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Advanced manoeuvering and positioning Integrated navigation Propulsion and thruster control Machinery automation Heating, ventilation and air condition control Passenger and vessel safety

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Our mission and philosophy

Our mission

Our philosophy

We shall earn the respect and recognition for our dedication to provide innovative and reliable marine and offshore electronics that ensures optimal operation. By utilizing and integration our technology, experience and competencies in positioning, hydroacoustics, communication, control, navigation, simulation, and automation, we aim to give our customers The Full Picture. The Full Picture yields professional solutions and global services that make a difference enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Our success depends on the success of our customers. Actively listening to our customers and truly understanding their needs, and then translating these needs into successful products and solutions is central to achieving our goal. Our people are the key to our success and we empower them to achieve. Working together in a global network of knowledge, guided by our values, engenders innovation and world class performance. Every day we have to think a little differently, because every client is unique. We aspire to translate the imagination and dedication of our staff into successful technologies and solutions. Our commitment is to add value to your operations by providing you with The Full Picture.

Maximizing performance by providing The Full Picture

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Kongsberg System Philosophy

Cruise Vessel Management System The Kongsberg system philosophy is to provide sophisticated, robust and reliable subsystems and assemblages of them in networks that fuse leading edge and proven technologies. Consequently, research and development are continual, and product reliability, maintainability and supportability are unremitting quests. The synergy of approaches results in designs and implementations that are at once proven and at the vanguard of maritime technology.

Robust solutions Kongsberg system philosophy relies on a distributed and open system design that employs a system-wide standardized communication network. The network facilitates free flow of information from all sub-systems, with vessel-wide information available on multi-functional workstations. A common base technology and user interface for all products ensures a safe, efficient, reliable operational environment. † † † † † †

Integration of bridge and machinery controls Multipurpose work stations Robust, fault tolerant solutions Unsurpassed manoeuvre capabilities Safety in operation Reduced operational costs

Designed for operation Decades of real-life operational experience and knowledge lie behind our designs and thereby ensure user-friendly functions that ease and speed operations.

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The full picture

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Reliability in operation In concert, Kongsberg navigation, manoeuvring and automation subsystems enhance and ease the operation and navigation of cruise vessels. The ultimate is attained when the subsystems work together in an integrated control system that includes a fully backed-up, system-wide communication network. All major system components such as the communication networks, process controllers, work stations and power supplies are duplicated to ensure maximum uptime. Essential components such as network switches and process controllers may even be located in different fire zones.

Free low of information Fast and reliable data exchange is guaranteed by the high speed data communication network - the “dual star” coniguration principle – which is considered as the industry standard for reliable data communication. Each autonomous subsystem utilises it's own dedicated dual network segment. Master switches are used to interconnect the subsystems allowing data exchange between the systems, at the same time providing a safety barrier preventing failures in one system to spread to another system.

Cutting costs The K-Chief control system for machinery and HVAC provides optimum operation of machinery and thus reduces fuel consumption. The monitoring and trending function provides operators with a powerful tool for analysis of power consumption and energy optimization of propulsion and HVAC plant. The unique GreenDP® function signiicantly reduces fuel consumption and thrusters wear in electronic anchoring mode.

Multifunctional Operator Stations Even though operator stations normally have dedicated functions, such as ARPA, ECDIS, dynamic positioning, automation or safety, crossover information and views are available for the operators. This reduces the need for dedicated operator stations in all locations, and enhances system lexibility. Alarms from any part of the system are available on all operator stations, using predeined ilters to reduce the information on screen.

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Safety in operation The K-Safe safety management and decision support solution comprises a computerized safety desk approach, with electronic plotting tool. This unique approach enables eficient resource allocation in emergency situations, crowd management, and emergency shut down.



Power management


On track The new IMO standard for integrated bridge systems has clear demands for consistent information across all systems on the bridge. K-Bridge meets these standards by allowing own-ship data, e.g. system internal heading, speed, position and drift to be calculated and distributed to all sub-systems, in order to avoid inconsistent presentation.

