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The Inflatable Sea Kayaks


PACIFIC K50D The Incept inflatable sea kayaks pack down into light, compact airline baggage - inclusive of pump, decks, seats, pedals and rudder! And carry an impressive load of crew and gear! And once familiar with the adjustments and fittings, you will take less than 10 minutes to assemble! There is universal acclaim and consistent praise for speed and handling comparable with well known hard-shell kayaks. And because the decks are readily removable, it is a simple matter to effectively stow expedition gear. Surprisingly strong and stable, the K40 and K50 will handle big seas and survive impacts which would break rigid hulls. Made of durable reinforced polyurethane alloy, and given basic care, these kayaks will take the knocks and give exceptional service. With Incept inflatable sea kayaks there is no need for vehicle roof racks, there are no storage problems, and traveling in public transport and small aircraft is a breeze. Built to take 1 and 2 persons with gear, the Tasman and Pacific kayaks are perfect for multi-day expeditions and just as good for spur-of-the-moment day trips. Truly jet-setting kayaks, the Incept K40 Tasman and K50 Pacific will repay your choice with reliable and happy boating over many years.

Features Robust construction and innovative design give these kayaks a stiff frame, excellent speed, high stability and good handling. Main features are FOLDABLE

Fully featured sea kayaks folding into airline baggage!


Detachable high-tech rudder and foot controls


Adjustable inflatable seats and footrests


Removable decks allow easy stowage for optimum trim—inspired by well known author Audrey Sutherland and as used by her over thousands of sea miles

SPRAY SKIRTS Emergency exiting three ways — by water-resistant zip,

draw cord waistline or Velcro attachment GRABLINE

External safety grab line, bow and stern carry handles

LINE SUPPORTS Plenty of attachments for tethers etc COLOURS

Available in red or grey.


3 separate air compartments + seats and footrests

ACCESSORIES Bellows foot pump, Carry bag and Repair kit included

126 Hautapu Street P.O. Box 26

Taihape, New Zealand

Telephone ++64 6 388 0729 FAX ++64 6 388 0747 Email Website

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

The Incept Inflatable Sea Kayaks K40S Tasman Inflatable Sea Kayak K50D Pacific Inflatable Sea Kayak

Kayak Specifications

Incept Inflatable Technology Design experience, expert craftsmanship & the world's best processes and materials.

K50D Pacific


4.35 m 14’ 3”

5.35 m 17’ 7”


67 cm 26”

67 cm 26”


13 x 25 cm 5” x 10”

13 x 25 cm 5” x 10”

Internal Beam

40 cm 16”

40 cm 16”




D-rings & Attachments




160 kg 350 lb

240 kg 530 lb

Weight (incl pump)

15 kg 33 lbs

20 kg 44 lbs

Size Packed

75 L 2.5 c.ft

90 L 3.0 c.ft

Key Information About Incept Inflatables

Construction & Materials


K40S Tasman

The Incept K40 and K50 inflatable sea kayaks are constructed from a heavy duty and light weight Polyurethane-alloy boat material designed by a leading world supplier specifically for Incept. It has 1100 dtex Polyester reinforcing, is exceptionally strong and hard wearing, and is UV protected to withstand extreme exposures.

Incept Marine Ltd is a New Zealand based manufacturer and international supplier of world class inflatable boats, inflatable -rafts, -kayaks and -canoes to multiple market sectors.


All air chambers are 100% heat welded and sealed.


D-ring and welded.

The kayak designers gave special attention to primary and secondary stability, and to the hydro-dynamic flow around the stern, the major contributor to speed performance. The uniquely shaped side sponsons and inflatable floor are carefully integrated resulting in long life, excellent performance, good stability, good tracking and top handling qualities.




Incept’s inflatable boats are designed by professional engineers, who are also boating enthusiasts, to achieve optimum waterline shape and exceptional handling. In fact, during the design stage, so much emphasis is placed on performance that ease of production comes second - at our expense! If it doesn’t work in the water, it doesn’t get made at Incept.

We have never heard of an Incept owner, anywhere, who does not think Incept boats are the best performing in their class. Period.

WARRANTY Incept K series inflatable kayaks in noncommercial use are guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship found during the warranty period will be made good by Incept Marine Ltd at no cost, provided only that the boat is returned to the nearest world-wide Incept repair station, freight paid one way. Call the dealer from whom you purchased the boat, or Incept, for details. © 2005 Incept Marine Ltd. INCEPT reserves the right to vary specifications without notice except at time of enquiry and/or ordering.

126 Hautapu Street P.O. Box 26

Taihape, New Zealand

Telephone ++64 6 388 0729 FAX ++64 6 388 0747 Email Website

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


Incept-K 40S MK TASMAN