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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

A PASSION FOR PERFECTION Every new model in Riviera’s long and successful history of building Flybridge Convertibles features refinements and innovations. It’s a quiet revolution. But sometimes there is a quantum leap and the 33 Series II represents such a leap in both interior design and performance. We are indebted to Frank Mulder, one of the world’s leading naval architects, for creating a running surface that delivers such an impressive performance. The most notable feature of this hull is that the aft section features two pockets that house the propeller shafts. This provides a lower shaft angle that helps deliver superior forward thrust to achieve higher top speeds and improved fuel efficiency. You won’t find any exhaust outlets through the transom: these are located below water level, at the stern. The result is not only a quieter system but also a considerable reduction in exhaust gases. In typical Riviera fashion, the hull is a hand-laid fibreglass structure with a collision bulkhead forward. Extensive use of lightweight core stiffeners has brought about significant weight savings whilst contributing to superior strength. This is not only a robust, confidenceinspiring construction; the hydrodynamics are equally inspiring. The 33 Series II is quick on the plane like a Sports Cruiser and carves through rough water with ease.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

The sleek, unencumbered profile of a Riviera Flybridge Convertible is not only aerodynamically efficient, it is most pleasing aesthetically ‌ crisp, contemporary and yet reassuringly timeless. This seamless fusion of form and function has reached a new level in the 33 Series II, with a bow anchor platform that is one continuous moulding with the deck: allowing the gunwale moulding to be completely formed around, it creates a hull with even greater strength and cleaner lines. It is these refinements and attention to detail that makes the 33 Series II such a joy to be aboard – and a pleasure you will certainly want to share with family and friends. And this is a boat built for entertaining. The cockpit is spacious enough for serious game fishing or relaxed alfresco dining and the flybridge is a sensational spot for socialising—the moulded seating providing exceptional comfort as you and your party take in the stunning views. The flybridge is, of course, home to the helmstation, and the styling and functionality of this area are smart and contemporary and engenders a magnificent sense of control with clear sight lines to the cockpit and transom. The Riviera 33 Series II is made not only for brief escapes but also for serious coastal cruising.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

A PASSION FOR COMFORT The 33 Series II Flybridge Convertible benefits from a new interior design philosophy. The guiding design principle has been to capitalise on space and light in order to create a sophisticated, modern, and easy to manage living environment. Lighter, brighter fabrics, a contemporary floor covering and roman blinds are among many features that make this the floating equivalent of a modern inner city apartment. In another break from the past, the American Cherry timberwork has a modern satin finish. The long range cruising capabilities of this vessel are also reflected in the interior design and standard inclusions: no opportunity has been wasted when it comes to giving you the storage space you need. The galley is sizeable and houses a refrigerator, convection/microwave oven and cooktop. There’s a built-in 43cm LCD TV, DVD player and stereo, and there’s a drinks cooler in the cockpit. In addition to the comfortable, wellproportioned stateroom, the saloon dinette drops down into a generous double berth. The full length lounge on the starboard side also converts to further sleeping accommodation.The back-rest of the lounge hinges up to create a double bunk. Riviera designers have also given the bathroom double door access so that it can serve as an ensuite for the stateroom and a day head for guests. Decades of experience, and the knowledge gained from launching over 4,000 luxury boats have gone into creating the Riviera 33 Series II. This is a true state-of-the-art vessel and an outstanding example of refinement and innovation.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



Electronics play an ever-increasing role in the pleasure, performance and safety of luxury boats and the choice of equipment that is available today is vast. In fact, selecting the equipment that meets your needs can be a very challenging task. Riviera Electronics is here to help: we source the best systems and products from around the world, we are experts at matching technology to individual requirements and work closely with Riviera's design team and Riviera's global Dealer Network to create systems that maximise your pleasure and safety.

Riviera is an Australian success story and a major international marketer of luxury pleasure boats. Our growth over more than 25 years has resulted in a company that today produces around 400 such vessels annually. We are also Australia’s most awarded pleasure boat manufacturer. The secret of our success is an absolute commitment to quality. Be it people and work practices, materials, tools and technology, environmental responsibility or after sales service, we are rigorous in pursuing the highest standards. We employ over 1,100 craftspeople, consult with world-leading naval architects and engineers, and operate a world-class apprenticeship training program. Our employment and training practices have also earned us many local and national awards.


Riviera operate the largest luxury boat buiding facility in the Southern Hemisphere and boasts some of the most sophisticated technology.

