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A World of Possibilities

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Rolec - the first name in marina services Rolec is firmly recognised as the world’s leading specialist in the design and installation of services on marinas and waterfront locations. As the first name in marina services, our company mission continues to be “the providing of imaginative and cost effective service solutions for worldwide marinas”. One of our main strengths is our willingness to be flexible, offering the customer an amazing choice of equipment, materials and services, never before experienced in the marina services industry. As you turn the pages of this brochure you quickly begin to feel the experience and creative capability Rolec has to offer to the marina and waterfront industry.

In your part of the world

Knowing the marina environment

With a worldwide network of agents, Rolec can provide marinas anywhere in the world with the unique combination of global experience and locally supported knowledge. From Dublin to Dubai, Antigua to Australia, Rolec is the true global marina services provider.

One of the secrets to our success is recognising the hostile environment surrounding a marina. Sun, sea and sand may sound like a holiday paradise but in fact they are the fearful enemy of all marina services.

A product range unequalled As you browse through this brochure you will instantly realise that Rolec has again raised the level of marina services to new heights. From a private riverside mooring right up to a world iconic project such as The Palm Jumeriah – Dubai with it’s thousands of berths, Rolec has the product range, experience and expertise to deliver on time and within budget.

250 years of experience to tap into With over 250 years of collective marina services experience on our team, Rolec can offer a wide spectrum of services to any marina or waterfront development: Consultancy at planning stage Liaising with electricity / water / waste disposal providers Design of marina services Supply-only of service pedestals (for others to install) Turnkey design, build and commission services Budget preparation Simple assistance and advice Rolec can be involved with as much or as little of the project as you like.

Rolec has always had these elements in mind when designing, developing and sourcing new products. “Experience has taught us that short-cuts usually lead down long roads”. You can be assured that all materials used in Rolec’s product range are carefully chosen to give outstanding performance in the marina environment.

We’ll make it for you Rolec has a design and development division that has the skills, imagination and enthusiasm to provide marina service pedestals just for you. These exclusive pedestals can incorporate your own corporate logos, colour, theme, style and philosophy.

Total support Rolec prides itself on its after-sales support, both from the UK head office and our network of agents. With over Euro 1,000,000.00 of components stocked at our head office, you will always have instant access to spare or replacement parts ensuring your marina services are always fully operational.

Contents Classic Pedestals 04 / 15

Energymaster / Timemaster 30 / 31

Spinnaker Pedestals 16 / 21

Berthmaster / Smartmaster 32 / 33

Roline 22 / 23

Marina Illumination 34 / 37

Ocean Pedestals 24 / 25

Emergency Services / Fire Caddy 38 / 41

Mega-Yacht Services 26 / 27 Sanitation Pump-out 42 / 43

Test and certification Rolec offers a full electrical and water testing certification service.

Deckclear 28

Electrical Distribution 44 / 45

Accessories 29

WiFi 46 Development / Design 47

Quality as standard Rolec’s pedestals are manufactured to IP65, CE conformity, ISO 9001 quality assurance and WRAS approval.


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Sizes to suit you

Height to suit you

The Classic pedestal is the world’s most

The Classic pedestal is available

The three versions of Classic

popular marina service pedestal.

in three different size options:

pedestal; the Standard, the Midi

With over 50,000 sold worldwide, the Rolec

The Standard (205mm sq)

Classic pedestal has evolved into the complete

The Midi (270mm sq)

pedestal offering almost limitless electrical and

The Maxi (325mm sq)

water variations and combinations.

the illumination type, the services on it and the

250mm high 750mm high 850mm high

The Classic is so flexible you can quite literally size and height, the skin material and colour,

five different heights:

500mm high

Creating your own Classic pedestal create your own pedestal – you choose the

and the Maxi, are all available in

1000mm high


extrusion, lid and dividing seal colours.


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Classic Illuminated optional heads

Almost unlimited finishes

Every Classic pedestal has the

The Classic pedestal range is available in

option of four illuminated head types:

almost unlimited colour combinations.

The conventional square lens

Water metering

The Napoleon head

Water metering is available on all Classic

The Quad head


The Angle head Lockable sockets & plugs 16amp single phase lockable sockets and lockable plugs can be fitted to any pedestal.

Standard read meters Computer controlled metering Black or white The side extrusions, lids and dividing seals can be provided in either black or white.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Pier identification pedestals

All Classic pedestals are available with a

The Classic pedestal can be produced to offer illuminated pier

variety of different outer skin finishes:

identification signs. The pier letter or number is mounted on the four

UV stabilised Foamex

sides of the lens with the word pier placed down the body over the

Powder coated aluminium

illuminated Perspex skin.

