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Why is the keel shape so unique? The K46 sails with 12 knots with only 120 kW power consumption. The K46 is neither a planer nor a semiplaner with great displacement. But also the K46 is not a displacement yacht with a high energy consumption – at least not in the conventional sense. Conventional displacement yachts with waterline lengths of 12,7 metres and a Froude index of 0,40 can technically reach a maximum speed of 8,7 knots.

The keel of the K46 has taken parts in many tests at the experimental station for hydraulic and naval engineering in Berlin as well as in still, non-tidal waters and at harsh sea conditions.

The “Mader”-Lines does not issue any conflicts to the associated physical laws. Moreover, they base themselves upon knowledge, awareness and perceptions which makes it possible to construct a ships keel in such a way as to combine the advantages of displacement and gliding at their respective range of speeds. The deciding factor is to enable a stable pressure ratio with pressure neutral transition zones in interaction with over pressure fields with an under pressure field. In doing so, the reduction of the under pressure zones can be seen as a considerable decrease of the overall surface resistance. Through stable pressure ratios one achieves a passive yaw stability (good straight line steering). An example of this can be seen in the aeronautics industry. The well known B2 stealth bomber is an all wing aircraft which, based upon the analogue principle, flies on a very stable course without vertical or horizontal fins.

Technical Data: Loa: 14,13 m Woa: 4,16 m Weight: 8,5 to Draft: 0,86 m Fresh water capacity: 716 l Diesel capacity: 876 l Motor: Steyr 120 Kw

The principle of the “Mader”- line keel form is not necessarily new. Already there are sailing yachts and commercial cruise ships, the “Seestern” for example which is in operation on lake Constance, which are built on this principle.

Max. speed: 12 Kn Vertical clearance: 3,17 m

About us ... KLINGENBURG Components for air handling systems - for 3 decades-worldwide: Klingenburg GmbH with its headquarters in Gladbeck exists since 1979 and employs over 160 workers. On a area of 78000 m2, in premises of 12600 m2, products for energy and CO2 reduction for the ventilation and process technology are manufactured.

Rotary Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers

New innovative arrival The Yacht K46

As market leader we are well known for our innovative energy and high build quality. Under the motto “Energy saving and reduction” the K46 is a prime example of the company´s innovation and is in perfect context with the worldwide renowned products that Klingenburg GmbH produces. On the basis of our core competence and knowledge, a new and exciting business sector of yacht building has been entered - and this starts with the K46.

Counterflow Heat Exchangers


A crew of highly qualified and experienced workers are surety enough for Know-how and Quality. The Result: A quality yacht for the highest demands for the most discerning of clients.

Klingenburg GmbH Boystraße 115

Phone.:+49-20 43-96 36-0 Fax: +49-20 43-7 23 62

D-45968 Gladbeck / Germany


Regenerative systems

Recuperative systems















For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

The K46 High emotions, low waves ...

K46 – the Energy saving yacht

Prop-eye Propulsion system

Prop-eye 170,

The main drive system runs from two independent power plants: • Diesel engine • Prop-eye – drive concept.

extendable bow thruster


How does the Prop-eye system work? The generators energy is directly used for powering the Prop-eye drive in continual operation with practically no noise. There is no indirection over the battery bank! The aft positioned Prop-eye 265 drive system is extendable, retractable and rotatable. Propulsion directly through the generator enables slow river speeds without the operation of the main diesel engine. One can enjoy the calmness of nature and at the same time save energy and fuel costs. The Prop-eye 170 positioned at the bow, also extendable and retractable, can be used as a bow jet for manoeuvring. Navigating lochs, mooring and casting off manoeuvres are made simple and easy with bow and aft positioned Prop-eyes. Manoeuvring can be done quietly and effortlessly without any worries about the charge condition of the batteries.

Hybrid drive concept Prop-eye 265, Extendable, rotatable stern thruster


Frid ge




Air co


Optimum room layout





p Com

Main propeller driven from diesel engine

a Lig h


Additionally the generator takes control of all the conventional duties of independent supply of AC voltage for the mains supply and the DC voltage for the battery charging.

Introduction of a completely new yacht for rivers and coasts

Optimum running characteristics through a novel keel form (“Mader – Line”)

Next to its impressive elegance and beauty awaits a river and coastal yacht with a revolutionary “ships keel” (“Mader”- Line) which has never been seen on motor yachts before . Energy consumption, displacement, sailing characteristics, speed and sea-going behavior experience a totally new and positive qualities which underline its uniqueness.

Less displacement, lower energy consumption, faster cruising speed, a more cultivated sea going behavior thanks to the new “Mader – Line” concept. More about this on the back page.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Generous compartment space, comfortable, light, open and friendly. Individual layout concepts can be arranged..

Klingenburg, Abteilung Yachtbau-The innovative arrival - The yacht K46  

A crew of highly qualified and experienced workers are surety enough for Know-how and Quality. The Result: A quality yacht for the highest d...

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