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Peace of mind To head out to sea in safety, there is nothing more important than a sturdy, powerful engine that you can count on in any situation. When out at sea, the slightest engine damage or fault can be so much more dangerous than on land. Since 1975, John Deere, the off-highway diesel engine specialist, has also been developing customised solutions for boat owners with the added advantage of tried and tested industrial expertise and a vast, reliable network worldwide. hanks to their outstanding torque, proven robustness, fuel consumption – one of the lowest on the market – and easy maintenance, our engines are your best bet day in and day out. his is why more and more people are choosing John Deere throughout the world.

We speak the same language! Whether you’re relaxing on your yacht or enjoying a day on your sportfish boat — worrying about your propulsion or generator drive engine is the last thing you want to do. hat’s why recreational boat owners throughout the world have been relying on John Deere engines for more than 30 years. Before our products are marketed, our research department and teams of specialist technicians and engineers in the marine centre strive daily to offer you the best technology and ensure years of use in the utmost safety. John Deere has today won acclaim and made a name for itself as an essential player in the marine world, as it has been able to meet the requirements of the professionals, by offering finished, high-performance, environmentally-friendly, reliable and quiet equipment that you can count on in all weather. Because your expectations vary according to your specific needs, we always offer you a choice: a full range of quiet, reliable, fuel-efficient engines and also a choice of options for minimal maintenance and servicing of your engine.

Providing you with quality and service Focusing on customer demand, John Deere has pursued a product development policy for over 30 years to produce high-performance marine power! Not content with offering a standard option, John Deere has opted for a customised approach and can accurately meet your specific requirements. hanks to its high quality and safety standards, our engine line has received the most demanding of certifications, including ABS, BV, CCS, DNV and LR. It is due to our commitment to quality that our plants received ISO 9001:2000 certification, which includes a customer satisfaction evaluation, management of processbased activities and a continuous improvement concept. Finally, wherever you are in the world, you should be able to have your engine repaired or call on support in the blink of an eye without changing your itinerary or affecting performance. his is why all our standard engine parts are available throughout our network, made up of over 4,000 authorised dealers, including 250 marine specialist service centres dotted along coasts and permanently at your service. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Meeting the most stringent criteria Quality and rigour have always been central to John Deere technology, so the company designs its marine engine lines on the basis of strict criteria: durability, reliability, fuel efficiency, quiet operation, ease of access to main parts and simplified integration. his has resulted in a line of seven configurations (four and six cylinders) providing 80-610 hp (60 to 455 kW) and 4.5-12.5 l displacement, designed to ensure propulsion and serve as auxiliary or onboard generator engines:

John Deere marine engine power range 380

6125SFM 6125AFM





4045DFM 75 hp ch






6068TFM 4045TFM




Generator drive engines the strong silent type















John Deere engine naming system


D = Naturally aspirated T = Turbocharged A = T urbocharged with charge air cooling system

4 cylinders

displacement: 4.5 l

S = Turbocharged with sea water charge air cooling system

Leaders in emissions compliance John Deere was one of the first marine engine manufacturers to offer a full line of diesel engines which complies with the various emissions requirements in force in Europe and the US. Our line meets the following emission standards: - European Recreational Craft Directive (2003/44/EC). - European Directive on Inland Waterways Vessels (2004/26/EC), whose standards are also recognized by the CCNR for sailing on the Rhine. - Standards set by the EPA for commercial and recreational vessels sailing in North American Waters (Tier 2). - Over 130 kW (174 hp), most of our certified marine engines can be supplied with an Engine International Air Pollution Prevention certificate (EIAPP), showing compliance with regulations set out in Annex VI of the (IMO) MARPOL convention.


For auxiliary power from 40 to 364 kW (54 to 488 hp), John Deere generator drive engines deliver quiet, smooth operation that never quits. You may even forget they are aboard until you turn on the lights or plug in an appliance. his quiet reliability is why John Deere has become the preferred provider of generator drive engines worldwide, producing more engines in our power range for marine generators than any other manufacturer. hey are available in 1500 rpm for 50 Hz and 1800 rpm for 60 Hz configurations.

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A range of solutions suitable for every application here are as many fields of applications (yachts, trawler yachts, sportfish boats, express cruisers) as there are specific requirements in terms of technical solutions. At John Deere, we want to make sure that you enjoy your time on the water. To ensure the best performance, we strive to provide you with engines that are reliable in all circumstances, fuel efficient and able to meet your expectations.

