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and AI S t echnology you can see • Wit h t he Se who else is wit hin your vicinit y, e ve n if t he y a r e be h ind a not h e r obj e ct ! ( headland, island, ship...) . AN D TH EY CAN SEE YOU! TM

• I t TRAN SM I TS and RECEI VES AI S dat a over VHF channels ut ilising highly sophist icat ed digit al signal processing and soft ware algorit hm s. • Fit t ed t o leisure craft and ot her non- SOLAS vessels, TM t he works wit h chart plot t ers and chart ing soft ware for lap- t ops and PDAs, and shows 'cont act s' and t heir I D and course on t he plot t er display. I t uses du a l sim ult a n e ou s AI S r e ce ive r s, so no m ore m issed m essages! And it also let s you see AI S nav aids ( At oN’s) • YOUR POSI TI ON AN D I D can also be seen by approaching vessels, coast al st at ions and t he rapidly expanding AI S net works • AI S has been m andat ory fit for SOLAS com m ercial and passenger vessels worldwide in Class A form since 2004, and Class B Transponders ext end t his syst em , bringing it s wide- reaching benefit s t o t he leisure and sm aller com m ercial vessel m arket . • The syst em is proven and works so well t hat m any nat ional adm inist rat ions are int roducing legislat ion or recom m endat ions for sm aller vessels • Robust and resilient t o t he st resses of life at sea, t he TM is housed in an I P- 65 rat ed alum inium enclosure wit h versat ile m ount ing opt ions, all of which are prot ect ed wit h a sea- wat er resist ant coat ing under a heavy- dut y powder- coat ext ernal finish. • Com plies wit h I EC 62287- 1, I EC 60945, I TURM.1371- 1, I EC 61162- 1, I EC 61108- 1, I TU R M.4939, I TU R M.825- 3 • High- spec com bined GPS/ VHF ant enna available keeps inst allat ion work t o a m inim um

Don’t let this happen to you …


APPLI CATI ON S include: I ncreased sit uat ion awareness Collision avoidance I t s FUN knowing who is around you! Port , harbour and m arina m anagem ent Coast al t racking and surveillance syst em s Chart er and flot illa vessel m onit oring Hom eland and vessel securit y Asset m onit oring & m anagem ent Ant i- piracy, ant i- sm uggling

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

SevenStar Electronics



AIS Class B Transponder S.287


• Contains 2 SI M ULTAN EOUS (not switched) VHF receivers (so no more 'missed' messages) and 1 VHF transmitter • Contains an integral 16 channel DGPS receiver to IEC 61108-1, and accepts RTCM corrections • Certified to IEC 62287-1, AIS Class B (CS) by BABT (EU), BSH, USCG (and FCC pending) • Environmental specification to IEC 60945 • Globally agreed frequency allocation – it works everywhere! 156.025 to 162.025KHz, 25KHz step • One VHF receiver can be used to monitor DSC • Transmitted Power 2W as per IEC 62287-1 • Bit rate 9600b/s AIS, 1200b/s DSC • Small size and robust professional design makes it equally suitable for RIBs to yachts to motor cruisers and professional workboats – in fact virtually anything! • Standard NMEA/RS422 and RS232 connections • 38.4kbaud bi-directional data ports • Works with AIS-ready NMEA-compatible plotters and chart software on laptops, PDAs, etc • +12v DC power, 0.33A typ. • Sealed TNC connectors for VHF and GPS antennas • Highly versatile mounting options • Water resistant to IP-65 - incl all connectors! • Robust aluminium casing is chemically treated to protect it from sea water, and is then further protected by a heavy-duty ‘powder-coat’ finish • LED status indicators to speed installation • Size: 180 x 110 x 40mm, Weight: only 900g.

SevenStar Electronics Ltd. Unit 7, Richards Close, Wootton Bassett Wiltshire SN4 7LE United Kingdom

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Versatile mounting options …

Simple to install … Phone/Fax: (+44)(0) 1793 852829 AIS Class B Transponder

SevenStar Electronics Ltd. is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and EU MED Schedule D

Authorised agent:

+12v nom supply

VHF antenna

NMEA0183 data cable

GPS antenna

All details correct at time of printing, but subject to change without notice. E. & O. E.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 2 DOC.287/FL2.0/161107 © SevenStar Electronics Ltd 2007

SevenStar Electronics Ltd - AIS Class B Transponder  

• I t TRAN SM I TS and RECEI VES AI S dat a over VHF channels ut ilising highly sophist icat ed digit al signal processing and soft ware alg...

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