A passion for quality and good design steers everything we do at Riviera — and that is reflected in our exclusive range of clothing, accessories and decor items. If you love your Riviera, you’ll feel at home with the Riviera collection: casual yet stylish, comfortable, practical and made to withstand the rigors of boating life. You’ll find extensive use of natural fibres, including 100% cotton, quality zippers and first-class workmanship in details such as contrast stitching.

The quality of our service is commensurate with the quality of our boats and is something we are passionate about. The experience of purchasing your Riviera, from the selection of the electronics and décor to the maintenance, repairs and refits will all be carried out reliably, promptly and smoothly. In fact, you can count on us, and our global Dealer Network, for the life of your boat.

The accessory and decor collection ranges from a watch that can weather the storm to stylish crockery. Riviera has the total leisure and lifestyle solution.

It is this consistent quality that has created Riviera’s enormous and ever-growing international appeal. Today we have dealerships in over 30 countries and, due to our success in the USA, we also have a team and headquarters in Florida. A sensational and growing choice of vessels, an impeccable pedigree, excellent value and outstanding service: now more than ever, Riviera’s reputation for quality with integrity inspires confidence in boating enthusiasts the world over.

DÉCOR THAT’S MADE FOR YOUR RIVIERA To make your boat truly your own, we offer a wide choice of fabrics, finishes and colour schemes that allow you to customise your Riviera. Of course, we also have experienced designers who can advise and assist with your selection. It is a real pleasure to own and use things that are aesthetically pleasing, work well and last - and because it is only appropriate that such qualities are found on board a Riviera we supervise from creation to installation each individual interior scheme. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404




Longueur hors tout 11.46 m

37’ 7”

Longueur de coque* (ISO 8666)

Bau (plat-bord compris) Tirant d’eau maximum (épontilles comprises) (peut varier selon moteurs et options)

Couchage Moteur standard x 2 Volvo

Gesamtlänge (einschließlich Schwimmplattform & Bugrolle)

10.73 m 3.83 m

35’ 2” 12’ 7”

1.00 m

3’ 3”

(im Einklang mit ISO8666*)

Balken (einschließlich Dollbord) Maximaler Tiefgang (einschließlich Propeller)

19,800 lbs 264 gall. USA 103 gall. USA

68 l 18 US gal. 4-6 personnes 228 kW chacun 310 hp chacun

abhängig von Motoren und Optionen)

Treibstoff Kapazität*** Wasser Kapazität*** Kapazität des Vorratstanks*** Schlaf Kapazität Standard Motor x 2 Volvo


37’ 7”

de natación y rodillo de proa)

11.46 m

37’ 7”

LC de acuerdo 10.73 m 3.83 m

35’ 2” 12’ 7”

1.00 m

3’ 3”

(a ISO 8666*)

Manga (incl. borda) Calado máximo (incl. props)

19,800 lbs 264 gall. USA 103 gall. USA

68 l 18 US gal. 4-6 Personen jeweils 228 kW jeweils 310 ps

(aprox. depende de motores y opciones)

Capacidad de combustible*** Capacidad de agua*** Capacidad del tanque de almacenamiento*** Capacidad para dormir Motor estándar x 2 Volvo

Lunghezza complessiva (compresa piattaforma balneazione & rullo di prua)

11.46 m

37’ 7”

Lunghezza scafo* 10.73 m 3.83 m

35’ 2” 12’ 7”

1.00 m

3’ 3”

9,000 kgs 1,000 l 390 l

19,800 lbs 264 gall. USA 103 gall. USA

Peso en seco** 9,000 kgs 1,000 l 390 l


Riviera 33 Caratteristiche Tecniche

Largo Total (incl. plataforma 11.46 m

Trockengewicht**(ungefähres Gewicht, 9,000 kgs 1,000 l 390 l


Riviera 33 Especificaciones

Länge des Schiffskörpers

Poids à sec** Capacité réservoirs carburant*** Capacité réservoirs eau*** Capacité du réservoir***


Riviera 33 Technische Daten

Riviera 33 Spécifications (plate-forme de bain et davier compris)


68 l 18 US gal. 4-6 personas 228 kW cada uno 310 hp cada uno

Veuillez prendre connaissance de la Garantie, des Clarifications relatives aux spécifications et des Avertissements du Groupe Riviera figurant dans cette brochure.

Bitte lesen Sie auch die Garantie der Riviera Gruppe. Erläuterungen zu den Technischen Daten und Warnungen finden Sie in dieser broschüre.

Se le ruega prestar atención a la garantía del Grupo Riviera, aclaración de las especificaciones y advertencias contenidas en este folleto.

