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SUNSET – Your solar partner History At the end of the 1970s the idea was born to create an environmentally friendly, renewable and free source of energy with the help of the sun’s rays. SUNSET, with its head office in Adelsdorf near Erlangen in northern Bavaria, Germany, was founded in 1979. Since then, SUNSET has pursued this goal consistently and with success. Through its pioneering work SUNSET has helped solar energy be recognised as a genuine alternative to conventional forms of energy. SUNSET solar has developed into a leading privately-owned company within this new industry.

Development Meanwhile, solar technology has developed an independent source of energy. Thanks to rapid technological developments, solar energy is no longer only available for the privileged few: on the

contrary, anyone, who wants to act responsibly for their future and for posterity, is now in the position to make a prudent and affordable contribution by using solar energy.

Prospects SUNSET will continue to implement its founding ideas in the future, and will strive to improve solar technology as a professional product. The very high quality standards we set for our products are required for production in Germany. Our overseas production sites also comply to these stringent quality standards. Our European distributors and our branches around the world make SUNSET into a strong partner — now and in the future!

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Why solar technology? Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Solar energy is benign. Solar energy is renewable. Solar energy is affordable for everyone. Hot water without solar energy

Hot water with solar energy

Saves 1,2 metric tons CO2

1,7 metric tons CO2

0,5 metric tons CO2 Yearly reduction of CO2 emissions through the se of a solar system by an average household with four occupants.

How does solar technology work? The principle is simple: the sun’s rays are absorbed by the collectors and heat the water of the solar energy system. The closed system extends from the roof to the cellar of the house and conducts the sun’s heat via a heat exchanger into a storage tank. The more solar collectors are installed, the more energy can be collected and used to heat hot water or to supplement a central heating system. It goes without saying that combined systems for heating swimming pools can be offered in any size.

The future will be powered by solar energy Where can solar technology be implement ed sensibly? The annual solar radiat ion in Europe is quite sufficient for the functioning of solar energy systems. Solar energy systems can save between 60 and 70 % of the energy otherwise needed to heat hot

water, year for year. In the summer months up to 100 % of energy requirements can be supplied by solar energy systems. Furthermore, solar systems can readily supplement central heating systems. Our high quality collectors can yield heat energy even with a cloudy sky.

without solar energy

with solar energy Saves 2700

4000 kWh/year oil or gas


1300 kWh/year oil or gas

Energy saving by using a solar hotwater system for a four person household.

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Be on the winning side–with SUNSET Solar Systems The SUNSET collector Through continuing research and innovation SUNSET has been able to develop a high quality product with diverse application. The product has repeatedly gained distinction because of its innovative technology and appealing design. Compared to standard collectors, the SUNSET solar collector fits well on the roof

has a black anodized coating. A robust polypropylen plate protects the back of the collector. All collector components are made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

coat ings, Selecton® and ® Selecton EOXH, guarantee optimum absorption efficiency. The absorber is made completely of copper and thus assures maximal heat conduction.

2. The high-quality solar glazing is patterned on the inner surface to reduce reflection, and has a high

4. The absorber is imbedded in environmentally friendly mineral wool and additional PU insulation. Extra special

Study casing 1

el tz ei ch







w ei l h o h er

sto f f a r m





High quality patterned solar glazing

un g

d sg r a d un


Copper absorber with an excellent selective surface

4 Thermal-reflective aluminium foil 5 Mineral wool and PU insulation

Robust polypropylen back plate 9 Silver-brazed copper manifolds 8

6 Water conducting copper risers 7 Sturdy ¾“ B.S.P female brass connections

due to its elegant design and slim struct ure. Our roof integration system SunPower Roof® guarantees a watertight roof onto which the collectors are elegantly incorporated.

transparency of 91 %. With this tempered glazing, and withstanding wind speeds of up to 250 km/h, the SUNSET collector tops of the product range.

care is taken to avoid heat leakage at the sides and corners. Stagnation temperatures of over 200 °C can be reached due to the outstanding insulation.

1. The non-corrosive and sturdy collector casing is made out of aluminium and

3. The absorber is the heart of the solar collector. The sun’s rays are converted to heat in the absorber. Our superior selective absorption

5. The copper risers, which conduct water though the collector, are silver-brazed onto the manifolds, and allow pressures of up to 12 bar.

