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General: Height

Top light: Temperature range: Water resistance: Conformity: 82 52

Mounting: Flanges:

The T2 is delivered with a standard flange for concrete. For non-concrete installation, an extra large flange or a special base which is installed below surface, can be ordered.

Electrical connection: Light connection: Water connection:

CU, 2.5 to 35 mm2. CU, 1.5 to 8 mm2. 20 mm PL-pipe.

Materials: Pedestal: Lighting cover: Screws and Bolts:

Weather resistant, anodised aluminium. Impact-resistant plastic. Acid-proof steel.



Specifications are subject to change without notice. 25,0 16,6



Standard flange Oversize flange


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Special base, which is installed below surface

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... for marinas and camping sites


113 83


130/ 100

Weight: Sockets: Taps: Fuses:

Without lamp: 83 - 113 cm. With lamp: 100 -130 cm. 5 - 12 kg. 2, 4 or 6. 1 or 2 + optional hose rack. Each outlet is protected by an automatic circuit breaker, and for max. every three outlets, there is an ELB-relay. 1 x 15 Watt low-energy bulb. - 20 to + 60 degrees Celsius. IP44. IEC 60439-3.

Trim and timeless aluminium pedestal to enhance any environment ...

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Quality in every detail TallyKey's pedestals are made exclusively of quality materials, ensuring a long working life. The pedestal itself is made of aluminium, while bolts, shafts and screws are in stainless steel. If the pedestal has a lamp in the top, the "glass" is made of impact-resistant plastic. The TallyKey T2 pedestal is thus strongly equipped to survive many years of outdoor use - even in the harsh and aggressive environment at a harbour. A carefully thought-out detail is the special safety washers with which the base is mounted. If a pedestal is bumped or a boat departs from land and has forgotten to uncouple from the pedestal, the safety washers are broken first - the pedestal itself suffers no damage and it can be remounted immediately with new safety washers.

TallyKey T2

TallyCard System

Light everywhere

A far more advanced form of billing is available with the TallyCard system. The TallyCard technology enables guests to be provided with debit cards in which a predefined amount is coded in and prepaid. In contrast to all other systems, TallyCard is contact-free, that is, there are no magnetic stripes or contacts with the accompanying risk of bad connections.

The T2 lamp model was created to provide a general soft and harmonious atmosphere. The emphasis in the column is on pure style and attractive lighting. The low-energy light bulb is elegantly concealed behind specially developed shielding reminiscent of the famous PH lamps - an aesthetic pleasure providing a gentle soft light. Similar lamps can be supplied as accessories for all T2 models.

The card is simply inserted into the pedestal's card reader, and "money" for electricity consumption is automatically transferred to the pedestal. A loss on consumption is impossible with the TallyCard, as is misuse. It is also possible to extend the system to include, for example, shower and access controls. Contact your dealer or TallyKey A/S for more information and a demonstration of the system.

The lamp is also available in a version which switches on automatically when darkness falls.

Power and water supply Our primary goal in developing the T2 pedestal was to create an attractive and user-friendly supply unit for power and water at marinas, harbours and camping sites. The pedestal is available with 2, 4 or 6 power outlets with the possibility of one- or three-phase outlets up to 32 amps. One or two water taps and a hose rack can also be installed.

Individual card reader for access control etc.

Numerous possibilities Lockable pedestals Access to circuit breakers, HPFI relays, meters or card readers is protected behind an elegant sliding lid. - and if access is not to be permitted to unauthorised persons, the pedestal can be equipped with a built-in safety lock or supplied with a fitting for a padlock.

The T2 pedestal is thus a complete utility supply solution - which is both simple and extremely robust.

Flexible and rational production TallyKey pedestals are not mass produced, but made to customer specifications for every installation. The construction itself was nevertheless developed for rational mass production and it therefore offers the market's best combination of quality, durability and price. The slender design speaks for itself and actively contributes to guests' positive impression of your harbour or camping site. The T2 pedestal is available in two heights: 83 and 113 cm (with lamp: + 17 cm) . The higher pedestal was specially developed for camping sites, where it complies with European standards which require, among other things, 80 cm from the ground to the bottom power socket.

Pedestal with two TallyCard card readers.

We're keeping up with the times ...

Registration and payment T2-model with hose rack

If individual registration of electricity consumption is required, the T2 offers two different solutions: The pedestal can be supplied with robust electricity meters which are read directly on the site so that the customer's account can be prepared.

When the T2 pedestal is used solely for water supply, the taps are mounted high for ease of operation and the pedestal can be fitted with an elegant hose rack on the rear.

Separate hose rack Apart from the T2 pedestals with hose racks, we also supply a very elegant free-standing model with or without tap. T2 pedestal with power meters.

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For us it is a matter of course to be able to supply our products in many different variants. You gain precisely the solution you need and you don't pay for either superfluous equipment or superfluous functions.


... so of course we can supply our T2 pedestal with both telephone and Internet outlets.

So why choose the TallyKey T2? When you invest in equipment to supply utilities and/or lighting, there are many factors to be considered: have you considered the relationship between price and quality/service life? And have you remembered that such equipment must comply with a large number of European standards as well as being simple to install? The TallyKey T2 pedestal meets all these requirements, and the technology combined with the trim and timeless design form a harmonious whole, ensuring you many years of maintenance-free operation and the best return on your investment.

Tally Key-T2  
Tally Key-T2  

Flanges: The T2 is delivered with a standard flange for concrete. For non-concrete installation, an extra large flange or a special base whi...