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A unique situation requires unique solutions Maritime cameras are not just any cameras! Orlaco Maritime cameras have the following unique features: • • • •

The camera is illed with nitrogen with an over- pressure of 0,4 bars. As a result the unit is resistant to gas, water and dust, IP value: IP 69 (resistant to high pressure cleaning). The systems are shock and vibration resistant and there fore suitable for installation on all types of vessels. The units have a corrosion free housing and can with- stand aggressive substances such as oil, diesel and sea water. The cameras are equipped with an ‘intelligent’ heating system, which is automatically activated by tempera- tures below 15 degrees Celsius. This feature prevents condensation or ice forming on the outside area of the glass.

• • • •

A standard feature on the lens glass is the ‘sunlight resistant’ feature. This means that there is always a clear, high quality image available even when there is a light relection from the water surface. The lens glass is made from chemically hardened glass (7 times stronger than normal glass). Due to the chemical treatment it is scratch resistant and also almost impossible for dirt to attach to the surface of the lens. High light-sensitivity, an optimal image is guaranteed in the poorest of lighting conditions. The cameras are available with different ixed focal lenses, as a result there is a suitable camera for every possible situation.

Certified reliability Orlaco Maritime camera-monitor systems are manufactured under the strictest quality management conditions. Our ISO 9001-2000 certiication assures that we not only focus on quality in our production areas, but that we also have an effective customer friendly after-sales service. Our EEx products are just as safe and can be used in potentially explosive areas. All our EEx-units are certiied according to the latest ATEX-standards.

Nautical eye • • • • • • • • •

Colour zoom camera Auto Focus Camera with built in night vision function (0 lux mode) Nitrogen over pressurised housing, waterproof IP 69 Over pressurised nitrogen illed stainless steel housing, water proof IP69 Lens glass heating prevents condensation and frost forming 216 type zoom Auto focus function High resolution Corrosion resistant Shock and vibration resistant

• • • • • • • •

Colour zoom camera type 80AFEX (can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres) Certiied according to the international ATEX guide lines Camera with built in night vision function (0 lux mode) Nitrogen over pressurised housing, waterproof IP 69 Lens glass heating prevents condensation and frost forming 216 type zoom Auto Focus function High resolution Corrosion resistant

• • • • • •

Compact Camera: Colour Light sensitivity 0.5 lux Nitrogen over pressurised housing, waterproof IP 69 Lens glass heating prevents condensation and frost forming Permanent lens Shock and vibration resistant Easy itting in every possible position thanks to the compact design

• • • • • • • • •

Compact Camera Colour EEx Light sensitivity 0.3 lux Pressure resistant, stainless steel housing waterproof IP 69 Lens glass heating prevents condensation and frost forming High voltages resistant High resolution Permanent lens Shock and vibration resistant 435 grams, ø 55 mm Easy itting in every possible position thanks to the compact design

• • • • • •

Compact TFT/LCD monitor 7’’ Compact housing High resolution Integrated sun shade Shock and vibration resistant Input voltage 12 to 24 volts DC Automatic “brightness control”, the monitor dims automatically when the light intensity in the cabin reduces.

• • • •

Compact TFT/LCD monitor 10,4’’ Compact housing High resolution Shock and vibration resistant Input voltage 9 to 36 volts DC

• • •

Compact TFT/LCD monitor 17’’ High resolution Shock and vibration resistant Input voltage 230 volts AC via a seperately attached power adapter

Orlaco also offers all necessary certiication for EMCmarking, which means that all the electronic products are resistant to outside interference. In addition, Orlaco’s electronic components and products will not cause any interference to other products. Orlaco Maritime is a member of HME.

Nautical eye

Who is Orlaco? Albert Plesmanstraat 42 3772 MN Barneveld P.O.Box 193 3770 AD Barneveld The Netherlands Phone +31 (0) 342 404 555 Fax +31 (0) 342 404 556 E-mail Internet Traderegister 09097686

The camera/monitor systems by Orlaco are entirely conform the latest CE, ADR and EMC specifications and are produced conform the ISO 9001-2000 quality system

Orlaco is an international active organisation that provides solutions for visibility problems on all sorts of maritime vessels, vehicles, cranes, fork-lifts and in industrial locations. Our camera-monitor systems offer unique, specialised solutions for every imaginable problem or situation related to visibility. Our cameras have eyes everywhere and we have every situation under control. We coordinate the research, development, production, training and service in house. You as our customer are guaranteed reliable, lexible, high quality products and services. When you choose Orlaco, you make a conscious decision to help prevent damages whilst creating a safer and more pleasant and comfortable working environment. Your decision will be relected in fewer damages, less sick leave amongst employees and a more eficient time management. In short: An Orlaco vision solution will in no time prove its moneys worth!

