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Technical specifications Hydrotrans SW3

Introduction The Hydrotrans hydraulic SW series boat trailer is designed to launch and recover boats on a slipway, transport the boats over land and park them in storage or work area. The Hydrotrans SW3 can be pulled by a forklift, or an agricultural tractor. It uses the hydraulic capacity of the tow vehicle for all the hydraulic functions. The boat and trailer are lifted by 2 hydraulic cylinders. The beams support the soft pads to avoid damaging the hull. The front of the boat can be supported by a crossbeam with also a soft pad as an option. With solid or pneumatic tires the SW3 offers optimal security over any terrain capable of carrying the load. The Hydrotrans SW3 is built according to CE-regulations and is tested at the factory before shipment. All Hydrotrans equipment can be built to SAE specifications All Hydrotrans equipment carries a 2 year warranty Technical specifications Capacity - 3.000 kg High Grade S355 Steel Frame, open U-designed frame with fixed width, and length of 6315 mm. fully galvanized Height adjustment from 583 mm to 1283 mm Wheels, 4 pneumatic or 4 solid tires. Pads, 2 polyurethane pads 2000 mm in length. 2 Hydraulic cylinders, high quality cylinders with safety valves built-in. Dimensions Height on pads - 583 mm. Interior dimension of frame - 1250 mm. Lifting height frame - 700 mm.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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