Manoeuvring and navigation

Propulsion and thruster

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Unsurpassed manoeuvre capabilities K-POS joystick and dynamic positioning is designed to suit the operational requirements of cruise liners. Keeping the vessel within speciied position and heading limits, provides unmatched station keeping or chainless anchoring. K-Thrust propulsion and thruster control system, enable safe manoeuvre in conined waters.


Integrated navigation

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The next level in ship handling The feel aboard a Kongsberg designed bridge is that of a cockpit, where the officers are comfortably seated with information and controls at their fingertips. Designed for easy operation, our bridge designs allow maximum time for observation and decision making and thereby increase the situational awareness.

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Integrated navigation and traffic surveillance Consistent information and intuitive presentation is crucial. The K-Bridge integrated navigation system utilizes a dual redundant controller and interface unit to collect data from all sensors such as gyros, position sensors, speed logs and weather sensors. The data is processed and alarms are given if inconsistency occurs. The processed own ship data (e.g. filtered heading, speed and position) is distributed to multifunctional operator stations. Thus, a true distributed system approach, which provides for compliance with IMO guidelines for safe return to port.

Multifunctionality The multifunctional operator stations can be dedicated to one function, or they can be configured as multifunctional radar/ARPA, ECDIS and conning stations. The radar/ARPA has extensive chart functions, and the ECDIS can display radar video. On multi functional operator stations, even radar video gain and anti-clutter can be adjusted in ECDIS mode. When integrated in the Cruise Vessel Management System, multiple views and process information is available from other sub-systems.

Chart radar with AIS information

Docking display

Docking assist A customized docking display is available; integrating chart view with a distance to quay calculator, own ship data presentation, engine, rudder and thrusters feedback, with CCTV information on top.

When details count Design combines art and science, heart and hand. Distinctively designed, Kongsberg products and system solutions embody the seaworthiness needed to cope with the uncompromising conditions of the seven seas and are designed for lawless operation in accordance with the highest maritime standards.

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Propulsion and thruster control

Integrated manoeuvring The K-Thrust propulsion and thruster control provides manual remote control of electric main propulsion, thrusters and steering gears. When combined with the capabilities of K-Pos dynamic positioning, K-Thrust becomes a maneuvering system with a complete range of ship-handling function modes: † † † † †

Non-follow up by tiller or pushbuttons Follow-up by levers or steering-wheel Autopiloting, track-pilot and speed-pilot Joystick Dynamic positioning

K-Thrust specially designed for ABB’s Azipod®, the leading podded propulsion.

With Kongsberg System Philosophy at the core, K-Thrust is fully compatible with the K-Bridge integrated navigation, K-Chief machinery automation and K-Pos dynamic positioning, ensuring bumpless transitions between the various command modes. † K-Thrust together with K-Bridge for integrated navigation and maneuvering † K-Thrust together with K-Chief for integrated thruster/propulsion control and machinery automation † K-Thrust together with K-Bridge, K-Pos and K-Chief to provide a fully integrated cruise vessel management system

Command mode and command location with a single push.

The K-Bridge steering gear control system is available for single and dual rudder installations as well as for azimuth propulsion.

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Whether handling the vessel hands-on the levers, or by the fingertips on the joystick, our integrated manoeuvring concept enables full control.

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Advanced manoeuvring and positioning

In command – Integrated manoeuvering The unique integrated manoeuvring concept, rendered by the common technology in the K-Thrust propulsion, rudder and thrusters control system, the K-Bridge navigation system and the K-Pos dynamic positioning system, ensures efficient ship handling and operator supervision in all manoeuvring phases. Operational modes range from hands on individual lever commands, via synchronous use of thrusters and propulsion by joystick, to automatic track- and speed pilot, to fully automatic station keeping.

Joystick mode The operator controls the vessel using the -axis joystick, or alternatively a polar joystick with separate heading knob. The operation can be combined with automatic heading control or with partial position control to e.g. ease docking. Automatic wind compensation is incorporated in order to increase operational focus on ship handling.