Le Riviera 33 – La révolution de la performance Ce modèle est représente un tournant de plus dans les 24 années de carrière du constructeur de bateau de plaisance le plus récompensé d’Australie. Ce Riviera est non seulement doté de nouvelles caractéristiques de conception innovantes, mais c’est le produit d’une méthode de production entièrement neuve: le «séquencement opérationnel des tâches», un système qui offre une qualité et une fiabilité de construction encore supérieures. Parmi les nouvelles caractéristiques de conception, on mentionnera l’absence apparente d’orifices d’échappement dans le tableau. Ceux-ci sont situés sous la poupe, en dessous du niveau de l’eau, avec pour résultat un système plus silencieux, mais également une réduction considérable des gaz d’échappement. Mais c’est sous l’arrière de la coque que se trouve la vraie révolution: le logement des arbres d’hélice dans deux compartiments encastrés. Cette conception améliore considérablement l’angle d’opération, le rendement du carburant et la vitesse de pointe. La conception intérieure se démarque également de la tradition. Les boiseries sont en merisier de belle facture avec un fini satiné; le revêtement de sol est d’un matériau ultra moderne de qualité supérieure; les étoffes sont légères, l’ameublement et l’accastillage contemporains et on a utilisé au mieux l’espace et la lumière. En plus de la cabine principale très accueillante (dotée de nombreux espaces de penderie et de rangement), le carré est convertible en couchette double, ce qui signifie qu’il est possible de partir en croisière prolongée à quatre personnes sans rien sacrifier au confort. Et puisque le 33 est équipé d’un réservoir de 1000 l, il est évidemment conçu pour la croisière! Tous les équipements nécessaires pour partir en croisière ou recevoir pour la journée un grand nombre d’amis ont été prévus: la cuisine, spacieuse, est munie d’un réfrigérateur, d’un four à convection/micro-ondes et d’une table de cuisson. Vous trouverez également une télévision LCD intégrée de 43cm, un lecteur de DVD et une chaîne stéréo. Le cockpit est bien équipé pour les réceptions à l’extérieur. Technologie de pointe, principes de conception contemporains, sans compter la qualité et la fiabilité qui ont fait la réputation de Riviera dans le monde entier: ce bateau est hors du commun, et nous vous invitons à venir le découvrir.

