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mounted or flush mounted using a weld-in insert in aluminum 5083 or stainless steel 316 L. It should be used for any area needing general high powered LED lighting as a flood or spot light as well as helidecks. The bolted bezel is machined stainless steel 316 L and ensures a strong exterior for exposed areas. It is available with clear lens. This light uses the best quality materials and is designed for longevity and tested for water tightness to IP66. The DV41 is available in 12 or 24 volt LED white, blue or green.

DV41 technical specifications Application for: Helidecks and general deck lighting ——————————————————————— Finish: Polished stainless steel 316 L ——————————————————————— Bezel: Bolted ——————————————————————— Glass lens: Clear ——————————————————————— Power supply: 12 volt d.c - 0.30 amps 24 volt d.c - 0.17 amps ——————————————————————— Lamp: Four LED modules Available in white, blue and green ——————————————————————— Dimensions: Bezel: 3.74” / 95mm Depth: 3.5” / 88mm Cut-out: 2.5” / 64mm ——————————————————————— IP rating: 66 ——————————————————————— Options: Welded insert for flush mounting

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Underwater Lights - Sea Vision-DV 41  

his light can be surface For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 1 For more details visit www.marinemegastore.c...