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Marine air-conditioning systems

C10 A clima chiller unit C10 is a system which can be installed in the engine compartment. This chiller unit supplies a tubing circuit through the boat with cold or warm water (glycol). This fluid flows through the fan coil units (through which air is flowing at the same time) and as a result it can either cool down or heat up the surrounding areas. This system can control the temperature in any given compartment separately. The sum of the capacity of the fan coil units, which have to function at the same time, results in the total capacity of the clima chiller unit. The integrated diesel heater is the main source for heating the system. In order to install the entire unit any cool-technical knowhow is not required. A complete chiller system consists of the clima chiller unit, fan coil units and thermostats.


Cool capacity

220v 50Hz-ac 10 kW and 12 or 24v dc (34100Btu)


Number of compressors

Current AC




Heat capacity

Current DC (heat)

9 kW (diesel)


Dimensions Weight L



513 mm

514 mm

418 mm

90 kg

* 230v 60Hz-ac on request

Technical features

Standard supply

- Equipped with rotary compressors. - Filled with environment friendly R407C refrigerant. - Mainly manufactured from stainless steel. - Sea water resistant condenser. - Sea water resistant sea water pump. - Integrated diesel heater. - Standard manufactured with vibration absorbers.

- The chiller unit. - Manual. - Circulation pump. - Sea water pump. - Sea water strainer. - Reservoir or expansion tank. - All required fluid connectors. - Skin fittings.

- Pressure and temperature protected.

L00014, rev. 1

- Low current. - Quiet operation. - Compact system.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Skin fitting

MavĂŠ B.V. The Netherlands Tel. +31(0)321-337467 Fax +31(0)321-337542 Web: Email:


Ball valve

Sea water strainer

Sea water pump

Skin fitting


Circulation pump


Digital thermostat

Clima chiller unit

Fan speed control

Fan coil unit FC2LP

g 25m

m I.D


coil t ubing

Fan coil unit FC1.5

tubin Head

Fan 16m m I.D.

Fan coil unit FC3


Example composition clima chiller unit installation.

Fan coil unit FC2

Marine air-conditioning systems

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

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