Die Riviera 33 – Revolutionäre Leistung El Riviera 33: Desempeño revolucionario Dieses Modell stellt in der 24-jährigen Karriere von Australiens Este modelo representa otro momento crucial en la carrera de 24 renommiertestem Hersteller von Freizeitbooten einen weiteren años del más galardonado armador de embarcaciones de placer de Wendepunkt dar. Dieses Riviera-Boot bietet nicht nur innovative Australia. No sólo encontrará novedosas características de diseño neue Designs, sondern ist selbst das Ergebnis eines völlig neuen sino que este Riviera es el resultado de un método completamente Produktionsverfahrens, des „Operational Task Sequencing", nuevo de producción con "Tareas Operativas Secuenciales", un eines Systems der betrieblichen Aufgabenzuweisung, das in der sistema que brinda una mayor calidad de fabricación y confiabilidad. Konstruktion noch höhere Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit sichert. Las características del nuevo diseño incluyen la aparente ausencia Die neuen Designideen beinhalten u. a. das anscheinende Fehlen de conductos de escape a través del espejo de popa. Están situados von Abluftdüsen im Heckspiegel. Die Verlagerung dieser Düsen en la parte posterior y bajo el agua, dando como resultado un unterhalb die Wasserlinie im Heck schafft ein leiseres System, das sistema no sólo más silencioso, sino con notable reducción de gases zudem auch beträchtlich weniger Abgase ausstößt. Die eigentliche de escape. Pero la verdadera revolución bajo el casco de popa es Revolution achtern unter dem Rumpf ist jedoch die Aufnahme la cubierta de los ejes de las hélices en sendos bolsillos embutidos. des Propellerwellengehäuses in zwei versenkten Mulden. Diese Se trata de un diseño que mejora significativamente el ángulo Konzeption bietet signifikante Verbesserungen des Betriebswinkels, de traslado, la eficiencia del combustible y la velocidad máxima. der Kraftstoffeffizienz und der Höchstgeschwindigkeit. El diseño interior también deja de lado lo tradicional. La exquisita Auch die Innenausstattung bedeutet eine Abkehr von der Tradition. ebanistería en cerezo americano, tiene terminación satinada; el Die exquisite Holzvertäfelung in amerikanischer Kirsche schimmert recubrimiento del suelo se realizó con un material ultra moderno matt, die Bodenbeläge bestehen aus ultramodernen, hochwertigen de alta calidad, las telas livianas, los muebles y complementos Materialien, die Textilien sind leicht, Einrichtung und Armaturen contemporáneos, espacio y luz utilizados para un máximo de ventaja. modern. Raum und Licht werden optimal genutzt. Además de presentar un camarote principal muy acogedor Das extrem komfortable Hauptkabine bietet reichlich Stau- und (con amplio espacio para colgar y guardar), el sillón del salón de Hängeraum. Zusätzlich lässt sich der Salon in eine Doppelkoje estar se convierte en doble litera: lo que significa que un grupo de verwandeln – das heißt, dass bis zu vier Personen auch längere cuatro puede disfrutar de prolongados escapes en gran confort. Törns in höchstem Komfort genießen können. Und die 33 Fuß Y el 33’ presenta un tanque de combustible de 1000 litros. lange Yacht ist mit ihrem 1000-Liter-Kraftstofftank ganz eindeutig ¡Diseñado sin duda para salir a navegar! auf Kreuzfahrten ausgelegt! Encuentra aquí todas las inclusiones necesarias para navegar Die geräumige, mit Kühlschrank, Konvektions-/Mikrowellenherd o entretener grupos grandes durante el día: la cocina es de buen und Kochplatten ausgestattete Bordküche beinhaltet alles, das Sie tamaño y presenta refrigeradora, horno de convección/microondas für Kreuzfahrten oder die Bewirtung größerer Gruppen untertags y hornallas. Hay un televisor LCD de 43cm , reproductor DVD benötigen. Auf der Yacht finden Sie einen eingebauten 43-cmy estéreo. La cabina de mando se encuentra bien equipada para LCD-Fernseher, einen DVD-Spieler und eine Stereoanlage. Das agasajar al aire libre. Cockpit ist hervorragend für die Unterhaltung von Gästen im Tecnología de vanguardia, principios de diseño contemporáneo Freien ausgestattet. y la calidad, valor y confiabilidad por el que Riviera es mundialmente Hochmoderne Technologie, zeitgenössisches Design und dazu célebre: se trata de una embarcación sobresaliente que le die Qualität, der Wert und die die Zuverlässigkeit, für die Riviera invitamos inspeccionar. weltweit bekannt ist: wir laden Sie herzlich zu einer Inspektion For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 7 dieser außergewöhnlichen Yacht ein.

10.73 m Larghezza massima (compresa frisata) 3.83 m Pescaggio massimo (comprese eliche) 1.00 m Peso a secco** (circa, dipende da motori e optional) 9,000 kgs Capacità carburante*** 1,000 l Capacità acqua*** 390 l Capacità del serbatoio acque nere*** 68 l Capienza reparto notte 4-6 persone Motore standard x 2 Volvo 228 kW cad (secondo ISO 8666)

35’ 2” 12’ 7” 3’ 3” 19,800 lbs 264 gall. USA 103 gall. USA 18 gall. USA 310 hp cad

Si rimanda il lettore ai Chiarimenti relativi alle caratteristiche tecniche del Gruppo Riviera e alle Avvertenze contenute nel presente opuscolo.

Il Riviera 33 – Una Rivoluzione nelle Prestazioni Questo modello rappresenta un’altra tappa fondamentale nei 24 anni di storia dei cantieri nautici più rinomati e premiati dell’Australia. Troverete molto di più di elementi progettistici innovativi, in quanto questo natante Riviera è il frutto di un metodo produttivo del tutto nuovo: il cosiddetto sistema di ‘sequenze funzionali operative’ il quale offre una qualità e una affidabilità di costruzione ancora superiore. Le nuove caratteristiche di progettazione comprendono l’apparente assenza di bocche di scarico attraverso l’arcaccia. Infatti tali bocche sono sistemate sotto la poppa sotto la linea di galleggiamento: ne risulta un sistema più silenzioso oltre ad una notevole riduzione dei gas di scarico. Ma la vera rivoluzione, sotto lo scafo, verso poppa, è la sistemazione degli alberi delle eliche in due alloggiamenti incavati. Si tratta di un design che migliora notevolmente l’angolo di marcia, l’efficienza del carburante e le velocità massime. Anche il design degli interni si scosta dalla tradizione. Il legname, in ciliegio americano squisitamente lavorato, presenta una finitura satinata; il rivestimento del pavimento è realizzato in materiale ultramoderno di alta qualità; i tessuti sono leggeri, gli infissi e gli arredi sono contemporanei; spazio e luce vengono sfruttati al massimo. Oltre ad una accogliente cabina principale (con spaziosi armadietti e ripostigli) il salone si trasforma in una cabina a doppia cuccetta —il che significa che un gruppo di quattro persone può godersi lunghe uscite in mare in tutto confort. E il 33’ vanta un serbatoio del carburante da 1000 litri, il che rende questa imbarcazione adatta anche alla navigazione in alto mare. E i dettagli che servono per ospitare e intrattenere gruppi anche consistenti ci sono tutti: la cambusa è spaziosa e contiene frigorifero, forno a convezione/microonde e piano di cottura. C’è anche un televisore incassato a cristalli liquidi da 43 cm, un lettore di DVD e uno stereo. Il pozzetto è bene equipaggiato per l’intrattenimento all’aperto. Tecnologia all’avanguardia, principi di progettazione contemporanea e qualità, valore e affidabilità - pregi per i quali i natanti Riviera sono famosi in tutto il mondo, sono tutti presenti in questa eccezionale imbarcazione. Vi invitiamo ad ispezionarla!

