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V - PRO OB Manufacturing technology

FOX 330 Have FUN! with a FOX 330 dory, the latest addition to Outhill Boatbuilders popular range. Ideal for use as a tender the FOX 330 is a highly versatile boat which delivers maximum enjoyment on the water. The FOX 330 is manufactured in our own workshops in Warwickshire using the very latest vacuum forming technology system, V - PRO OB , which has been specially developed by ourselves. After 25 years of designing, building and owning a wide range of boats, the dory is possibly our favourite. This versatile style of boat provides plenty of internal space far exceeding that of any similar sized Inflatable/ RIB. In addition to this the gull winged hull design makes launching easy and is also ideal for landing on beaches, something which is often difficult in a traditional mono hull boat.

FOX 330 STANDARD The FOX 330 STANDARD combined with a 4 hp engine makes a great tender and is also ideal for a spot of relaxation or maybe some fishing. Outhill Boatbuilders is a family run company who have been building boats for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in the quality of the products we produce. The hull and deck are manufactured from marine quality GRP, which has well proven longevity and experiences less problems of deterioration when exposed to sunlight, unlike other plastics. In addition to this you will not run the risk of punctures which can occur with inflatable boats.

Over 25 years manufacturing quality British Boats and Components For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 1 for the Marine Industry

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

V - PRO OB Manufacturing technology

Over 25 years manufacturing quality British Boats and Components for the Marine Industry

When searching for a new boat to manufacture using the V - PRO OB system we decided on a variation of our Sports Dory which we began producing 18 years ago. This was such a popular boat that we have retained the original style, whilst increasing the length, providing a higher freeboard and also including the added benefit of a self draining hull, along with built-in buoyancy which conforms with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive category C.

Fox 330 Standard

SPECIFICATION Overall Length m (ft) Overall Beam m (ft)

3.15 (10’4”) 1.51 (4’ 11.5”)

Weight kg (lbs) bare boat only

120 (264.6)

Load Capacity kg (lbs)

315 (694.6)

Persons Capacity

Features and benefits • Excellent value for money • Low maintenance • Self draining hull* • With its small size, towing and launching is easy • Stable design • Easy to store

4 * certain engine weights only. Please ask for further details.

Max. Engine kW (hp) Max. Engine Weight kg (lbs) Engine Shaft Length RCD Category

4.47 (6) 26 (57.33)

FOX 330 History! 1988 - Our original Sports Dory, the forerunner to the FOX 330. The boat has grown up and so has the driver who is now the boat builder!

Long Shaft C

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