Powder coated aluminium composite

These ID pedestals can also be used as illuminated signs to mark the

Gel coated GRP

way to offices, restaurants, exits, car parks, etc.

Brushed stainless steel (304 & 316) Polished stainless steel (304 & 316) Aluminium chequerplate


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Electricity metering

Key-switch control

TV & Telephone

Stainless steel locking brackets

Single phase and three phase

Key-switches can be fitted to any

TV and telephone outlets are available on all

A range of stainless steel locking brackets are

electricity metering is available on all

Rolec pedestal to allow secure control

Classic pedestals.

available for locking the electrical sockets or the

Classic pedestals:

of electrical sockets and water taps.

switchgear access flaps.

Lens guard

Standard read meters

Hose pipes & hose reels

Powder coated stainless steel lens guards are

Interlock electrical sockets

Magnetic pre-payment card meters

Optional hose pipes on hooks or on

available to give additional protection to the

A range of interlock electric sockets are available,

Computer controlled metering

retractable hose reels are available to

conventional square lens on the Classic pedestal.

from 16amp single phase to 400amp three phase.

the entire Classic range.

Classic For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Classic Water supplies With water outlets from

Hand-painted pedestals 1/ � 2

to 2�, the

The Classic pedestal can be

Classic pedestal can satisfy every water

hand-painted in the traditional styles

supply requirement.

of your region.

Water taps are available in a number of

Electrical supplies

different styles:

The Classic pedestal can offer electrical

1/ 4

turn ball valve

brass bib taps lockable taps stainless steel taps

sockets in IP44 and IP67 from 16amp single phase up to 250amp three phase. Illumination Every Classic pedestal can be equipped with photocell controlled illumination using the following light types: PL9watt compact fluorescent 16watt 2D compact fluorescent 4 x 1watt LED

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Water stands

Waterproof speakers

A range of purpose designed water stands

Waterproof speakers can be fitted to any Rolec

are available offering a combination of

pedestal. These speakers can be connected to a

water taps, hose reels or hose pipes in:

public address system or even used to scare birds

Hot-dipped galvanised steel

We manufacture - You install

away from the decking.

Rolec can manufacture pedestals to order and


Full design & installation service

Stainless steel

Rolec can offer a full design and installation service

deliver them for you to install yourself.

for all your marina requirements. 14

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Classic 15

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The Spinnaker The Spinnaker pedestal is a new and exciting development from Rolec. It has been designed to compliment any marina, offering a truly modern approach to the world of marina services. The Spinnaker is constructed in hard-wearing GRP, with the outer surface coated in a high-quality gel coat resin as used by today’s modern boat manufacturers. If you want to make a statement then the Spinnaker is as good as it gets.


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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Metering Every option of electric and water metering is available on the Spinnaker pedestal.

Unlimited colours for Spinnakers

Functional & ornamental LED lighting

The gel coat resin used to final coat the

The Spinnaker can offer a wide range

Spinnaker is available in almost

of LED lighting options including

unlimited colours.

functional white light at deck level, and

Electric & water The Spinnaker has been designed to offer a wide range of electrical and water services to accommodate even

ornate coloured lights in blue, green, red or amber fitted to the Spinnaker body itself to give a romantic feel to the marina.

the largest of boats.


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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Marina logos or boat names

Stainless steel panels

Pump-out and SOS

The Spinnaker can come with a corporate / marina logo

Every Spinnaker has the option to come

Pump-out and SOS Spinnakers are

or even boat names to add that extra bit of exclusivity.

complete with 316 mirror polished front

also available in the range.

or back panels, adding that extra bit of

Berth numbering Berth names or numbers can be fitted to any Spinnaker.


class to its appearance.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Roline The Roline range The Roline range has been developed to provide both electricity and water services in a compact low-level unit. Manufactured in aluminium powder coated to a colour of your choice, the Roline range offers a simple but effective marina services solution.


Remote units

Miniature kWh metering is

A range of remote

available on the Roline range.

deck level electrical socket units also


compliment the

Downward facing deck lighting

Roline range.

has been designed as part of the Roline range.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

The Ocean The Ocean range is a highly sophisticated range of


products developed to give the marina a real sense of

Electric and water metering is available on

class. Each Ocean pedestal is manufactured to suit the

the Ocean pedestal.

individual customer’s personal requirements, this includes the width, depth and height of the unit.

Illumination on the Ocean range is provided by LEDs

The Ocean pedestal is fabricated in 316L mirror polished

which can be positioned on the pedestal to suit your

stainless steel complete with hinged lockable door, locking

personal preference.

away the switchgear.



