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MJP DRB Waterjets The MJP jet is made of Duplex Stainless Steel giving a superior wear and corrosion resistance compared to aluminium jet designs.

The DRB, Double Reverse Bucket offers inboard hydraulics and the high performance of the recognized MJP Jet.

in line of the impeller. As a result MJP have minimum blade tip clearance and optimum performance at all times.

The intake is made of FRP laminate giving an installation requiring a minimum of maintenance. The intake shape is designed using CFD flow simulations to ensure the correct shape and performance. The intake can be adapted to special geometry or requirements as an option.

The inboard hydraulics is driven by a load sensing hydraulic pump. Hub unit oil circulation is provided with a gear pump piggy back mounted on the main pump. The complete pump assembly is conveniently fitted on a PTO. Separate hydraulic and lubrication circuits are provided for efficient operation.

The thrust is taken in the hub unit - no thrust is taken in the waterjet drive shaft. There is no need for an inboard thrust bearing. The MJP Hub Unit is unaffected by the water quality and is used even in landing craft application.

The electronic control system is made for easy operation and control of the vessel through the throttle and steering wheel. With the VCS, Vector Control System Joystick the captain can easily control steering, rotation and side movements. Additional steering stations or positions are available as option. An all mechanical control system is also available as option.

With the aft flexible couplings the MJP jet shaft is allowed to float. The floating drive shaft allows the impeller to always be in the same position independent of e.g hull flexibility and resiliently mounted engine and gear. The Duplex Stainless Steel impeller and impeller housing does not require any wear material

The MJP mixed flow pump technology is based on a certain blade tip speed. Hence every installation uses a reduction gearbox to match the engine power diagram to the jet rpm through selection of available gearbox ratios. The MJP DRB jet is available in four sizes from 350 mm up to 500 mm intake diameter. Each pump is specifically selected to each application and operational conditions. MJP is happy to provide detailed performance prediction for your vessel.

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Steerable (Kg)

Booster (Kg)

350 400 450 500

1000 1300 1500 1750

790 905 1020 1130

770 880 990 1100

700 800 900 1000

2100 2400 2700 3000

600 700 780 870

2300 2640 2970 3300

2200 2530 2840 3160

720 830 930 1030

1700 1960 2200 2450

320 360 405 450

760 900 1050 1250

610 720 850 1000

Applications. Waterjets are e.g. installed in m0nohulls, catamarans and special crafts in Yachts, Commercial, Coast Guard and Navy applications. Hull material varies from steel and aluminium on to different laminates. The number of jets installed including combinations with booster jets can vary, for instance SD (Single Drive), DD (Double Drive), DD+SB (Double Drive + Single Booster), DD+DB (Double Drive + Double Booster), TD (Triple Drive) and QD (Quadruple Drive). Optional intermediate shaft: Normally the MJP Jet drive shaft runs up to the reduction gearbox output flange. For engines positioned far from the transom MJP can offer intermediate steel shaft. In addition to standard scope of supply one support bearing, semi flexible coupling and shaft is provided. An individual shaft arrangement drawing is made for each installation.

Control system options The control system can be equipped with wing stations, fly bridge station etc. Integration of interceptor (trim tab), rudders and bow thrusters are possible to enhance performance, manoeuvring and operation of the vessel. For engines without electronic governor a mechanical interface can be provided. As an option all mechanical hydraulic control system can be offered c/w wire controlled bucket and Orbitrol valve equipped steering wheel in a self adjusting steering system. Note engine throttle and clutch panel is separate supply in this case. Classification approval Individual classification approval can be provided.

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MJP Waterjet-DRB  
MJP Waterjet-DRB  

The intake is made of FRP laminate giving an installa- tion requiring a minimum of maintenance. The intake shape is designed using CFD flow s...