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Riviera 33 Specifications Length Overall (inc. swim platform & bow roller)

11.46 m

37’ 7”

Lh to ISO8666*

10.73 m

35’ 2”

Beam (inc. gunwale)

3.83 m

12’ 7”

Maximum Draft (inc. props)

1.00 m

3’ 3”

9,000 kgs

19,800 lbs

1,000 litres

264 US gal.

390 litres

103 US gal.

68 litres

18 US gal.

Dry Weight** (approx., depends on engines & options)



Water Capacity*** Holding Tank


Sleeping Capacity

4-6 persons

Standard Engine x 2 Volvo D6

228 kW each 310 hp each

The Riviera Group Warranty Riviera Marine (INT.) Pty Limited warrants to the first retail purchaser during the periods herein that it will, subject to the terms and conditions in the full Riviera Group Warranty, replace or repair, at its option, defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials under normal use and service during the first twelve (12) months and (5) years for hull structure. Please refer to your Riviera Owner’s Manual and your Riviera Dealer for full details of the comprehensive Warranty. Due to The Riviera Group’s commitment to continually improve our products, we reserve the right to modify or change, without notice, any materials, specifications, equipment and/or accessories. All measurements quoted are approximate and pictures and drawings displayed are indicative only. Riviera Marine (INT.) Pty Limited is the owner of the copyright material (including the photographic material) contained in this brochure and any reproduction of any part thereof without the express license of Riviera Marine (INT.) Pty Limited may infringe this right The Riviera Group Clarification of Specification * Length of the hull (Lh) to ISO8666: Includes all structural and integral parts. (ie. the moulded length of the hull). It excludes parts that can be removed in a non-destructive manner-without-affecting the structural integrity of the craft, eg. pulpits, outdrives, diving platforms, rubbing strakes. ** Dry weight represents the estimated minimum weight of a boat with standard engines and options, no fuel or water on board, no equipment or provisions and no personnel. The stated dry weight may be exceeded. *** Denotes nett tank capacity. For usable capacity do not rely on more than 90% of tank capacity. Actual usable capacity will vary according to boat trim and sea state. Speeds are subject to normal weather conditions, fuel and or water levels, passengers and equipment loads. Refer to your Riviera Owner’s Manual and your Dealer for height to hardtop and maximum height details. The specifications in this document are not complete or definitive and are subject to change without notice and therefore may not be current. Riviera Marine (INT.) Pty Ltd will not be liable (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss resulting from the inaccuracy of any information contained in this document. Specifications may vary on a regional basis. Some images in this brochure may included non-standard or after market options. Warnings The Riviera Group is committed to building the best luxury cruisers, tailored to suit specific countries and their individual compliance laws and regulations. Riviera equipment and build specifications approved for one country may not be compliant with another country’s safety and equipment regulations and as such those cruisers may have no recourse to The Riviera Group’s extensive manufacturer’s warranties.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Part No: 27010 R33 02/07

Each Country and State has different safety equipment standards. It is important that you ensure the requirements in your jurisdiction are met prior to the vessel being used.

Riviera - 33 Flybridge Brochure  

RIVIERA 33 SERIES II FLYBRIDGE CONVERTIBLE For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 1 For more details visit www....

Riviera - 33 Flybridge Brochure  

RIVIERA 33 SERIES II FLYBRIDGE CONVERTIBLE For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 1 For more details visit www....