Outstanding quality – proven time and again! The high yield of SUNSET collectors has been officially confirmed by TÜV Bayern e.V and SPF Raperswil/Switzerland. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

SUNSET has the appropriate sun set for your needs! Overview of solar hot water systems


Öko Lite

Comfort Lite®

Comfort I

Comfort II


2x CC-A


4x CC-A

5x CC-A2

Dimensions, mm

1900 x 1080 x 95

2200 x 1275 x 95

1900 x 1080 x 95

1900 x 1080 x 95

Net area

4.1 m²

5.5 m²

8.2 m²

10.2 m²


2x 40 kg

2x 50 kg

4x 40 kg

5x 40 kg

Hot water storage tank

SBW-FA 300

SBW-FA 300

SBW-FA 400

SBW-FA 500

Nominal volume

300 l

300 l

400 l

500 l

Net height incl. insulation

1790 mm

1790 mm

1839 mm

1853 mm

Diameter incl. insulation

610 mm

310 mm

680 mm

760 mm


131 kg

131 kg

158 kg

170 kg

How do solar hot water systems work?



c The sun’ s rays fall on the collector and are converted to heat. d The solar controller regulates the flow of heat to the storage tank. e The pump in the solar unit pumps the solar heat to the storage tank. Safety installations are also included in the solar unit to ensure that the whole system works reliably.

3 Regler

4 5

f The heat ed mains water is stored in the storage tank to be used for showers, baths, washing machines, dishwashers etc. g A backup heater is used to support the system and ensure the supply of hot water during a poor period of weather.

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Overview of combined solar hot water and central heating support systems


Exclusive Fun

Exclusive Lite®

Exclusive Plus

Mega Lite






Dimensions, mm

2200 x 1275 x 95

2200 x 1275 x 95

2200 x 1275 x 95

2200 x 1275 x 95

Net area

8.3 m²

11.1 m²

16.6 m²

22.2 m²


3x 50 kg

4x 50 kg

6x 50 kg

8x 50 kg

Combined storage tank

K 600/150

K 800/150

K 1000/200

K 1500/300

Buffer volume

450 l

650 l

800 l

1200 l

Hot water tank volume

150 l

150 l

200 l

300 l

Net height incl. insulation

1725 mm

1975 mm

2110 mm

2240 mm

Ø incl./ not incl. insulation 950 / 750 mm

1000/790 mm

1000/790 mm

1200/ 1000 mm


218 kg

260 kg

340 kg

182 kg

The advantage of utilising solar energy ... y y y y y

conserve fossil fuels reduce burner emissions through fewer ignition sequences reduce maintenance of boiler due to shorter operation hours invest in the future with an innovative technology operates completely automatically with an intelligent regulator

Heating support systems can cover a third of heating energy requirements when paired with excellent heat insulation and a low-temperature heating system.* y advantages of the tank-in-tank system: x minimise heat loss x less space required x double function y easy to install Regler

y great value for money

* in Germany

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

SUNimpact ® Large Systems SUNimpact® - The solar system for large facilities The SUNimpact® solar system offers an optimal solution for central heating support as well as for hot water heating. All the requirements associated with different sized facilities and various load profiles can be fulfilled without difficulty by the SUNimpact® solar systems with collector areas starting from 20 m² and going up to 1000 m².

SUNimpact® combines all the advantages of a large facility 1. Perfect value for money x Maximal system efficiency due to the low temperature levels used when pre-heating mains water. x Best possible use of available solar energy through an auxiliary back-up solar heating of the hot water tank. x High hot water capacity due to secondary warm water tank. 2. Installation advantages Regler

x Prefabricated components enable quick and easy installation. The SUNimpact® solar system can also be installed easily as retrofit to existing systems.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Accessories y Hot water storage tank (300, 400, 500, 750, and 1000 litres). The storage tank is equipped with two internal heat exchangers for solar and back-up heat ing. The storage tank is made of steel and the double enamel coating ensures reliable protection against corrosion. Warranty period: 5 years.

y Solar controller Triton IID (Mega Lite and Exclusive systems). The controller is a differential temperature controller with a wide operat ional range. The unit can control hot water systems and central heating support systems, and is equipped with a 4-line display.

y Combined storage tank (K600/150, K800/150, K1000/200 and K1500/300 litres). The combined storage tank enables an ideal combination of hot water heating and central heating support. The tank is made of steel. The drinking water part is protected with a double enamel coating. Warranty period for hot water and puffer parts: 5 years. y Solar controller Terra IID (Comfort system). The controller is a differential temperature controller for hot water systems. The system is monitored via a LCD. y Solar controller TS 1 (Ă–ko-Lite system). The unit is used as a simple way to control the solar pump.