Laser-cut reverse illumination

Electricity and water

The Ocean pedestal doors can be laser cut with logos or

The Ocean has been designed to offer a wide range of

patterns and fitted with a Perspex lens.

electrical and water services to accommodate even the

LED lighting can then be placed behind the lens to

largest of boats.

illuminate the logo/pattern.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



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Megamaster finishes include: Powder coated aluminium Polymer coated aluminium Stainless steel

Electricity provided by the Megamaster can reach up to 600amp three phase with water supplies up to 3”.

Mega-Yacht services Rolec has the largest range of mega-yacht services available in the marina services industry. The Maxi Classic The Maxi Classic can offer services up to 400amp three phase complete with water supplies up to 2”, with either aluminium or stainless steel bodies. The Spinnaker Plus The Spinnaker Plus can offer mega-yacht supplies up to 250amp three phase complete with water supplies up to 1”.


The Megamaster The Megamaster was designed clearly with the mega-yacht in mind. This unit is completely adaptable and can be manufactured to suit your exact requirements. The Megamaster is constructed around a heavyduty aluminium chassis and can be finished with one of three different outer covers. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


The Deckclear range of products has been designed to allow electrical sockets and

Rolec manufacture a huge range of marina services accessories. If you do not see

water outlets to be concealed below the decking. A range of powder coated aluminium

what you are looking for in this brochure then please contact our sales team who will

or stainless steel units are available to suit various pontoon systems.

attempt to obtain it for you.

Waterproof speakers TV/Telephone/Internet outlets 16amp and 32amp metered ship-to-shore connection leads

Lockable Sockets Illuminated Pier ID pedestals Stainless steel locking brackets


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Key-switch control Hose reels Hook and hose


Galvanised water stands Lens guard Vandal resistant quayside lighting


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Energymaster & Timemaster Rolec has two ranges of reliable and proven

1. Cash

stand-alone pre-payment systems, Energymaster

The cash payment version comes complete with

and Timemaster.

a programmable electronic coin mechanism and

Both Energymaster and Timemaster have been

lockable coin collection tray.

developed in close association with the Omron

2. Disposable card

Corporation of Japan.

The card payment version allows the user to

Energymaster The Energymaster system provides pre-paid electricity and water services in measures of kWhs and litres. Timemaster The Timemaster system provides pre-paid electricity and water services in time periods. 3 ways to pay Both Energymaster and Timemaster are able to operate using any one of three methods of payment:

insert a coded card into the card reader. The card reader authenticates the card and allows the user to choose a service. 3. RFID tag (2way communication) The RFID system is our most advanced payment method allowing the user to pre-pay for credit which is then placed on their tag. The user takes the tag to their Energymaster or Timemaster pedestal and downloads a desired amount on to their pedestal. Using the display screen, they can: Check how much credit remains on the tag Check how much credit remains on the pedestal Retrieve any unused credit back no to their tag for refund (Ask our sales team for further technical details)


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Berthmaster & Smartmaster Rolec has two networked electricity and

The Smartcard can also be used for:

water management systems, Berthmaster

Marina/pontoon access

and Smartmaster.

Car park barrier access

Both systems were developed in association with the Omron Corporation of Japan, and have proved to be extremely reliable and easy to operate.

Sanitation pump-out Boat wash facilities Fuel payment (For further details about Berthmaster or Smartmaster please contact our sales team and ask for a sales


/technical manual).

The Berthmaster system allows the marina operator to control, monitor and invoice for electricity and water consumed at each individual berth. Smartmaster The Smartmaster system allows the marina operator to issue each berth user with their own marina Smartcard. The card is charged with credit and is used to pay for electricity and water consumption at each berth. Any unused credit left on the berth’s service pedestal can be retrieved back on to the Smartcard for refund.


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Marina lighting At Rolec we focus on two forms of marina

There are many benefits in using LED lighting:

lighting, the first of which is conventional lighting,

Up to ten times the life expectancy of

and the second is LED lighting.

conventional lighting

Conventional lighting Every service pedestal in our product range has the facility to be equipped with a variety of energy efficient lighting. We also produce a range of lighting only pedestals and columns which are ideal for use on main walkways and quaysides. LED lighting Although LED lighting technology is not new in itself its introduction to the marina industry is relatively new.

Hugely energy efficient Small in size Multi-colour options Aesthetically pleasing However, there are also potential problems if the LEDs used are not fit for purpose. Rolec has carried out a number of studies and product trials of LED lighting and has found that many of the ‘off-the-shelf’ LED lights will simply not produce the desired results or stand up to the elements of a marina environment. Corrosion, heat dissipation and condensation are

Underwater lighting for marinas A further introduction to the Rolec lighting range is LED underwater lighting.

all highly important factors that need to be

Illuminating the water around the pontoons, access bridges and quay walls will introduce an amazing night time experience to any marina or waterfront development.

diminishing light output.

