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The consistency of the foam block is the sign of high quality polymerisation. Rotax has developed a highly reliable expansion process which guarantees the product cannot be submerged.

Products tested individually and guaranteed for 5 years. All parts are made from medium density polyethylene, ensuring good resistance to cracking under stress, good resilience and good resistance to low temperature shocks. The materials used are noble (not recycled), stabilised with anti-UV agents and coloured with a black pigment, thus providing very good resistance to ultraviolet radiation. The floats are resistant to salt water, to attacks by marine vegetable and animal species, to shocks caused by waves, hydrocarbons and the formation of static ice. The floats can be used outside and are guaranteed for 5 years. Rotax guarantees the quality of its floats by carrying out systematic checks: - thickness - water absorption - leaks

Committed to a sustainable development approach, Rotax gives priority to recyclable materials

A model for each use A multitude of uses

A favorable ecological balance

All our floats have the same strength and sealing specifications and the same fixing mechanisms. Close to the water with the float "low" or at standard height, the range offers 4 capacities for meeting all usages with the same ease of use on timber, metallic or composite supports.

The PSE used by Rotax is free from CFCs and HFCs, its grey energy (production and use: 2% of material captures 98% air) is low and its recycling is particularly interesting, especially in thermal recycling. Accordingly, rotary moulded floats in PE and foamed in PSE have a favorable energy balance withwhich only natural fibre solutions can compete, none of which equals the chemical, thermal and mechanical performance of the man made materials.



Dimensions L x l x h mm

Weight Kg

Volume Litres

Maximum lift Kg

RT 001 RT 002

150 float - unfilled 150 float - foam

1070 x 550 x 150 1070 x 550 x 150

9 8,7

75 75

75 71

RT 003 RT 004

300 float - unfilled 300 float - foam

1070 x 550 x 300 1070 x 550 x 300

12 11,7

140 140

140 133

RT 005 RT 006

460 float - unfilled 460 float - foam

1070 x 550 x 460 1070 x 550 x 460

14 14,9

210 210

210 200

RT 007 RT 008

508 float - unfilled 508 float - foam

2160 x 740 x 508 2160 x 740 x 508

30 37,6

700 700

700 665

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photos: D.R., Rotax, F Couturier

The side of the float can be personalised by embodying a brand name on the parts.

Rotax - Pontoon floats ROTAX  
Rotax - Pontoon floats ROTAX  

thickness 4 mm, controlled Resistance to UV There is also an unfilled the side of the mould Personalisa tion possible For more details visit...