and condence with this material led us to explore other areas where we could take advantage of the product’s varied attributes for stiffness, strength, lighter weight and durability in the development of the 60 Convertible. Some examples of these weight saving achievements include using vacuum bagged high-strength Baltek anti-fungal coring in the highly loaded bottom panels of the running surface. It should be noted that end grain balsa has tremendous shear strength and in the event of an accidental grounding our experience has been that any damage


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

is conÀned to a local area and does not compromise the surrounding core and laminates providing a superior measure of safety and easy reparability. Similarly, low density Baltek balsa used in the hull sides, deck and superstructure, provides the requisite stiffness and strength with the beneÀt of reduced weight. Structural sandwich panels of lightweight Baltek foam were used for bulkheads in lieu of heavier plywood, and to produce the longitudinal and transverse frames employed in internal grid sections. By selecting these speciÀc construction core materials, the lamination schedules were optimized with higher strength biaxial and triaxial knitted fabrics, which absorb less resin to produce a core laminate of unequalled physical properties. Through-hull areas including struts, shaft logs and water intakes penetrate solid Àberglass only. All overboard discharge through-hull Àttings are manufactured of Àberglass to eliminate corrosion potential. Our success in reducing weight on the 60 Convertible will allow us to introduce weight saving measures across our entire line presently in production in our goal to make all of our boats more efÀcient. We have also found other ways to shed weight. The 60 boasts an entirely new electrical system with Moritz OctoPlex touch screen panels that use solid state and electro-mechanical breakers. Instead of the familiar electrical distribution panel inside the salon entrance door, there is a small display that scrolls at the touch of a Ànger to the required system. To reduce wire weight and installation time, there are a dozen remote electrical panels throughout the yacht, which simplify usage and accessibility. The new wiring system eliminates the bulky track boxes typically seen in the engineroom in favor of concealed runs. Wiring now appears at the point of use, thus producing a cleaner look, which we feel takes our electrical systems to the next level. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404




For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Other features about the 60 Convertible set it apart not only from our competitors, but also other Vikings in our product line. The 60’s deck, house, ying bridge and command console were produced with our $1 million ve-axis proler, the largest of its type in the marine industry. The computer operated proler allows us to produce foam plugs with unerring accuracy that becomes the foundation for our awless molds we use to manufacture our boats. The proler excels at cutting with surgical accuracy the numerous intricacies of the design that in the past were done by hand. We are so satised with the performance of the ve-axis machine, that we recently purchased a second, slightly smaller machine to increase the output of complex parts. Science and engineering aside, a few minutes at the helm will put a smile on your face. The center console style helm with its three pedestal seats, anking lounges with stowage below and a third lounge ahead of the console will handle a crowd with ease. There is a chill box and available refrigeration including a 5.1 cubic-foot freezer, the largest in its class. Electronics are protected under clear acrylic panels and the yacht’s various systems come under the watchful eye of a Moritz monitor with audible and visual alarms. The power hydraulic steering responds quickly giving the 45 ton yacht the reexes of a cheetah. Backing down hard, the Veem propellers from Australia running through a 2:25:1 reduction grip the water tightly. It feels like a tractor on steroids while the crowned transom pushes the water away effortlessly. As you would expect from Viking, the stand-up engineroom is nothing less than astonishing. Pure white Awlgrip illuminates every nook and cranny. The air intake boxes, like our fuel, water and waste tanks are molded with our resin infusion process. The



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

standard 3 stateroom layout

optional 3 stateroom layout

standard 4 stateroom layout

enclosed bridge 3 stateroom layout

boxes, which are tted with a Delta T engineroom ventilation system features thermostatically controlled supply and discharge fans for maximum fresh air circulation, plus water intrusion suppression to keep the space clean, dry and salt free. The engines are mounted on Viking’s industry famous web-frame beds, which are bolted to dedicated transversals for smooth transfer of power and vibration free performance. To facilitate service accessibility and reduce clutter, there are three machinery rooms forward of the engines to house plumbing, electrical and air conditioning systems. Every tting is labeled, every hose is chafe protected where needed and the attention to detail is striking. The Viking 60 is available with a choice of three or four staterooms to maximize comfort and luxury. Regardless of the version you select, you can be assured every whim will be satised. The same is true in the spacious salon and the galley. We are offering the 60 with both high gloss and satin nishes but whatever your decision you can expect and will receive impeccable craftsmanship betting the name Viking. A new touch with the 60 is sculpted cabinetry in the salon and an absence of visible hardware throughout the interior for a lush and luxurious look. While Viking is world renown for its shing cockpits, many cruising yachtsmen love the look and the functionality of our exclusive observation mezzanine. The mezzanine deck is fashionable yet ever so practical with its built-in stowage, refrigeration and engineroom access. The lower cockpit is outtted with a transom door, ush rod holders, rounded coamings, thirsty scuppers, durable molded nonslip and insulated, recessed wells for sh, bait and stowage. Power choices include MAN and Caterpillar diesels and a 21.5 kW genset is standard. You also have the option of selecting Viking sister companies Atlantic Marine Electronics and Palm Beach Towers for your electronics and custom berglass and aluminum fabrication needs respectively. Our companies offer the nest work and installations, after sale service and most importantly turnkey ready deliveries. Viking also is the only manufacturer with a South Florida satellite service facility staffed by Viking trained technicians solely for the convenience of its owners. You are cordially invited to contact your Viking dealer to arrange a sea trial of the new 60 Convertible at your convenience and to take a tour of our soon to be 810,000 square-foot modern facility in New Gretna, New Jersey, about 30 minutes north of Atlantic City.



LOA 60 ft. 8 in.

18.49 m

LOA (w/ pulpit) 64 ft. 10 in.

19.76 m

BEAM 18 ft. 9 in.

5.72 m

DRAFT* 5 ft. 1 in.

DISPLACEMENT 91,300 lbs.

1.55 m (approx)

41,413 kg

FUEL 1,620 gals.

6,132 l

WATER 300 gals.

1,136 l

COCKPIT 170 sq. ft. *w/2x Caterpillar C32A @ 1,825 hp, the largest engine package

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404




Viking-The Viking 60  

The new 60 Convertible is clearly a groundbreaker in styling, design and performance. The À rst of a new breed of Vikings to feature a black...

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