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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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Modular Winding Systems Grow With Your Operation

Modular Winding Systems Grow With You

The most versatile filament winder on the market today. Start with the basics and expand the system as your operation grows.

Basic Winder System

Our manually controlled winder boasts low production costs in the manufacture of superior corrosion-resistant products: tanks for storing oil & gas, brine, caustic chemicals, storm drainage, septic, and smoke stack liners, scrubbers, ducting, pressure vessels, silos, pipes, and many other applications.

Chop-Hoop - Economical & Efficient

Chop-Hoop winding is a highly efficient and economical method for building large diameter tanks and pipes. Chop-Hoop uses sprayed chopped strands with resin between layers of continuous fiber and resin. Chop-Hoop may be selected for its unique ability to produce parts at high speeds.

Helical Winding - For Axial Strength

Helical winding is the method of choice when axial strength is required for suspended pipes and horizontal tanks supported on saddles. Incorporates low-emission resin bath technology.

Advanced Automation Systems

Both chop-hoop and helical winding can be performed with the automated modular system. Significant savings can be realized with a fully automated system.

Automated Chopped Liners

Advanced systems technology allows the same unit to chop onto a helical wound process…adding critical corrosion resistance and structural integrity at a fraction of the cost of current systems.

“Actual installations have reduced production times by 60% and more...”

Automated systems offer highly efficient use of resources. Items such as support ribs can be wound into place in hours not days.

Monitors & Reports Material Usage

Advanced automation combines proven winding technology with efficient quality control and part-to-part consistency. Gun distance and angle are controlled, greatly reducing overspray while glass is always applied evenly over the part.

Versatility Increases Productivity By Up To 400%

All Advanced FRP Winding Systems can apply Mylar parting film, surface veils, chopped liners, filament winding strands, wax surface coat, pigmented surface layer, unidirectional tape, woven roving tape, and various special resin mixtures.

Mandrels & Drives

Advanced FRP Systems mandrels & drives complement our modular filament winders and stand up to years of intensive industrial use.

Straight Wall & Collapsing Mandrels

Built in our modern fabrication facility to custom specifications by a team of experienced system designers and fabricators. Our mandrels are built with extreme tolerance accuracy and are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your winding need.

Cantilever Drives

Simple in design and sturdy in construction, our Cantilever Drives are unsupported at one end to allow easy demolding of the finished part. These units can accommodate mandrels up to 25’ in length and continue to be the most durable units in the industry.

Head Stock & Tail Stock Drives

Larger, heavier mandrels over 25’ in length require our reliable heavy-duty custom built head and tail stocks.

Call TodayForYourCustom Winder Analysis Turnkey Solutions From Magnum Venus Products

Our Advanced FRP Winding Systems include world-class, low emission Venus Industries pump technology. The Advanced FRP System can be made to pump almost any resin; polyester, epoxy, or phenolic.

Advanced Service & Support

Trained service technicians are involved with you from the initial design stages to the installation and ongoing operation. We are committed to your success and growth. Call today for a complete analysis of your productivity potential.

Advanced FRP Specifications Modular Winding Systems Resin: Chopped Glass: Hoop Wind Glass: Catalyst Ratio: Air consumption: Electrical:

Average Output:

30 lbs./min. (13.6 kg) 11 lbs./min. (4.9 kg) 18 lbs./min. (8.2 kg) 0.4% - 2.2% 70 CFM 110 volt, 6 amp, 1 phase, 60 cycle

Typical Dimensions:

MAGNUM RESINS & MAGNUM ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES divisions of MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS MVP Venus (253) 854-2660 or (800) 448-6035 MVP Magnum (727) 573-2955 Email: Email:

2 in. to 14 ft. (5.1 cm - 4.3 m) Up to 40 ft. (12.2 m)

Mandrel Diameters: Mandrel Length:

Winder Dimensions: Length: Width: Height: For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


29 ft. (8.8 m) 8 ft. (2.4 m) 17 ft. (5.2 m)

Magnum Venus Plastech-Venus-VersaWinder-Bro  

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 1 For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

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