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Machinery automation

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Watch-keeping of machinery plant K-CHIEF machinery automation system provides full control of all the machineries. From multifunctional operator stations in the engine control room the engineer on watch has excellent overview of the power plant, propulsion machinery and other machinery systems. Operator stations for monitoring as well as limited operations are available in wheel house and safety centre, and portable units may be used in engine rooms for troubleshooting purposes.

Safe and reliable power generation The power generation and distribution plant is controlled and monitored by the K-Chief power management system. Redundancy and segregation of power management components to comply with notations for redundant propulsion plant is standard. Built-in blackout prevention features such as dynamic load limitation of propulsion and thrusters drives, monitoring of load sharing devices and load shedding are standard features.

Optimizing vessel performance Tools for data recording, trending, reporting and analysis are available, gathering data from all parts of the integrated control system. The engineers may combine historic data from machinery systems, HVAC and navigation and compare different operational conditions in order to optimize the performance of the vessel. The monitoring and trending function provides operators with a powerful tool for analysis of power consumption and fuel optimization of propulsion and HVAC plant. All logged data, alarms and events, includes synchronised time stamping with milliseconds resolutions in order to facilitate incident investigation.

Design that optimises installation The K-Chief system features multifunctional input/output units where signal type is software configurable for each channel. Furthermore data acquisition units are extensively distributed throughout the vessels and are pre-mounted in switchboards and other panels to ease ship erection. A high utilisation of field buses significantly reduces ship cabling, even for safety critical equipment such as fire dampers and fire doors.

Utilising ergonomic adjustable tables and overview projector solutions.


Power management that safely saves energy.

A true distributed solution – increased system reliability.

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HVAC Automation

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Maintaining comfort of passengers while keeping an eye on costs The K-Chief air condition control system is designed to provide clean air to passengers and crew within comfortable temperature and humidity limits. Even more the design of the HVAC control system reduces cost of installation and operation.

Energy saving In order to maintain room temperatures and keep CO level at acceptable levels the K-Chief HVAC control system utilises complex control algorithms, while at the same time minimizing energy consumption by optimising air flow through the rooms (VAV control). Further energy saving is obtained by using time programs for lowering temperature in public spaces only when the area is in use.

Ease of installation and maintenance Local controllers and process interfaces are installed in the AC rooms and in the served areas, thereby reducing cost of cabling. By extensive use of field buses cabling is reduced while enabling individual control of each fire damper. Ease of maintenance is achieved by portable operator stations that can be hooked up in AC rooms and used for local operation and troubleshooting. The same units are used during system erection.

Electronic logbook K-Log electronic logbooks are an electronic alternative to record key navigation, engine watch, port calls and other operational activities onboard vessels of all sizes. Our logbooks meet the specific reporting requirements of IMO, SOLAS and flag states. † Deck Logbook † Dynamic Positioning Logbook † Engine Logbook † Oil Record Book Part I † Operational Log † Radio Logbook The K-Log Oil Record Book Part I is designed to replace the traditional paper version of the Oil Record Book and meets the requirements of MARPOL Annex I. The user interface is clear and functional to ensure the data are correctly entered.

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Modular, scalable and powerful Kongsberg system philosophy relies on a distributed and open system design that employs a system-wide standardized communication network. The hart of the system is our family of remote processing units (RCU) – powerful real time processing units. The processing unit handles the fastest control and processing applications, while the distributed remote I/O modules (RIO) provide signal connec

tion between the ield devices and the automation system. Systems may easily be extended by adding hardware units. Similar, control applications is built by software algorithms, function blocks that represents single ield elements, e.g. instruments, motors and valves. Hence, to add new sensors, simply pick a new function block from the embedded coniguration system, make the connection to an I/O module and you are all set.

In control of HVAC From the dedicated HVAC operator station(s) in engine control room the AC engineer gains complete overview of the plant status as well as all details on AC units, room temperatures and chilled water compressors. During night time the watch responsibility is transferred to the multifunctional machinery operator stations where the engineer on duty monitors malfunction of the HVAC plant.

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Safety system

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Situation awareness in crisis Safety of passengers, crew and vessel is the crucial task for the master and the safety teams. The K-Safe safety management system assists the officers during an emergency by presenting the essential safety information on screens in safety centre, navigation bridge and engine control room. The information may also be made available in shore control rooms for expert help and follow up.