This underwater lighting experience can also be extended to illuminate the water around the boats moored in the marina.

designers and manufacturers and has now


considered when choosing an LED lighting system in order to avoid regular light failure and

Over a two year period Rolec has been working closely with a small number of specialist LED successfully introduced an LED lighting range designed specifically for the marina industry.

Combi LED deck lighting Rolec has introduced a new range of LED combination lighting ideal for marina decking, access bridges and quaysides. The combi light is mounted in a hard wearing aluminium housing with light output in two directions. The twin light outputs can also be supplied in different colours to provide both functional and ornamental lighting from the same housing. The most popular option is to install the combi unit on the waterside edge of the pontoon, with the blue ornamental light facing the boats/water and the white functional lighting shining across the decking.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

LED pedestal lighting All of Rolec’s service pedestals can be equipped with LED lighting in a variety of different colours and combinations. LED deck lighting LED deck lighting can provide any marina, jetty or walkway with a wow factor. Rolec has developed a dedicated water and corrosion resistant range of coloured LED deck lights that are the perfect answer in providing the ultimate in romantic marina lighting. 36

Access bridge lighting Due to the hazardous nature of a marina access bridge it is particularly important that sufficient lighting is provided. Rolec has developed several access bridge lighting systems, from conventional bulkhead lights to LED deck lights.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Emergency services One of the most important roles of any marina

The Rolec Fire Caddy

operator is the safety of the customer. Rolec

A cost effective solution to marina fire fighting

now offers its most comprehensive range of

is the Rolec Fire Caddy.

marina emergency service equipment ever.

This mobile fire fighting unit uses sea/river

Emergency pedestal

water to fight the fire, eliminating the

The Classic, Spinnaker and Ocean pedestal

requirement for expensive pipework systems.

ranges all have their own emergency service pedestal option.

The Fire Caddy can also mix the water with a solution to provide a biodegradable fire fighting foam. The Fire Caddy is an essential piece of marina equipment.


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Emergency services Life buoys

Fire hydrants

Life buoys complete with attached floating

Rolec manufacture a comprehensive range of fire

throwing rope can be provided on emergency

hydrant systems that can be adapted to suit

service pedestals or on their own dedicated life

customer or local fire authority requirements.

buoy stand. Fire extinguishers A full range of fire extinguishers are available in a variety of different pedestals, housings or wheeled trolleys.


Alarm points A range of break glass activated alarm points are available that can be equipped with red warning lights and sirens. Further options include life buoys and fire extinguishers.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Rolec Pump-out Rolec offer a comprehensive range of ‘free-to-use’ or ‘pay-to-use’ sanitation pump-out systems to suit every budget. Communal pump-out A range of communal pump-out pedestals are available, these can be installed by Rolec or can be supplied with simple installation instructions for you to install. Multi-point pump-out systems Rolec can design, install and commission multi-point pump-out systems with up to 100 pump-out points on a single marina.


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Electrical distribution

Electrical distribution panels

One of the most expensive elements of a marina is its electrical distribution

electrical distribution panels from 63amp up to 4000amps per phase

system. Rolec’s experience in the design of efficient marina electrical distribution

for both land and marina installation.

systems is second to none.

Fixed and mobile boat-yard panels

Our designers take into consideration factors such as climate, conditions, boat

A range of fixed and mobile electrical panels are available complete

traffic and types, local markets and trends. All of these factors contribute to

with multi-point electrical socket outlets and protective switchgear for

creating an efficient and robust electrical system.

use in the boat-yard and other hard-standing areas.

Rolec has a division dedicated to the design and manufacture of

Temporary exhibition panels/pedestals Rolec designs and manufactures a range of electrical panels and pedestals suitable for temporary use at exhibitions, boat shows, sales pontoons, events, etc.


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Made to measure Rolec offers a unique service that provides you with the opportunity to have your very own service pedestal commissioned. Using your own ideas, Rolec’s ideas or a mixture of both, your

Your idea…

marina or marinas could own the rights to an exclusive range of

Our idea…

marina service equipment manufactured by Rolec Services.

Wi-Fi A range of Wi-Fi systems are available using the latest equipment available in the industry today. Wi-Fi systems offered by Rolec can be constructed in modular formats offering services such as TV, telephone and internet access. Full hotel-style pay-to-use billing systems can be provided as part of


any of the Wi-Fi systems we offer.


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

t: ++44 (0) 1945 475165 f: ++44 (0) 1945 588045

Rolec Services Ltd, Algores Way, Wisbech, Cambs, England PE13 2TQ

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Rolec Services - Catalog  
Rolec Services - Catalog  

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