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Application-oriented propulsion and manoeuvring

SCHOTTEL Navigators SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers

SCHOTTEL Twin-Propellers

SCHOTTEL Pod drives

SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers (SRP) are combined propulsion and steering systems rated at up to 6000 kW, which convert the engine power into optimum thrust. As the underwater components can be steered through 360 degrees, the full propulsive power can also be used for manoeuvring and dynamic positioning of the ship.

The SCHOTTEL Twin-Propeller (STP) is the successful optimisation of the complete Rudderpropeller system with an efficiency up to 20% higher. It is the ideal means of propulsion for all vessels in the medium speed range.

The SCHOTTEL Electric Propulsor (SEP) and the Siemens-SCHOTTEL Propulsor (SSP) are innovative propulsion systems which differ mainly in the kind of electric motors housed in the pods.

Maximum manoeuvrability, optimum efficiency, economical operation, space-saving installation and simple maintenance – these are just a few of the outstanding features of this robust and reliable propulsion concept, which has proved its worth under tropical and arctic conditions in vessels of all kinds all over the globe.

Two propellers mounted on a common shaft and rotating in the same direction, with guide fins integrated into the complete system, result in a host of advantages, including high reliability due to the straightforward construction with a small number of moving parts, reduction of the propeller diameter without penalising the efficiency, lower fuel costs and low maintenance requirements.

The two pillars of the SSP – a joint development of Siemens and SCHOTTEL – are the SCHOTTEL Twin Propeller technology and a permanentlyexcited motor (PEM) from Siemens characterised by its high efficiency and slim-line construction.

The SCHOTTEL Navigator (NAV) can readily be installed as a complete, self-contained propulsion package on virtually any watercraft. Its main components are the chassis, engine or motor, clutch, cardan shaft and Rudderpropeller. SCHOTTEL Navigators are highly flexible, easy-to-maintain propulsion systems for vessels of simple design.

With the SEP SCHOTTEL offers a propulsion system with asynchronous or synchronous motors depending on the owner/shipyard request and application of the vessel. Pod drives in twin propeller version are particularly suitable for the market sectors RoPax, double-ended ferries, supply vessels, tankers, container ships and yachts. For the offshore industry, pods with single propellers in nozzles are part of the new development.

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SCHOTTEL GmbH & Co. KG is the headquarters of a globally operating group of companies. Using state-of-the-art equipment and machines, we develop and manufacture our products in the supreme quality that our customers expect from us. Our product range embraces 360° steerable propulsion


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SCHOTTEL Transverse Thrusters


SCHOTTEL Transverse Thrusters (STT) are built on the basis of the tried-and-tested underwater gearboxes of our Rudderpropellers.

The SCHOTTEL Pump-Jet (SPJ) operates on the principle of a centrifugal pump. An impeller sucks in water from under the hull and forces it into a pump housing. The outlet nozzles are fitted in the bottom plate, making it possible for the jet to be installed in a flat-bottomed hull too.

We supply standard Transverse Thrusters with FP or CP propellers rated at up to 3400 kW. SCHOTTEL offers optimized solutions even for special applications in which extremely low noise generation is required.

With a compact design, low loss of buoyancy and low suction effect, Pump-Jets with power ratings up to 3500 kW develop a high thrust even in extremely shallow water and over a wide speed range. Like all SCHOTTEL products, they are distinguished by their excellent manoeuvring properties – as propulsion units for inland and coasting vessels or as independent manoeuvring and standby systems for seagoing ships.

SCHOTTEL CP Propeller Units

SCHOTTEL Steering Systems

SCHOTTEL controllable-pitch propellers (SCP) are propulsion systems that can be used with almost any type of vessel. The power spectrum ranges from 600 kW to 30,000 kW, with propeller sizes varying between approximately 1.5 to 8.0 metres.

SCHOTTEL Steering and Control Systems (SST) are tailored to each individual application. The spectrum extends from simple manually operated mechanical steering wheels on the propulsion unit itself to computer-aided, remote-controlled joystick systems.

Advanced calculation methods allow the controllable-pitch propeller systems to be optimally adapted to the vessel’s hull form, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing noise generation. The simple structure of the SCP guarantees a high level of user-friendliness, and the robust design keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum and ensures it a long service life.

systems, manoeuvring devices, and also complete conventional propulsion packages rated at up to 30 MW. Through our worldwide sales and service network we offer economical and reliable solutions for every imaginable maritime application. So we provide the right thrust for any vessel.

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It is no longer possible to imagine this sector without microelectronics, which considerably enhances the operational reliability. With our systems, we are in a position to give every shipmaster the optimum “tool” for operating, manoeuvring and positioning his vessel safely and easily.

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Our product information provides you with explanations and data for planning plants incorporating units from our current programme. On account of the modifications associated with upgrading, the contents of a specific edition will remain valid for a limited time only. Binding for the application concerned are the data given in our tender specification.

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