Computerized safety desk approach Safety information related to fire and water integrity are overlaid on the vessel GA/safety plan and presented in a clear and structured way. Such information is fire alarms, fire doors and dampers, fire extinguishing systems and ventilation status. Status of water tight doors, shell doors, flooding sensors, void space monitoring and stability condition provides information in the event of hull damage. Static information from the safety plan such as life saving apparatus, emergency escape routes, high voltage equipment and cables may be displayed on request. The Electronic Plotting Aid follows the deployment of fire and rescue teams and other safety personnel. The tool may also be used to indicate compartments with dangerous equipment, cabins with special need passengers etc. In order to perform realistic safety drills a simulator tool is included. Various realistic scenarios are included and may be further developed by the crew. During training all embedded tools in the Safety Management System is utilised.

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Decision support In the event of an emergency the safety team will be guided by interactive emergency procedures that will be displayed automatically on the K-Safe operator station. Relevant alarms and process status is displayed and the officer may initiate safety actions directly from the procedure. All safety related alarms and events are logged in the common history database and will also be listed in the incident report.

Emergency shutdown The K-Safe ESD system is type approved by TĂœV for use in safety critical applications in accordance with the IEC0 standard. Shutdown of ventilation, fire doors and machinery may be initiated from K-Safe operator stations from dedicated ESD displays or from the interactive emergency procedures. For extended reliability high level ESD hard panels are located in safety centres.

Crowd management With several thousand passengers and crew onboard it is mandatory to have efficient and reliable systems to manage the location of people during a mustering or evacuation situation. The K-Safe crowd management system keeps track of all passengers and crew by utilising wireless ID-card scanners at mustering stations. The passenger database is updated with mustering status allowing the officers to track non-reported passengers.

Taking the right decission The sophisticated Cause&Effect program tool is used to implement safety logic. The C&E tool is also used for online testing and documentation purposes.

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Life cycle support

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Designed to purpose – maintained to last Our life cycle management service will assist our customers throughout all the phases, from design to commissioning and during the operational life time. Solid in-house competence, both in system design and user competence enables us to provide solutions that are fit to purpose and thus yields efficiency in operation. Our common base technology provides robust designs, with few and reliable parts, an execellent foundation to maximize the output at competitive costs. The distributed and open system design employs an industry standard communication network. Standard hardware components used for various applications and the open network approach results in; † Increased reliability † Competitive life-cycle support † Easy up-grade solutions Evergreen We offer continuous hardware and software upgrade to keep your vessel at maximum efficiency. Our system is designed with consistent boundaries between individual systems and control segments. This design strategy makes it easy to add new functionality or complete new control segments thus enables us to offer up-grades step by step to keep your system evergreen. Training Qualified personnel are one of your major assets in efficient and safe operations. Thus, we offer modular training courses for all major subjects – from operator training to technical training that keeps your crew fit on the job.

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Kongsberg Support 24

We are always there, wherever you need us Kongsberg customer services organisation is designed to provide high-quality, global support, whenever and wherever it is needed. We are committed to providing easy access to support and service, and to responding promptly to your needs. Support and service activities are supervised from our headquarters in Norway, with service and support centres at strategic locations around the globe – where you are and the action is. As part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we offer a wide variety of services to meet individual customers' operational needs. Kongsberg support 24 is a solution designed to give round-the-clock support. For mission-critical operations, Kongsberg support 24 can be extended to include remote monitoring. We can adapt the level of support needs by offering service agreements, on-site spare part stocks and quick on-site response arrangements.

Support 24 Call +47 815 35 355 E-mail:



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Global and local support We provide global support from local service and support facilities at strategic locations world wide. Service and support work is carried out under the supervision of your personal account manager, who will ensure that you receive high-quality service and support where and when you need it. Your account manager will ensure continuity and work closely with your personnel to improve and optimise system availability and performance. Under the direction of your account manager, and with a local inventory of spare parts, our wellqualiied ield service engineers will be able to help you quickly and effectively.

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