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expect” er, and reliability our customers Howard Chen, Taiwan

“The engines were so smooth and quiet in the salon and front bedrooms that the noise of the waves seemed louder” John Page, Australia

“John Deere’s global service network

was a key decider too” Tim Barnett, New Zealand

“The 4045TFM50 engine was the ideal solution thanks to its ability to deliver high torque at low revs” Adriana Bembina, Italy

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Unbeatable advantages! Silence, we’re coming by! At John Deere, we continually strive to oer you optimum comfort. We design engines that go almost unnoticed, by ensuring operation without excessive vibration. his is why all the moving parts are balanced and our four-cylinder engines feature balancing shafts. he torque available at low rpms also reduces engine speed and consequently the noise level. Finally, other features, such as the cooled exhaust manifold, also play a major role in reducing noise.

Fuel efficiency It is obvious that low fuel consumption has an immediate impact on a vessel’s range and helps to keep down operating costs. Here again it is the speciďŹ c design of our combustion chamber and the introduction of electronically-controlled fuel injection that enables John Deere to ensure some of the lowest consumption levels on the market. In addition, thanks to our high torque level, our engines can be used at lower rpms for the same result and lower fuel consumption.

Accessories and options

In addition to the wide range of engines available per application we also offer a vast number of tailor-made accessories and options


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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Easy servicing and maintenance Even the most reliable engines require servicing from time to time. his is an essential operation that needs to be carried out easily, keeping vessel downtime to a minimum. With this in mind, the positioning of the main service points (oil drain, dipstick and ďŹ lters) to the right or left is an added advantage as it facilitates access in often cramped engine rooms. For easy maintenance, our wet sleeves can be easily replaced, without fully dismantling the engine to rebore the block. In addition to all these advantages, there are also easy replacement of connecting rod bearings and cylinder heads, maintenance-free gears and ÂŤPoly VÂť drive belts that provide more torque and also play an active role in engine service life.

The importance of torque! Designed to provide very high torque even at low speeds, John Deere engines ensure optimum speeds in all conditions. Our engines are your best bet as they provide quick SFTQPOTFBOEHSFBUnFYJCJMJUZBUBMMUJNFT heir high torque is due to the design of the dierent engine parts and, in particular, the cooled long stroke pistons, which apply a signiďŹ cant lever eect to the crankshaft. heir high performance is also due to other technologies (depending on the model), such as charge air cooling, the use of four-valve cylinder heads or even electronically-controlled fuel injection which greatly improves combustion quality.

Engines built for reliability! Put a stop to problems out at sea! Our engines are sturdy, reliable and durable! Based on our renown and expertise in commercial engines, we always select components designed for intensive use, even in harsh environments. his is the case with our engine blocks, crankshafts and forged connecting rods. No concessions either on our lubrication and cooling systems. hey are designed and sized so that the engine can perform at its best. Finally, the use of wet sleeve technology guarantees even cylinder cooling, thus preventing hot spots that could aect engine service life.

- propulsion, gen set or auxiliary-, to optimise your installation.




For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

Support A strong global network Our 4,000 service centres worldwide guarantee peace of mind. With John Deere, you never need to go far to find assistance and get expert advice. Visit for a list of the 250 marine specialist service centres dotted along coasts throughout the world.

Our commitment


he standard warranty for most marine engines is one year with unlimited hours or two years with 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. Additionally, for non-revenue generating applications, John Deere proposes a free 5-year/2,000-hour extended warranty. For revenue generating applications, an extended warranty to a maximum of 5 years can be purchased according to the following terms and conditions: 3 years/3,000 hours, 4 years/4,000 hours or 5 years/5,000 hours.


At your side no matter where you are! Our strong presence in all four corners of the world is assured by our competent partners in more than 160 countries. he construction, forestry and agricultural machinery dealers, as well as the John Deere engine dealers, will ensure the maintenance of your original equipment. Our spare parts are built according to the strict specifications set by John Deere. Our dealers stock most of these parts, and our central warehouses use our FLASH parts shipping system, which means you will never have long to wait before receiving an order. Using this cutting edge system, any spare part that is not available on site can be located and shipped without delay. In addition, the availability of spare parts (delivered in 24 hours in some cases) in our parts warehouses demonstrates John Deere’s long-term commitment to its customers.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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