For every house the appropriate sol u t i o n Roof-top supports This system is recommended for mounting collectors on an existing roof. The collectors can be put up quickly and easily due to the easy to install and secure supports. These collector supports fit all standard types of roof tiles.

Flat roof mounting frame With this system the collectors are mounted on a frame and can be installed on a flat roof or on the ground. A vertical installation of the collectors is also no problem. Furthermore, the collectors can be integrated into façades.

Roof integrat ion (Sunpower RoofÂŽ) This is the favoured system for new buildings and the restoration of old roofs. The collectors are completely integrated, and fit in elegantly, into the roof. Metal plating guarantees a 100 % watertight roof.

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Syphoning off the sun’s power The thermo syphonic system from SUNSET Especially suitable for small consumers, this system offers a simple and economic alternative. The system works on the thermo syphonic principle, without a pump or controls.

With added anti-freeze the system can also be used under cold climates all year round. y The ideal extension to an attic central heating system. The storage tank can be packed out of the way under the roof. The collectors are mounted on the roof, above the storage tank. y Stand-alone mounting is the standard solution for recreational and weekend systems, and for operation in sunny countries.

The advantages in a nutshell x

low procurement costs


easy installation and simple design


electricity free operations


no service costs

Overview of thermo symphonic solar hot water system


SUNhot I




1x CC-A

2x CC-A

2x SCR-F

Dimensions, mm

1900 x 1080 x 95

1960 x 1080 x 95

2190 x 129 x 90

Net area

2.04 m²

4.1 m²

5.6 m²


1x 40 kg

2x 40 kg

2x 51 kg

Hot water storage tank

BWS I/120

BWS I/200

BWS I/300


120 l

200 l

300 l

Net length

1250 mm

1284 mm

1434 mm


475 mm

651 mm

693 mm


74 kg

93 kg

125 kg

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Hot water - for your swimming pool too! The solar absorber systems from SUNSET can serve to heat your private pool as well as a public open-air swimming pool and by ducing water with a temperature of between 24°C and 29°C, you can

extend the swimming season from early May to well into September, or beyond depending upon your climatic zone. A customised solution provides maximal efficiency

and effective system. The systems can be installed quickly and easily. Only high quality and recyclable materials are used. The absorber material has been given a ten year limited warranty. The cost of installing solar absorber systems for swimming pools are recovered by saved energy costs within 3 to 5 years; swimming pool heating cannot be more economical. For indoor swimming pools and for all-year operations we recommend a solar system with our high power CC-A/F EOXHcollectors.

Overview of solar swimming pool heating systems






2 x SUNstar ® 1

4x SUNstar® 1

8x SUNstar® 1


2 x 1200 x 3230 mm

4 x 1200 x 3230 mm

8 x 1200 x 3230 mm

Net area

7.7 m²

15.4 m²

30.8 m²

Max pool area*

12 m²

24 m²

48 m²

*Southern Spain

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Solar Energy at home, for business, industry or on the move Stand-alone systems ...

...on an boat .

If you are far away from the electricity grid and need power for light, TV, radio, fridge, telephone, and other appliances, then independent solar energy system is the solution for your power needs. The solar modules generate power, which is then stored in batteries, ready to be used as desired. You can operate 12/24 volt appliances directly, or 230 volt appliances when using a Sinus inverter. We provide complete solar electric sets or design customised systems.

...on a caravan.

...on a lodge.

Grid-connected systems

3,6 kWp grid-connected system using AS 160 modules & hot water and heating system installed on a structure above the entrance to a school according to an architects design.

The state-of-the-art way to utilize the sun's energy. An inverter converts DC Solar electricity to AC electricity, which is measured by a meter, and fed into the electricity grid. Grid-connected systems can be supplied in any size and can be installed quickly and easily on new buildings or as a retrofit on old buildings.


20 kW Sunpower Roof system & 3 kWp shading system, both gridconnected using AS 120 modules

Residential house with a hot water system and a 3 kWp grid-connected system

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