Sailing on smooth waters thanks to Orlaco’s extra Maritime eyes

Photography: M. Douglas Wray & Radio Holland

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Inland shipping


Difficult manoeuvring at wharfsides or whilst passing through locks are over. Orlaco’s Maritime cameras are able to ‘see’ exactly what is happening along side the ship’s gangways and also show the precise lines of the vessel. The images are so true to life that it seems as if one has literally taken a step outside the cabin onto the ship’s or the vessel’s deck. The cameras provide ample visibility of the forward deck of the ship or vessel so that highly stacked containers or other o stacles on the deck do not cause any visibility problems. An additional camera can also be installed to the after deck to ensure optimal visibility of this area. Orlaco Maritime increases the safety of your crew, passengers and cargo, even under extreme circumstances and in dangerous situations, for example on tankers. Clear and comfortable visibility is a basic requirement for optimal safety on our shipping routes. Together with the help of Orlaco’s Maritime system, you will always have sufficient visibility.

When several cameras and monitors are used it is important that the systems are kept under control and well maintained. CAM-PRO Maritime is an advanced video-management system that gathers all the available images and facts and converts them into clear easy to read images. The high tech, intelligent CAM-PRO Maritime system is user friendly and extremely simple to operate with the help of a tracker ball or a mouse. The exact lay-out of your ship or vessel can be viewed on the customised screen. Each camera position can be called up with a simple click. It is also possible to customise your screen and choose your own lay out.

skipper trusts in what he sees. Sailing professionals rely heavily on their eyesight for their safety. Orlaco Maritime offers a helping hand with visibility during all weather conditions, 24 hours a day. We at Orlaco develop, produce and supply camera monitor systems for the maritime industry. Both safety and comfort are our priorities!

Sea going ships Orlaco’s camera systems are robust and can be used in the most extreme weather conditions. They help with visibility where and when ever needed. The systems can be used in various situations on ships and vessels, e.g. in the machine room, pump area, winches, on helicopter landing pads, car decks, ferrys etc., any imaginable objective is possible. Optimal safety in machine rooms and technical installations is of vital importance in the maritime sector. Our systems are therefore on the lookout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The high tech components and features of Orlaco’s Maritime systems are user friendly and easy to operate. The systems can be operated either individually by hand, from a distance, or as a group with the use of the CAM-PRO software system, where one can either use a computer mouse or a tracker ball to control the various observation locations and cameras. What ever the problem or situation, Orlaco’s certified systems are the key to your solution. They will not only keep an eye on your safety and the safety of others on board, as well as of various areas on and around the ship or vessel. Nothing goes unnoticed to the camera’s eye!

EEx/ATEX The Orlaco camera systems are always on standby and ready for use. Potentially explosive environments on a ship or on an on-or-offshore location are not a problem. These safe and secure systems can be used trouble-free in these areas thanks to their up to date ATEX-standards certification. The cameras not only have a sturdy explosion safe encasement, they are also very compact and excel in their technical qualities, features and functions. The EEx zoom camera as well as the EEx Compact camera provide a clear and reliable image, no matter how extreme the circumstances. The EEx safe Pan & Tilt units enlarge the field of vision, making the systems suitable for various applications.

With the use of the CAM-PRO Maritime system you are able to work independently and are completely in control of the information you want to see. The camera’s pan & tilt units and zoom function can be operated from a distance. With the use of the CAM-PRO Maritime system you are in full control of the situation. If desired, it is also possible to connect the system to an alarm system

To see is to trust Every captain, wheelsman or


Yachts / pleasure boats Safety and comfort are of utmost importance when navigating a yacht. Yachts often find themselves on dangerous waters amongst large professional vessels, or in busy often chaotic situations in areas where there are a lot of small pleasure boats such as marinas and locks. If controlling the situation is left up to Orlaco, safety in and around yachts will be kept to a maximum safety level. With the help of our cameras, we are able to accurately show you what is happening in the areas on and around the yacht. With an Orlaco Maritime camera system you will always have visibility of your entire yacht, ranging from the gangway to the forward deck and from the after deck to the engine room. Cameras help to ensure optimal visibility and function as an extra pair of eyes watching over for example the swimming area or the yacht’s decks.

and video recorders so that footage can be recorded and kept for analysis at a later stage.

ISPS and safety The ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code is quite clear: as of the 1st of July 2004 it is compulsory for all sea vessels and harbour facilities to issue a safety plan based on a risk analysis of the specific vessel or of the particular area. It is therefore extremely important to know which persons are present in the secured and working areas and which persons require access to the vessel. In order to do this effectively, it is of vital importance that there is optimal and continual visibility of the various secured areas on and around the vessel. Orlaco’s cameras can assist you to meet up to the ISPS regulations and are therefore the answer to the problem, ranging from a single functioning camera to a fully integrated, software operated monitoring system. We have cameras with optimal day and night visibility that For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


guarantee high quality images thanks to heated and chemically hardened lenses. The cameras are shock and vibration resistant and therefore provide a clear and stable image no matter how rough the weather conditions are at sea. Our computer controlled monitoring equipment guarantees that you will always have up to date and first hand information.

Orlaco - Nautical Eye  

• Lightsensitivity0.3lux • Pressureresistant,stainlesssteelhousingwaterproofIP69 • Lensglassheatingpreventscondensationandfrostforming • H...

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