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Exterior (IP 65) M16 Adjustable Downlight with Screwed Bezel ORDERING NUMBER S21600

A design consideration for this adjustable downlight was given to the contact temperature between the ventilation body (item 4) and the deckhead. There is a small air gap which separates the main body and screwed bezel from the ventilation body. This reduces the deckhead contact temperature to about 60 degrees Celsius, which is generally lower than the maximum allowed paint temperature and prevents cracking and discolouring of the paint and wood. Another feature of this lamp is the method of installation. The lamp is eased into the deckhead cutout and the clamping screw (item 2) which is attached to the clamping bracket (item 16) is pushed up until the bracket springs apart and rests on the top of the deckhead. Tightening the screw secures the downlight. The maximum recommended lamp wattage is 50 watts Part Description 1: Transformer 120/12 volt. 75va 1: Transformer 230/12 volt. 60va 2: Screw clamping arrangement 3: Lamp holder GU 5.3 4: Ventilation body 5: M4 Spherical locking screw 6: Bezel Insert 7: Ventilation sealing Gasket 8: Bezel Insert (Polished 316 S.S.) 9: Glass lens (Clear) 9: Glass lens (Frosted) 10: Bezel sealing Gasket 11: Spherical locking plate 12: Main Body 13: Adjustable Spherical. 14: Lamp securing clip 15: Cover 16: Clamping Bracket

Part No 21662-120 21662-230 21658 91294 21642 93615 21654 21656 21655 21660 21660-F 21650 21653 21652 21651 21659 21641 21657


S21600-120 and S21600-230


92mm 110mm

S21600-12 and S21600-24

92mm 110mm

92mm Hole size

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ref: S21600-06-07

underwater lights limited ™

underwater lights limited ™ For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Underwater Lights Limited-MR16 Adjustable Downlight